Bollywood Box Office August 2014: Total Collections and Verdict

The month of August has come to an end. Out of 12 odd films that released in theatres, only 4 managed to make some sort of an impact, the rest were complete washouts.

Entertainment (August 8 2014): The first big release of the month released between two major releases like Kick and Singham Returns. The result was that the majority of the audience decided to give the film a skip. The opening at multiplexes was poor, single-screens were better, but business in the first 3 days was about 30% lower than acceptable levels for a film like Entertainment. Net box office collections – 72 cr. Verdict – Average

Singham Returns (August 15 2014): Independence Day release, brand Singham, Rohit Shetty as director and Ajay Devgn playing the iconic role of Bajirao Singham, combined well to give the industry its biggest opening day of 2014. The film did well in its first weekend at the box office, but it was a free-fall Monday onwards as the film crashed at the box office. First week – 112.6 cr, Second week – 22.8 cr, Third weekend – 2.75 cr. Total – 138.15 cr. Verdict – Super Hit.

Mardaani (August 22 2014): The promos create any buzz, the music wasn’t a hit either, but Mardaani managed to take the better opening than female-centric films like Queen and Kahaani. The film won rave reviews and was declared tax free in states like Maharashtra, UP and Madhya Pradesh. But the trend wasn’t close to as good as Queen or Kahaani. The film should finish with lifetime business of 35-40 cr. Collections in 10 days: 28.2 cr. Verdict – Hit.

Raja Natwarlal (August 29 2014): The biggest disappointment of the month was its last release, Raja Natwarlal, which marked the return of Emraan Hashmi after a 14-month hiatus. The film opened poorly and dropped on Saturday, pretty much sealing its fate as one of the biggest flops of 2014. Collections in 3 days: 17.25 cr (expected to finish below 28 cr). Verdict – Flop.

Bollywood Box Office August 2014

Bollywood Box Office August 2014: Amongst major releases, the business of Singham Returns alone was 50%

Box Office Report Card for August 2014

  • Total collections of all films released in the month – 263 cr
  • Biggest hit – Singham Returns
  • Biggest grosser – Singham Returns
  • Highest single day – Singham Returns (32.09 cr)
  • Highest opening day – Singham Returns (32.09 cr)
  • Most expensive film – Singham Returns
  • Biggest flop – Raja Natwarlal
  • Surprise hit – Mardaani
  • Critical acclaim – Mardaani

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  • Yaaaaaaaaay, so happy Mardaani worked. It could never make a Queen type lifetime collection. No songs, A certificate, up against Singham Returns & on a subject like sex trafficking. It’s done amazingly.

  • I had seen two films this month SR and entertainment. I liked Sr and found it paisa vasool.But film not trended well.
    Entertainment was the film which you can expect with Akki which he always do next with his previous good.Complete crap.
    OMG followed by k786
    SPL 26 followed by ouatimd
    and now holiday followed by entertainment.

    First time I completely agree with @nipun review
    Entertainment deserve 1.5/5
    2.5 for first half
    .5 for second half that also due to doggy loyalty act otherwise second half is simply worst.

    Will watch mardaani soon.

  • I have only watched SR this month,it was an above avg. affair at the best…
    Want to watch RN,Mardani,entertainment too

  • @Maya – Mardaani (yrf studio) actually took a better start than Queen, read the article. Both of them are surprise and well deserving box office hits. Queen’s trending was by far best for any Bollywood movie in recent memory, its 2nd week collections were higher than 1st week’s. It also faced competition from Madhuri’s Gulaab Gang and Total Siyaapa from 1st day. Both of them have done well, no need to compare them.

  • Indicine do post this kind of article every month..nice article..bcoz visitors mainly want to know about the b.o outcomes.

  • KICK collections- 233 crores net
    But according to BOI, it is 213 crores net.

    Last year, there was a huge uproar due to the same reason, and Krrish 3 came under fire due to unproven reports of manipulation. The culprit was the same- Box Office India.

    So, is it a case of manipulation, is it another controversy?
    The answer is NO for both the cases. There hasnt been any manipulations from the makers of KICK and KRRISH 3, the proof is evident now. BOI should be held responsible for creating such controversies and maligning the names of actors and producers, and creating fan wars.

    So, I urge fans of all superstars to not follow BOI, they have an outdated system of collecting figures and their figures are always different than standard accepted figures, as far as the big movies are concerned.

