Blue crashes in Week 2

Like every other Akshay Kumar movie this year (Chandni Chowk to China and Kambakht Ishq) Blue, which did great business in Week 1, has crashed in Week 2 of its release.

With no competition in the form of new releases this week, the business of Blue was expected to pick up during the weekend. Unfortunately the film didn’t pick up on Friday (approx 2 crores), crashed further on Saturday (approx 1.5 crores), picked up slightly on Sunday (approx 2.5 crores) but the writing was on the wall on Monday (less than 90 lakhs) when the movie dipped further.

As the 50 crore milestone look highly unlikely now, given the budget, Blue is yet another disappointment for the industry – from Akshay Kumar this year.

All the Best on the other hand has recorded fantastic collections (approx Rs 10 crores) during its second weekend and has easily won the Diwali battle! Main Aur Mrs Khanna is out of most theaters. Infact, Salman Khan previous release Wanted is doing better business and continues to rock in the Top 5.



  • indicine team- want to ask u wy u ppl always target akshay movies? never u give gud reviews nor appreciate akshays actin. if he does different roles u say he must stick on to comedy. when he does comedy u ppl tell v r bored of his comedy he must try somethin different. wat exactly u want?? u just speak negatively bout him always. if his movies take a great start u ppl tell as most akshay movies it `ll drop after weekend. dont do this. u may not lik him tats obvious, but dont criticise his actin. next u `ll target de dana dan givin it half * may be.. oter movies u don bother but akshay movies u mak sure u want it to be a flop by tellin collec dropped dropped…. another flop etc… r u doin justice?? answer urself!

  • muje tho pehle hi patha tha…ki all the best is goin to win the battle……as far as blueeee….second part is coming which is called orangeeeeeee…nd this time they r goin to find orangesss nt in bahmas …bt in nagpur…..beocoz they hve to recover da cost naa…isliyeeeeee….is low budget hogi film…heheeeeee

  • @amish its true that the weekend business of of some 6.25 crores and ALL the best erans something like 9 crores
    @chirag , nivedh: its not a flop check any website . its average movie and ya even All the best is an average movie but Blue takes over All the best because its satellite rights has been sold at 35 crores . i dont think All the best satelite rights wd be sold even at 25 crores . it wd be lower than even 25 crores . so Blue is much better movie than all the best both business wise and otherwise

  • Bluees result was quite accetable bcz of story dialog I fall a sleep while watching it. All the best is going good and will go further

  • that’s what I expected.. and was sure.. that it will work for few days due to diwali holiday..people in holidays want to enjoy their time, have some good time so they’ll watch any movie specially if it’s a movie for a big star like Akshay with a big budget.. but the question is: why it didn’t sustain? Why people didn’t go in the 2nd week to watch it? If the movie was good it’d have continued for months in cinemas, the media and some websites didn’t praise RBNDJ for Shahrukh but it worked and became a blockbuster movie because it had a “soul”, it was a nice family entertaining package, unlike Blue.. was boring, lacked all that in the movie as well as the cast.. when people watch a movie and they don’t like it.. so that (itself) is a big resource to inform everyone around that the movie wasn’t good and would stop others from watching it.. there4 it will flop after few days!

  • I am waiting for Akkis fan reaction, how they will target media, dot com companies for giving bad reviews.

    Akki has again failed for 5th time but hope he is good in comedy in part will be seen in de dhana dhan.

    Again the movie will be watched not only for Akki but for the 3 combination of Akki, Sunil shetty & Paresh Rawal. Do not give the credit to Akki even if the movies does well bcoz the main character will be Pareshrawal who is 100 times better actor then Akki.

    Akki in his own ability can not make movies hit & can not create sensation with a big role in a film, he needs really good actors around him for making him look funny & getting bussiness for the movie.

  • A super star can only guarantee a huge opening at the box office, the rest depends on how good or bad the story of the film. as a super star king kumar done what was expect from him and for INDICINE team, why they don’t write this kind of articles about salman who deliver another disaster.

  • ahsan: i agree wit u… they only target akshay… bcoz they know he s a way up in the top spot. so tryinto target him n develop anti marketin…;)

  • Hellow Amish & Ashan my question is on how much top is Akki pls revert.

