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Bol Bachchan is scheduled to release in theaters tomorrow. The lucky people over in Gujarat get to see the film before the world – at the 12AM and 3AM screenings all over the state.

As far as the pre-release reports are concerned, it’s overwhelmingly good.

Here are some Bol Bachchan reviews from Twitter.

  • Omar Quereshi (ZoomTV Critic) – Bol Bachchan is a very clever film. Rare brilliance in classic comedy. Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan are outstanding. Movie rocks. Unmissable.
  • Taran Adarsh (Trade Analyst) – Bol Bachchan is a dhamaal entertainer that has the Rohit Shetty stamp all over it. A film that pays homage to the cinema of 1970’s and 1980’s, especially the ones made by Manmohan Desai. Big stars, big visuals, big entertainment, Bol Bachchan has it all.
  • Sarita Tanwar – Bol Bachchan is a laugh riot. And Junior Bachchan is insanely funny. His antics in BB will play in your mind long after the film is over.
  • Anshul Mohan – Bol Bachchan was good fun. Was hilarious in parts. My most likable film of rohit shetty since his first Golmaal. Abhishek Bachchan and Ajay Devgn are a riot will bring houses down. Masses will adore and how. Will be huge. Blockbuster!! Welcome to 100 cr club Abhishek.
  • Amul Mohan – Bol Bachchan is brilliant and is gonna be a sure-shot blockbuster. Rohit Shetty’s funniest movie since Golmaal. Ajay Devgn and Abhishek Bachchan are hilarious. My jaws are hurting!
  • Tejas Mankodi – Abhishek, your performance in Bol Bachchan is just Mind Blowing!!! Love the way u handled both the characters TERRIFIC!! This is how I wanna see you!! The Anger in your eyes in Action sequences is just Awesome!!! The way Rohit Shetty handles his characters and Action is just brilliant!!! Action is to DIE for!!
  • Aalim Hakim – Bol Bachchan is one of best Comedy in recent years…Full Entertainment..It can be a huge Franchisee..Abhishek and Ajay Rocks :)
  • Sparkling Meheriy – Bol Bachchan is a full on entertainer true Rohit Shetty Style ! Kudos to all the actors for brilliant performances – review from Dubai
  • Zahra Khan – Climax apart, Bol Bachchan is a laugh riot! Abhishek Bachchan is absolutely hilarious in the film, especially in that dance scene.
  • Jasbier Kapoor – Gundas flying, cars & Buses flying, hero , heroine flying….. don’t worry Bol Bachchan is also flying to BlockBuster.
  • G V Keshav Reddy – Died laughing in BolBachchan- Definitely watch for Abhishek Bachchan’s Teda, hilarious act & Ajay Devgan’s butter english! “leave your brain @ home”
  • Moses Sapir – Bol Bachchan works primarily thanks to the entertainment quotient and of course, the persuasive portrayals by its lead actors, especially Ajay and Abhishek

Yet another winner for Rohit Shetty? It definitely looks like!

When are you planning to watch Bol Bachchan? Tell us in the comments section below. Also, don’t miss the official Indicine review of the film tomorrow!



  • kudos to ROHIT SHETTY..he’s a genious…

    waiting for next venture with king khan…CHENNAI EXPRESS…

  • only lallu fans are gonna say negative things about this movie, if lallu was there they would praise him like hell, arey why do u need lallu in every movie yar? he is such worst actor with all those criminal cases behind him.

    Can’t u guys atleast appreciate abhisek’s effort after all he has done well?
    No, only they think of thir idol , atleast think for others and praise them yar.

    Now i bet some lallu fan would turn into srk fan and start saying negetive stuff.

  • what a nasty creature u are.people r giving their opinion.u guys turn into others fan & abuses salman. grow up. i m a huge salman fan but i m definitely looking 4ward 2 bol bachcha coz it looks hilarious…now shut ur pathetic mouth pls. & stop talking nasty abt salman.salman is a great guy .he stands by people always. GOD bless him 4rm losers like u…

  • SRK will beat Ajay Devgan during Diwali – SRK ke saamen Ajaay ki fatti hain, Isliye Salman ko movie main liya.

  • All Talking about next Film……….. i don’t want to say about SRK & Ajay , but Rohit Definitely Rocks Again

  • Hey Comickabra®: Ur nothing but useless Ajay Fan who does nonsence movie with Rohit. SRK sabse aggee hain Ajay se bhee

  • SRK is nothing but 1st rate Idiot, who thinks he is best but t true fact is that there are other actors who r doing far better and bigger than him.

    & SRK’s fan can’t see & accept him getting defeted by others.

  • Bol bacchan sure shot blockbuster… I am a fan of salman khan and i am not jalous like srk fans…

  • Bol bachan is good film for asin. She will definite took over the b’wood in future.she will definitely cross,not 100cr but surely 200cr for every upcoming film.but,iam keeping more exceptations in khiladi 786. Once again “ALL THE BEST” ASIN. Asin always,ROCKS!ROCKS! C this and msg me.ASIN.plse plse.

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