QnA: Bollywood Rapid Fire Round

Our Question and Answer section has become quite popular. We receive hundreds of questions every single day, but cannot answer all of them. The problem is, while most questions are repetitive, we cannot answer several others that are too specific (like questions on release date), too personal or funny!

So here’s introducing a fun new QnA section called the rapid-fire round. 10-12 questions with quick to-the-point answers. Through this section, we hope to entertain you too, but we do not mean to offend stars or their fans!

Q. If SRK’s Fan releases September this year (Bakri Eid) will it cross 300 crore? As Singh Is Bling, Rocky Handsome will release after 1 week?

A. It’s funny how people throw around these numbers. Only one film in the history of Indian Cinema has crossed 300 crore and it took nearly 3 open weeks (without any other major release) to do so.

Q. Shahrukh, Aamir, Salman.. who is the best actor and who is Indicine biased towards?

A. Irrfan Khan.

Q. Can Avengers 2 break the record created by Furious 7 in Indian Box Office?

A. It will be difficult. ‘Fast and Furious’ is a popular franchise in India and the emotion around Paul Walker’s unfortunate and untimely death, helped the film big time.

Q. Can you tell me 11 day total box office collection of ‘Gabbar Is Back’?

A. We do not have astrologers in our team. Yes, #IndicineFBO has been accurately predicting opening day collections, but that involves a lot of research.

Q. Who has a better comic timing? Aamir or Akshay? I like both of them but still want to know your opinion.

A. We’d pick Akshay Kumar. He’s been terrific in comedy films. Loved Aamir in films like Andaz Apna Apna and Ishq too.

Q. What maybe the saturation level at which the number of screens stop increasing?

A. India is a huge country and we are one of the most under-screened countries in the world! United States has 129 screens per million, Europe has around 42 per million and India only has about 13 screens per million people. About 150-200 new screens are coming up every year, so the screen count should continue to increase!

Q. Did Aamir Khan deserved the Best Actor award for following films… Ghajni (Hrithik- Jodha Akbar), 3 Idiots (Amitabh- Paa), PK (Shahid- Haider)?

A. Aamir was absolutely brilliant in PK. Flawless performance. Award-deserving for sure, but Shahid was terrific in Haider too.

Q. Why don’t Bollywood big stars and big production houses try a hand at horror flicks?

A. Horror films have a very limited market in India. The biggest of horror blockbusters had to sell sex to do well at mass centres.

Q. Which film out of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Dilwale, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is biggest contender of highest grosser of the year?

A. On paper, Dilwale is easily the biggest film. Huge star cast, Rohit Shetty as director, universal appeal and best release period of the year.

Q. What things would add up for making Bombay Velvet’s opening huge?

A. Nothing from what we have seen so far, trailers and promos haven’t worked. But Bombay Velvet should still take a decent opening because of Ranbir Kapoor.



  • Don’t agree with Dilwale having huge starcast. Kajol isn’t a current actress (hasn’t acted in 5 years), Kriti is 1 film old and Varun is still new and rest are normal support cast. And I don’t think director matters but the content, HNY directed by Farah opened bigger than CE directed by Rohit Shetty.

  • Good joke ,irfan too one of the best actor not as versatile as like KING SRK.as usual @indicine doesn’t want say the truth -KING SRK is the BEST ACTOR of Bollywood from 90’s with out any doubt.

    FAN will likely to release in DEEWALI if not then surely will release next year.

  • Dilwale is biggest because it’s SRK in a masala film. All his masala films (OSO, CE, HNY) have been record openers and blockbusters.

    Varun highest opener is 9cr and rohit with ajay does around 100cr so without SRK this film wouldnt even cross 100cr.

  • I like only Last Question’s Answer….

    Bombay Velvet should still take a decent opening because of Ranbir Kapoor.

    10000000000000000000000% True

    1st Day = 20cr +

  • when salman comes with suraj in a different movie indicine thinks it will not attract youth but when srk comes with old kajol they think it is big deal. its too much hope result will be same what happened last year, salman will win and srk will do only grand promotion.

  • my question to indicine is
    Will akshay Kumar whose last solo big hit was rowdy rathore can again give a super hit without support of another big star in lead role???

  • Indicine I became fan of your site, your site is far better than stupid Bollywood Hungama and Koimoi. Q No 9 made my moment.