    You maybe Akki fan but really are as wicked as akki is. Accept the fact that movies are hit not by how much the opening is received but by keeping steady result on boxoffice.

    Salman khan ki movie Blue se 10times behtar hai, Blue main majak majak main interval ho jata hai, majak majak main gana aa jata hai, maja maja main bikini pe lara show karne lagti hai, majak majak main end bhi ho jati hai. Kitna bada majak bana diya fake publicity karke common people ke money ka aur time ka.

    Akki aur Sanju baba ka jo fight seen hai ring main uska kya kehna – Akki king hoke 40yrs ka 55yr ke sanju baba ke sath lad raha hai, waha bhi us seen main majak karke pur seen ki waat laga raha hai.

    Only one thing scoring is the seens in the sea which were good but the rest of cast & story totally did not support the whole movie.

    Hope akki goes good in De dhana dhan even though there is much little chance of showing his talent bcoz Sunil Shetty & Paresh rawal is with him who r also talanted.

    The opening can be made big of De dhana dhan on bcoz of combination of 3 akki, sunil shetty, paresh rawal.

  • Indicine and their site is just Junkyard, from what i observed is that when welcome is a hit they never called it an akshay kumar starrer but they always used to mention it as a multistarrer because it was a hit and when it comes to blue a multistarrer film and is an average film they started saying it “The Akshay Kumar starrer”


  • Ahsaan and Amish – Agreed that a superstar can only guarantee a big opening weekend, but what makes him a superstar in the first place are those Hits – Superhits – Blockbusters. He has a responsibility towards his producers, distributors and more important his fans and audience. So unless Akshay improves his script sense realizing, from all those recent average grossers, that strong content is what the audience is looking for.. he is going nowhere.

    But all said and done, what he really needs is a clean HIT. Doesn’t matter if its panned by the critics or crashes in Week 2.

    And regarding Salman Khan,

  • if akshay producers r not happy they `ll not mak movies again n again with him right.. n regardin his fans… if v wer not happy with him v would `ve not talked against u right..;) so akshay fan club s very strong… ofcourse some movies r not upto the mark.. but u must comment on the movie not akshay alone.. regardin blue.. each actor had same screen presence.. akshay was not seen for full 2hrs. half hr sanjay was shown, then zayed, akshay also was der for half n hr. rest half al wer der. wy target only akshay… tel me..

  • I think time is come for Akshay to think like Amir khan
    so akshay pls go to amir and take some tips and then
    choose ur films. forget about money and try to make people
    really like u and wait for ur movies. I feel like this.

  • Buzz 18 give london dream 3.5….It say this is best performance of Salman khan till date……..Hope every critics say tht

  • I agree with kalyan g. He is absouletly right. Now after De dana dan they will say paresh nd sunil gave hit. I thought critcs r barking dogs who seldom bites but they have now gone mad nd when akshays car comes they all ran after him. Indicine is one of them.

  • I Am Also Akshay Kumar Fan But Realiity Is That Akshay Kumar Gives His Awesum Performance Only In 1 Film Which Was Namastay London Rest Of All His Hits Like Hera Pheri, Phir Hera Pheri, Hey Baby, Singh Is King Is Because Except Him Paresh Rawal. Suneel Shety, Fardeen Khan Katrina Kaif And Other Also Gave Very Nice Performances . . .

    Hes A Good Actor But Now To Stand In The List Of The Toppers He Really Needs Film Like Namastay London . . .

  • london dream is a super hit……..n plz dnt compare akki n sallu……..sallu is a superstar from last 2 decades…….akki is jst a kid infront of sallu stardom….

  • its no surprise that this movie is crashing. Its a remake of an american film of course. The only difference is the stars and songs in the movie. They need to stop remaking hollywood movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    to bad for him and why would you guys say that Indicine is only talking bad about akashay? theya re just stating the facts and the facts is that akashay movies for the past few years have been the same. Comedy with a little action and wahtever one might call romance.

  • Amish, you cant generalize. There are many Akshay Kumar fans who haven’t really enjoyed his last few films.

