Blue crashes in Week 2

Like every other Akshay Kumar movie this year (Chandni Chowk to China and Kambakht Ishq) Blue, which did great business in Week 1, has crashed in Week 2 of its release.

With no competition in the form of new releases this week, the business of Blue was expected to pick up during the weekend. Unfortunately the film didn’t pick up on Friday (approx 2 crores), crashed further on Saturday (approx 1.5 crores), picked up slightly on Sunday (approx 2.5 crores) but the writing was on the wall on Monday (less than 90 lakhs) when the movie dipped further.

As the 50 crore milestone look highly unlikely now, given the budget, Blue is yet another disappointment for the industry – from Akshay Kumar this year.

All the Best on the other hand has recorded fantastic collections (approx Rs 10 crores) during its second weekend and has easily won the Diwali battle! Main Aur Mrs Khanna is out of most theaters. Infact, Salman Khan previous release Wanted is doing better business and continues to rock in the Top 5.



  • F. Saeed: Akshay Kumar’s acting in Bhool Bhuliya was good, not only in Namaste London.. he was a part of the movie but did will in that movie too.

    Amish: let me ask you something: did u ever see any bollywood movie as a “perfect” movie? No ofcourse.. what’s important when we watch a movie is, to entertain us and don’t find it.. bad, boring, meaningless, shallow.. that’s the most important in movies but there’s no perfect one.. all indian movies aren’t perfect, even Ghajini which was a blocbuster movie and did 200crores and no movie in bolllywood grossed this much had lots of flawas and unrealistic action scenes.

    What u hv mentioned about London Dreams I too noticed them, but when u find a movie interesting and you’re enjoying watching it, you don’t bother about all that because everything happens in this world.. if Ajay behaved this bad way on the stage which proved his jealousy so there was a guy in fact ( in real life) who killed John Lynon infront and while he was among thousands of his fans because of his jealousy.. and went to jail for 25 years, and when he was released he said: the reason for me to kill him because he got everything.. and I got nothing!!

  • Sudeep: where’s your feedback about the movie LD?!! you were dying to know about this movie.. and now u r quiet!! are u ill or asleep?!!


  • The new releases of the week both of them which are big budget films started on a dull note.

    London Dreams had a 30-40% start in the morning shows and improved around 5-10% in the late morning shows. If the film can show bigger improvement in the late afternoon and evening shows then it would be a good sign for weekend business. London Dreams has a huge a single screen releases and around 8-10-12 show release at multiplex

    Aladin opened to an extremely dull response of 10-15% and will need to show huge improvement if it is to make any impact at the box office. The film has 4-6 shows at multiplexes.
    London Dreams and Aladin have big costs and have been promoted extensively but the opening of both films is well below expectations.

  • Fathiya:Thnks for the review!!!!NDTV give it 2 star, give it 2.5 and all other are almost 3 or 3.5!!!!and Salman is doing good and may be it will not be tht big hit but still it show Salman is versatile actor and is learning from past flop….Look like Ajay devgan will win best villian award from this movie!!!!!I m dieing to see and i m going to cinema hall on sunday or monday if possible i will post my review then

  • Sudeep: don’t bother about the websites and their reviews.. they’re “also” humen like u and me.. everyone see any movie from their own perspective.. right.

    Just believe in what I’m telling you.. you know.. I didn’t like Salman Khan’s movies in the past.. I didn’t like his acting at all.. but now, after Wanted, MaMK & London Dreams ( although I didn’t like Wanted coz of the stupid action but loved his role) now Salman could win back his position after this movie.. he deserves to be among the top 4 or 5 best bollywood actors.. true.. he was very funny in this movie.. and if u see London Dreams then afterwards you’ll see Main aur Mrs. Khanna u will not find MaMK as a good movie. moreover.. no action scenes in London Dreams – if u love action – but comedy.. and he did well.. I just didn’t find Ajay in a suitable role.. and I don’t know why they cast him lately for some roles which he doesn’t fit in!! but as an actor.. he was so good.. Ajay is the best one who hv face expression when he’s sad, angry.. there’re some points in the movie, minor, but I don’t want to mention them only after everyone watch it.. overall.. it’s an entertaining good movie which you’ll enjoy and have a good time.

  • Fathiya:yup,yup …i know tht hehe!!!!thnks for tht anyways!!!!!!I m going to c it and i will put my review after tht…..I donot like full action movie …I prefer romantic comedy or might say romantic movie with good comedy n tear flowing scenes …Moreover i also prefer full comedy movie whether it is mindless or logical movie!!!!!!!MOST OF critics have said salman was doing very good in this movie and i m waiting for INDICINE review!!!!!!