  • Holiday is best film of 2014. It is better more enjoyable than Queen, Lunchbox, 2 states and Loo-time Lootera. It will win all awards this year including best actor.

  • it’s all war between bang bang and HNY in October.
    I guarantee it both movie will not cross 200 cr. but still who’s gonna win this battle. no doubt bang bang will win.

  • akki always keeps his stardom at stake by releasing 3 to 4 films every year and releases on non far as entertainment is concerned still I think 72 cr is not at all bad and that too with debuntant directors and flop heroine and sand witched between 2 big biggies.

  • i have seen sr and entertainment. I like ajay more than akshay but this time s r disapointed look at villain’s poor acting he didnt looked saint directer showed people are extreme foolish who cant understand saint’s expressions, kareena is wasted in this movie and i dnt like srk but ce is 25 % better than s r. rohit shetty needs now to concentrate s r worked becuz of his last movies and chemistry with ajay but next time he need to give better direction.
    Akshay’s dilauges specially when he said compounder ho kya etc r damn good.

  • @shaggy ku fikar karrahe ho hny ke liye, it will cross 200cr with in a week, yeh to sirf suruyat hai, puri picture abhi baki hai mere dost

  • Singham Returns, Best Film of August 2014….
    @Arjun Kapoor4, if u r really my son, please be quiet. Don’t get me abused by unnecessary arguments.
    If u have any wish, demand it from me. Not from Indicine. And prove yourself as a star first…

  • @shaggy
    I was’nt that much impressed with promos so decided to skip it rather watched SR,
    I did’nt got time to watch it but i will watch either by downloading or when it will premier on tv..
    Btw have u watched salman’s all films? Like veer,yuvraj,marigold,mrs. Khanna,saawan etc..
    If u by chance missed any does it mean you are not a sallu fan..

  • Entertainment is far better film than sr,mardani or flop natwarnal, bad release date only reason it miss 100cr mark anyhow entertainment is semi hit

  • @Carnage
    U are true to some point,may be they are unable to track business of big films releasing on huge no. screens…
    But for HoliDay,BOI figures were almost same as the official ones!!!
    Still i believe official fig.

  • Very good article. Post this type of articles at the end of each month.
    According to me-
    Entertainment -2.5/5
    Singham returns-3/5
    Not watched Raja Natwarlal.

  • my rating –

    as a critic –

    singham returns – 2.75/5 – above average

    Entertainment – 1.5/5 – bad

    as an audience

    singham returns – 4/5

    entertainment – 3.5/5

    will watch mardani and raja natwarlal soon.

    in my openion best films of the year are :
    1- queen
    2- dedh ishqiya
    3- ???
    havn’t watched all films

    best male performances :
    1- akki in holiday
    2- ajay in singham returns
    3- ???

    best female performances :
    1- kangna in queen
    2- ???
    3- ???

    P.S iam not saying that these performances/films have the same quality, That i have rated but that’s what i felt after watching them. nothing more!

  • September is looking too dull..just mary kom is there….
    Not enough exciting films left this year now..
    Only Bang bang,PK,Haider and HNY to some extent…

    2015 is looking dull too,only akki is the hope for next as he is coming with good films…next year will be youngistaan’s year..

  • @babaji so u watched akki movie only after reviews.
    believe it or not I watched kambakth ishq, blue, thank you, desi boyz, k786, outimd these flop movie on 1st day 1st show. were I watched welcome, RR, holiday these hit movie on 1st day too. I m akki fan still I watched these movie and u…
    I m huge fan of Salman & aamir. but I respect ajay and akki too were u always making fan of Salman.

  • Obvio Mardaani is best among them.!
    My top movies of the year:
    1.Queen(simple story,no flaws,brilliant performances. Obviously the best one)
    2.Dedh ishqiyaa(another brilliant movie)
    3.Hasee Toh Phasee/Mardaani
    4.Hasee Toh Phasee/Mardaani

  • KRK @ kamaalrkhan
    Sources- Ranbir Kapoor’s balls came in the mouth after watching #BombayVelvet so he wants to release Tamasha or Roy before #BombayVelvet

  • @babaji so u watched akki movie only after reviews.
    believe it or not I watched kambakth ishq, blue,
    thank you, desi boyz, k786, outimd these flop movie
    on 1st day 1st show. were I watched welcome, RR,
    holiday these hit movie on 1st day too. I m NOT akki fan
    still I watched these movie and u…
    I m huge fan of Salman & aamir. but I respect ajay
    and akki too were u always making fan of Salman.

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