    And much like the credit for the blockbuster business of Welcome (also a multistarrer) went to Akshay.. he would be held responsible for average business of Blue too. No producer would be crazy enough to invest 80 crores on a movie starring Sanjay Dutt or Zayed Khan would they?

  • ha ha… finally indicine team agreed that akshay s the best… bcoz no producer `ll invest 80cr if it was not for akshay…;) if u ppl `ve heard.. all actors `ve given a part of their fee so that movie doesnt become a flop or below average.. one more thing which james(action director of blue) told in etc interview. bollywood nw s hw hollywood was 15yrs back. so if movies lik blue s criticised. hw `ll v come even close to hollywood 15yrs later..;) if movies lik blue become hit. more movies of hollywood standard `ll come, producers `ll try to invest.. so atleast give gud reviews to aladin bcoz it looks somethin lik harry potter /lord of rings kind… ok?;)

  • actors after reachin certain status cant cut down thier cost.. so they start producin movies.. started by SRK n nw bein continued by akshay, ajay, aamir.. tats bcoz producers cant pay as much as the actor wants.

  • Sudeep: here I’m.. back from cinema and Watched London Dreams…what do u expect me to say?!! keep your right hand on yr heart.. I know yr heart is beating now.. thinking what Fathiya would say about this movie!! did she like it or not…well..well.. yesssssss.. I loved it.. it’s intersting funny movie.. actually Salman did a great job.. he’s the soul of the movie.. their roles.. both Ajay & Salman are equal, sharing the same screen presence and importance in their role, but Salman did a very good job.. that’s the way I like him, funny with a good acting, but not silly as he used to be in his old movies.. this movie for sure will be a super hit in India.. all indians were laughing so much while watching it.. specially the flight scene( don’t worry.. I will not spoil it for you.. I will not tell u the story) but the funniest scene was when Salman gets in the flight, as he’s a simple guy from Punjab and travelling for the first time.. I laughed sooooo muchhhh.. he was so funny.. the best scene in the movie.

    The story was good, the music and the songs were quite nice, no negative points except few.. which I don’t want to mention now only after u all watch it.

    What I can mention only is that if Ajay Devgan’s role was given to Akshay Kumar, the movie would’ve been great.. Ajay didn’t fit much as a musician or loving music.. no.. and as I saw Akshay Kumar in his movie “Bewafa” playing as a musician and he fitted in the role and with a good look .. so I was telling myself while watching the movie “I wished if the role was given to Akshay.. he fits in these kind of roles more than Ajay Devgan who fits “only” in serious and sad roles.

    Asin didn’t have a very strong role but she did a good scene in the last part of the movie.

    So goahead everyone.. watch it.. it’s a super hit movie for sure.

  • Sorry guys if I’ve replied to Sudeep on this page about London Dreams movie.. and that’s because he asked me on one of the pages if I saw it and desperately he wanted to know other people’s opinion, so I’ve just chosen this page to reply to him as still, and as u know, there’s no movie review page yet, the movie is not yet released in India.

    And.. comparing the 3 latest movies which I saw for Salman Khan.. which one is the best.. London Dream is the best, better than Wanted & Main aur Mrs. Khanna.. and comparing it to Akshay’s movie “Blue” it’s much much better movie, at least there was a good story and funny scenes with good music and good performance, unlike Blue.. and I didn’t fall asleep while watching it!

  • london dreams-. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music is a downer. LONDON DREAMS is about a rock band, about music, about concerts and the music had to be the soul of the film. Unfortunately, it’s not! The songs have been filmed in the most energetic fashion, but how one wishes its music was one of the strengths of the film.

    Also, the film could’ve concluded when the two friends re-unite at the station. Adding one more song thereafter only dilutes the impact of the emotionally correct sequence that has just been witnessed. Besides, the song in question hasn’t been promoted either, so it only comes across as an aberration.

    Prior to that, Ajay’s outburst at the end of the concert is far from convincing. The film has a real feel, real characters and real situations, but the outburst looks unreal and is one of the drawbacks, from the writing point of view. It’s just not convincing!

    Besides, Ajay’s childhood character is shown fleeing from the airport and making it big in a foreign land [London], without any support whatsoever. It’s unpalatable!

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