  • Praveen there is no actual need to post from different names, we track the IP addresses. Comments deleted.

  • For those waiting for London Dreams reviews – It was fantastic. Great performances from both Salman and Ajay Devgan.

    Aladin was strictly average. Ritesh and Bachchan were good.

    Both reviews and ratings coming up in a few mins. Stay tuned.

  • if my uncles are well known in producers in tamil film industry,and if they can do something,i will show you wat i can…the ongoing cases between the film journalists and producers association is still going on…let it finish…i will deal with INDICINE for the misguiding reviews and starvalue elimination and demoralising activities…just wait.

  • Praveen:What the hell r u saying…I m also akshay big fan but fact is blue is dropping in second week…Ppl like you make bad image on audience and make akshay fan image bad!!!!!Just go to hell …..Indicine team have their own review …sometime we agree ,sometime we disagree since every person have different taste!!!!Dont try to be oversmart!!!!!u r really a dumbass and big idiot

  • Praveen, save your threats for something more worthwhile. We were not the only ones to thrash Blue, most critics have disliked the film. And like Sudeep said above, to each his own. If you liked the film, so bit it, post your reviews and spread the word.

    Also like mentioned, time and again, we have nothing against Akshay Kumar or any other star. And our box office reports are as accurate as they possibly could be. We research quite a lot (which includes calls to distributors and known multiplexes) before publishing something.

    So relax and enjoy movies irrespective of who stars in it :)

    And its good to see Fathiya and Sudeep finally agree on something!

  • indicine:
    i am also agree with fathiya now she is not against of akki she likes fact n fact was that she didnt like blue but she liked KI n now when she said that it should be akki instead of ajay in LD i realy appriciated that n now me n fathiya both watched LD today n we both liked.
    just tel me know did u feel tears in ur eyed in last 30 min of the movie ???
    it was fantastic half n hour n my life . i want to see it again

  • I also like akki. His film namastey london was awsome. He very good in action & comedy but blue storie needs different character in akki does’nt suites. He did his best as usual & film got opening as expected bcz of promos in first week but in second week as every one came to know about story it fell down.I hope salman london dreams do’s well

  • Blue has Sanjay Dutt as main lead.Akshay pleayed the negative role.
    De dana dan,Action Replay will be better films.

  • Nauman: I hope that everyone would understand me here.. I already posted many comments that I’m not against a good film, I’m not against a good performance.. but I’m against a bad film which one of the superstars would agree to make.. I always liked Akshay Kumar, but he used to make some meaningless movies in the past and he doesn’t know how to select his movies there4 many of his movies in the past flopped as well as this year’s movies! that’s the fact because after all these years.. how could he sign for a movie like cc2c?!!but I liked him in Singh is Kinng, Namaste London & Bhool Bulayia.. even Salman, when he does a good movie like London Dreams, so I admire him for that and I praise the work he did.. we love actors according to the movies they make.. and we don’t love them “personally”, unfortunately the fact is that some ppl are so biased.. when their hero does good or bad so they never see the bad.. they just keep on lying and trying to convince everyone that the movie is good.. thank God that I’m not one of those ppl! I love any actor for his work, for his films and for his roles, and I praise the good work they do and criticize the bad one whether it was Shahrukh’s or Aamir’s or Akshay’s or whoever.. I got nothing against any actors but my favourite is Shaharukh Khan, but Shahrukh also will not be spaired from my criticizum if he does a bad movie or a movie which doesn’t satisfy me.

    Nauman: yes.. that’s what I think.. Akshay fits in Ajay’s role more.. I will not say that Akshay’s performance would’ve been because Ajay Devgan is a very good actor and I like him only in sad and serious roles.. that’s all