  • Bombay helmet promos r so dud…
    I would rather watch Once upon a time in Mumbai multiple times rather than this BV ….

    What a bad this film is loooking under name of class ???..

    Once Upon A Time In Mumbai had better feel, look , songs , acting, picturisation,actresses than this..

    No doubt how bad FiFI n Mohabut Buri Bimari songs r !!.. Completely ear burning irritating songs…

    Still foolish plexes r not recognising it….

    Ouatim > Bv

  • @indicine still underestimate prdp n bb
    I think they don’t know who is suraj bharjatya?
    ok no problem…
    Time will tell…

  • SRK postponed FAN and giving importance to Dilwale bcs he knows he cant afford another HNY,Raone,JTHJ,Don2

  • Yup No Doubt BV will open well bcz of Ranbir kapoor….

    And BTW last Answer dekh k Ranbir haters ki jal gayi hogi.

    Why Ranbir kapoor is Success
    Bcz he has More haters than other Actors.


    Amir khan fans Also like Ranbir kapoor bcz kisi Class Actor k fans ko hi pata hoga Ki Ranbir kapoor Classic Actor of indian Cinema .

    Haters go to hell

    BV will be a super hit and Rk won his carriar 1st National Award and Also BV nominated official Entry Oscar.

  • We have Salman khan… One man show…
    they still thinking srk is better than Salman in India…
    Salman has huge huge fan following in india…go n ask to public….
    I’m challenging u even I’m confident about that out of 10 people 7 people like Salman khan…that’s a fact…this is reality u can’t ignore him…
    currently Salman at the rank 1 and will remain top in domestic…

  • Make the colour of the film dark !!..
    Grap the heroine n kiss her anywhere ..
    Run anywhere on streets of mumbai…
    Is it class film ????? No !!

    See the 1st 2 songs of trashy BV ..
    Are they even a match to ouatim songs – Parda, Tum jo aaye, peelun etc … Not even one percent…
    But still it is gettin media -hype becoz of Anushka .!
    Grow up multiplex — Identify difference between Trash like Bombay helmet n class film

  • its amazing how because of last few years people have started saying Christmas is the best release period. Also remember only Aamir films have worked during that time…

    Its the content afterall, end ddecember isnt the best weather in north india for film business.

    For me the best period will always be diwali as it traditionally was….people spend money during that time and diwali is always followed by another few holidays as well. Not to forget, weather is the best throughout the country as well….

    Ofcourse, ultimately its the content which talks…

  • Prdp – 350 cr + Mark my words any any time….
    I’m confident bcoz combination of suraj n Salman who give us 2 atbb n 1 bb..
    obviously movie is family drama but sallu n Suraj also know that what people wants….they also know that what fans want from him…
    we r thinking like hahk n mpk type… But that was past… Everything change now … Suraj n Salman know that….

  • @Indicine, you also don’t forget the #fact#, when salman and soraj come together they create history!!!!
    1. MPK – ATBB, which highest grosser of year and also Decade highest grosser.

    2. HAHK – ATBB, which highest grosser of year, Break record of Sholay and become Decade highest grosser.

    3. HSSH – HIT (as per boi blockbuster), which highest grosser of year.
    So, indicine don’t under estimate combo of Salman & soraj. Thanks….

  • Most probably Dilwale will have the highest weekend but the total collection will depend on the content…

  • @shaggy ya we know who Sooraj barjatya is but problem is his style of filmmaking is not suitable for current generation. He tried to modernize his filmmaking but it resulted in main prem ki diwani.

  • oh cmon indicine just wait n watch Prdp and Bb will destroy dilwaale and 3rd khans will become 3rd once again this year too.

  • all media and websites are biased when we talk about srk one more reason to hate srk the irritating over grand promotionist actor.

  • Exclusive.. #PK completes 122 Days run in Pakistan.. Longest ever and still running.. ATBB!! @aamir_khan

  • Top Biggest Superstars of Bollywood ever
    1.Amitabh Bachan
    2.Dilip Kumar
    3.Aamir Khan
    4.Salman Khan
    5.Rajesh Khanna

  • Top 3 Biggest actors,Greatest actors and Biggest Legends of Bolywood ever:
    1.Amitabh Bachan
    2.Aamir Khan
    3.Dilip Kumar

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