  • SUDEEP,i dont hav anything against you…got it??and the fact that i’m more a die hard fan of akshay for the last 20 years from his very first film…i hav his contact no. and i hav cionnections with his P.A. and managers…my relatives are from the film industry so unlike you and other morons i know more about the politics and bad games happening in bollywood…its a big world of gambling…akshay and amitabh bachchan has openly criticized in many interviews on pl t.v. about such menial crimes…do you know that srk and jackass hrithik has this banner based politics bcos they are scared of akshay bcoming topper…with the help of critics and such paid reviews of fuckin posts like that you see on top just for demoralising other actors..SUDEEP personally i hav a que. do you like to be negatively criticized and haunted every second of your life ,for a wrong reason or a crime you hav not commited???same is the thing happened to akjshay for the last 15 years in the industry…and still if he is king…he should be considered a legend.
    and by the way SUDEEP i’m not a student or a teenager .i’m working as a lecturer in st.xaviers college in mumbai,native of cochin…for the past 10 years…and its my habit that not only teaching a passion but also my idol akshay…i promote every single movie of his since last 10 years…and that cannot be stopped even any M.F. assholes ask me to do so …and i will continue to do this until my has brought tremendous result for the past 7 8 years..okay???and im not provoking any bad image in auduence ..dont misunderstand..and sorry if i hurt your feeluings…but i will never leave this asshole critics alone…thats my oath…its too much now.

  • and as yousaid SUDEEP,PUNTER etc..i agree that akshay has now to look sreuiously into the bad screenplays …agreed.i hav already posted an e-mail to akshay’s website related to this.his next movies…de dhana dhan, action replay ,housefull ,and DEEPA MEHTA’S komagata maru[canadian production] in 2010 are of strong screenplays and solid directors..we hope that the media and these bloody critics wont stab him atleast for these movies…we all seriously wish that akshay oneday surpass all the records of the legendary amitabh bachchan ang go truly international..bcos he is the only hope in india who can do so.hope all you people prayers are with him and pls avoid any negative comments about an actor of his potential…and fight against piracy..thankyou.

  • Now thats what i am talking about…akshay is responsible for welcome to be a blockbuster and so was him for blue to be average and honeslty as a akshay kumar fan his best film from past 3 years is namastey london….8×10 was OK and so was blue…others were pathetic and those films didn’t deserve to be hit/average grossers :)

  • guys one good news for akki’s fan
    read this :
    A source in the industry reveals, “After the success of Singh Is Kinng, there was a strong buzz that it would be Akshay and Katrina’s last film together. The producer of the film, Vipul Shah announced, however, that the on-screen hit couple would be seen in his untitled film, which he intends to start after London Dreams.
    link below
    i think it will start after action replay and may be it will release in 2011 . i m very happy to read this news coz vipul is only one who can use akshay in a real manner and when katrina is also with him then they will make a rock together.

  • PRAVEEN:Ya,critics never praised akshay role …may be they r right because recent movie of akshay kumar have no story eventhough his performance was very good….may be u r true but i still respect critics because their job is to say something bad or good abt movie!!!!!!!but i never mind whether they bad or good..since Akshay is crowd puller…how much bad is movie if akshay promote movie ,it breaks all box office record or have big day on first 3 days…..Tht only a superstar can do!!!!!!!!!Akshay still ruless but donot be too one sided….U should accept if movie was bad or good ……..Most of critics has critize blue and most of them have given it 1 or 2 star!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Akshay is audience winner ….y to care abt other…if u like his movie ,fine but just donot put anger on other if they say bad!!!!!!Every one have their own decision!!!!Dude,chill out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I m nothing to with u neither indicine !!!So dont be harsh on others!!!!

  • The first day comparison between this week’s new release London Dreams and Diwali release Blue in Lucknow is as follows.

    London Dreams
    Sahu – 79,208
    Umrao – 50,636
    Fun – 72,020
    Inox – 49,680
    PVR – 97,806
    Wave – 1,33,116
    TOTAL – 4,82,466

    Novelty Lalbagh – 1,37,575
    Novelty Aliganj – 60,150
    Fun – 1,37,902
    Inox – 77,526
    PVR – 1,46,808
    Wave – 1,81,034
    TOTAL – 7,68,575
    nw thats wat akshay kumar does with his movies;)

  • 5 of Akshay’s last 6 movies in the last 2 years have been totally & royally thrashed by critics & Audience alike. But there is not denying the fact that his initial pull is still fantastic, almost on par with SRK\Aamir\HR if not better. When I say initial pull, I am basically talking about the first 3 days which normally decides where the movie is heading to.

    One should not forget that
    1) 3 of these movies (Tashan, KI & Blue) were all directed by newcomers.
    2) CCTC was directed by Nikhil whos previous movies SEL bombed badly at the BO and his first movie ‘KHNH’ was supposedly ghost directed by Karan.
    3) Nag who directed Tasveer is never known to direct full-blown commercial movies. Though he is a critically acclaimed director, his Tasveer was a one off case and got thrashed even by the critics.

    its easy to blame akshay for all these flops\below average performers. He indeed requires to be blamed for his poor choice of scripts and for working with newcomers especially when his super-stardom had just started shooting off. But trust me guys, De Dana Dhan is gonna change his path again. He has a good set of movies lined up (DDD, Action Replay, Khatta meeta, Housefull) now and if these movies have even avg WOM, they are gonna crack some major fireworks at the Box-office.

  • ermmm… one question, if neone can answer?

    went 2 see The Final Destination at movies (Sydney), Blue is still playin (4th week now). Aladin shows were cancled. LD was playin but had only one show everyday during weekend, blue has 2 shows every day during weekend. and according to the staff, occupancy was 15-20%.

    so… i dont get it. how the film has CRASHED??? it’s def still doin business…


  • Vick: Dil Bole Hadippa didn’t do very well in india.. it was an average movie for indian ppl but it was a hit for us in Gulf Arabia.. the movie worked for almost 6 or 7 weeks, till last week.. so Blue worked for Sydney ppl but not for ppl in india.. it’s just different from one place to another.. some movies do well in india, ratings r some superhit and they flops overseas!

  • Hi praveen, i always want to be with the good akshay kumar fans like you very glad to meet you. What i know no matter how, akshay’s good work is per a head than his bad. When ever akshay did good job they can hide it if he did something bad their going to exposed it out.

    Even Fathiya when ever i try to believe what she said if look at her comment about other actors i feeled she want influence people by good and interligent speaking but from deep of her heart she just hate him. if you realised her recently comment about london dream she said … all indian movies arenít perfect, even Ghajini which was a blocbuster movie had lots of flawas and unrealistic action scenes.But when u find a movie interesting and youíre enjoying watching it, you donít bother about all that. Said Fathiya.

    So why did she bother about akshay kumar one’s? Atleast if you said u dont like akshay movies good for u but respect the one’s who said they love it, bcos we have diffrence opinion if u like romantic,family drama fine but may be i dont like it i just want laught comedy,action. So you means to say comedy action is not a good movies only drama and romantic are good movies. When ever akshay did those kind of movies he is doing it in right way be it yeh dillagi,janwaar,dhadkan,ek rishtaa,aitraaz,andaaz and namastey london. or comedy hera pheri,garam masala,heyy baby,bhool bulaiya and mujhse shadi karogee. Action int. khiladi,khakee,mohra and many more. So pls stop all this, just watch movie if u like it go back to cinema if you dont tear your ticket thats it.

  • Hey you.. Usman Solo.. how do u know if I like or dislike Akshay.. just go back to the movie Wanted for Salman..and read my comments on some pages in this website and you’ll see my negative comments about Salman Khan’s acting as well as his movies in the past.. and now see the difference.. my new comments.. about his acting and his movies.. you’ll find them just (different).. tell me why?!! am I a hypocrite?!! ofcourse not.. I’m someone who will praise any good movie and the performance of any actor if they did just good and will say bad stuff if they did bad.. that’s what I am in fact.

    And God! you’ve said it.. you’ve mentioned my sentences which I already posted by saying: “when you find a movie interesting and you’re enjoying it.. so u don’t bother about some minor points” and that’s true.. I was enjoying watching London Dreams but I didn’t enjoy watching the movie “Blue” and I didn’t like Akshay Kumar’s acting in this movie, I found the movie pathetic, boring.

    I was never Salman Khan’s fan, not even now.. but I’ve to be honest in my comments and to post what I saw.. he did a good job in his latest movies so he deserves to be praised.. and when a day comes.. when Akshay will do some good quality movies so he’ll get also the same compliment.. I praised his acting in Airteraz, Darkan and even in Bewafa and Bhool Bulaiya.. if I really (hate) him as u say, and want to bring him down.. I’d never praise any of his work he did.. got it!!

  • @Fathiya..

    yo it was a rhetorical question :D..

    all i meant was.. as media/ this site is claimin that movie has CRASHED which means its not doin ny business..

    well even if i was very very think between my ears i’d still understand that business depends place to place..
    ppl who r watchin Blue or LD or bla bla… r indians..same mentality, taste etc etc etc.. infact i posted some links yesterday n later i came on to find they were removed, some data from other website where it says movie is still playin in INDIA n OVERSEAS. plus movie has made some profit.

    movie has Crashed is not the correct term to use, it has a big after week 1 but still playin makin money.


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