Blue BO update : much needed HIT unlikely for Akshay Kumar

It was clear right from the start, that the first day of the second weekend would be most-crucial for Akshay Kumar’s Blue.

But unfortunately, much like Kambakht Ishq, Blue has crashed on its 8th business day. The movie has done approximately Rs 2,20,00,000 (2.2 crores) of business on Friday and has shown no spike after remaining steady during the weekdays (Tuesday – Thursday).

Although unlikely, the makers would be hoping for better collections on Saturday and Sunday.

As of now, with a total nett gross of 35 crores in 8 days, we expect BLUE to end its theatrical run as yet another average grosser for Akshay Kumar.


All the Best on the other hand is super-steady at the BO in Week 2 and should record better collections than ‘Blue’ for the weekend. Quite ironically a film without the presence of huge stars, now seems likely to be the winner of the so-called Diwali battle.



  • yeh kya hua??sabchup hain???the best movie of the decade flopped and that too with all the good wishes of the readers here????!!!! what a pity!!! and that too after the makers thought we are fools and will lap up anything which is remotely akshay kumar??? tch tch /.. poor souls

  • one of the best films of recent times flopping??? chiggy wiggy not helped??? lara in bikini not helped??? underwater scenert didnt help either!!!! where have we come to??? gutkaa eating baba also not helped!! this is sheer stupidity of our audience who reject such tasteless movies…!! blue was supposed to garner all awards at filmfare… i dont believe it has flopped… i will only believe it has flopped when i see the makers with a begging bowl

  • all the is really the best in amongs all……sanju baba is superb and rocking all the time…the movie moves so pleasurely all the times…….the movie is good bcoz of all masala….

    comedy…as the movie is comedian
    action……as sanju baba is there
    emotional…this is good part….actually the emotional part of the movie is the best part in my opinion
    and claimax is just superb

    rohit shetty is now verified as the top class dir…… in this movie,i found the golmaal group…but the truth is that it is better than golmaal….so i want rohit shetty to dir. all the best 2…before golmaal 3

    ajay ki to nikal padi…….yar…

  • The collections of Blue have seen a big drop on its eighth day. The film collected around 2 crore nett approx on its second Friday. The first Friday was around 6.50 crore nett.

    The weekend collections of Blue are probably heading for the 7.50-8 crore range which is around 60% drop from first weekend when it collected 19 crore nett.

    Overall the film is looking at settling at around 50 crore nett lifetime business and a distributor share of around 26-27 crore making it an Above Average to Semi Hit film. The first week distributor share of Blue was a good 19.50 crore for its hindi version. The Telugu version had a share of 60-65 lakhs.

  • 2nd week will get not more then 10 cr and rest of weeks will may be 5 cr more so it will get 50 cr in india and may be 5 cr overseas. total net 55 cr . indicine: let me know that 55 cr is enough to declair it avg or not ???

  • hah…hahaha…were’re u guys.. who attacked me on the movie review?!!!!!!!!! where’re u you hiding now? didn’t I say that you’re all lyers.. want to promote for Akshay’s movie by spreading lies that it did in the 1st week 35crores or more and that the movie is a blockbuster.. lyers!

    Some still thinking that the movie was great and surprised that it’s not a hit movie.. for me whether it was a hit, super hit, blockbuster or a flop at the box office.. nothing would change my opinion about this movie.. it wasn’t interesting at all and deserved to be a flop.

  • Fathiya:
    just wait till 27 nov u will see whts going on . the thing is that akki last two movies KI , Blue were heavy budget movies that they got more then 50 cr but not hit but it is time de dhana dan has to recover only 30 cr and it is possible coz 27 nov is a eid week and and solo relsease if Kurbaan didnt well then it will rock .Akki has to manage his cost other wise his all movies will get more then 50 cr but not hit .
    wht do u thing guys ???

  • Nauman: Kurban will be a hit for sure.. it’s Karan Joahar’s movie, and he “always” do good movies.. and I can say that De Dana Dan will be a hit too because it’s, from the trailer, similar to All the Best, Welcome, Golmaal and these comedy movies would work for the majority in India.. why not. but it will be for sure a flop overseas.
    you know.. Suhail Khan’s movies were never good in the past, except Lucky.. Lucky wasn’t bad, the script, the songs and Salman Khan’s acting were good, only the heroine couldn’t act and probably it was the main reason for the failure, but Main aur Mrs Khanna is the best he did so far.

  • thx Fathiya atlease u r agree with me at this time. n ur comments show me that u r not against of AKKI . u just say wht u like. and every one have his/her personaly openions. u didnt like Blue its ok u r one of them who didnt like , me like i m one of them who liked . i dont know why people are abusing u they are saying u bitch SRK’s rakhail ( maid ). and so so one . why u dont take any action agains them ?
    if it is australia site and i was instead of u i could sue all of them .
    Kurbaan looks good n saifi n KK’s pair r in news so may be people will go there but it will against muslim so may be muslim people wont like it .

  • Nauman: I asked many times Indicine team to review the comments and never publish any of these bad language by some commentators but they don’t do.. anyways.. let them go to hell.. some kids are doing this since 2 years or more.. when I say frankly my opinion about a movie star or his films so they attack with bad words.. I think they were born in some forrest, jungle of India. haha.. and they do with me only because I’m not indian, but from Gulf Arabia.

    I got nothing against Akshay or Salman.. when they do bad movies so I criticize..when they do good.. so I praise their work.. I love Shahrukh Khan but I also didn’t like OSO and Don and criticized these 2 movies of his.. I also criticized his acting in some scenes.. so.. I’m not biased.. I just say what I see.. I’m not a hypocrite like lots of people here.. who just love any shit their hero/heroine would do on screen!!

    About Kurban.. I think Saif is playing as a terrorist in the movie..a muslim terrorist.. let me ask you one thing.. didn’t bollywood do many movies about hindu attacking muslims and they did show some hindu as bad guys, and muslim as good guys.. so in this world, good and bad people are everywhere.. not all muslim ppl are good 100%, and not all hindu people are bad 100%.. good and bad people are everywhere.. right or wrong? So people shouldn’t think this way.. they must be open minded.

  • mene tho pehle hi kaha tha….blueeeeeee is goin to b yet another flop or below avg……muje patha tha….nd for all the best…………….it rocksssssss…its goin to b a hit or super hittttttt….and its sequel is alredyyyy been decidedddddddd……it rocksssssss…ajay rocksss…he is awesmeeeeeeee

  • fathiya:
    i m trying to remember but i couldnt find any movie in which they show hindu is terrorist . let me remind u some recent movies.
    new york
    dilli 6 ( they were showing that the black monkey is muslim haahhahah)
    a wednesday
    fanna ( aamir khan )
    mission kashmir ( hritik roshan )
    fizza ( hritik roshan )
    mission istanbul
    n i forgot other movies.

  • I donot understand y muslim are always said terrorist in HIndi movie..Although i m Hindu but still i cannot descriminate other religion too..Every religion is nice …Only Crap people who spread terror in name of religion is an jackass n idiot…..But y Indian movie always make Muslim as a terrorist.. i agree with Fathiya..

    Movie like Mission kashmir,new york,and many more always have muslim as a terrorist…It is so same tht they only think tht way…But still we should not fight over religion.It is just a movie at end..Nothing personal.

    Every religion is equally good at their own term since all people blood is red and are human being

  • Lets discuss Blue here and not religions.

    Getting back on topic, what Akshay really needs is a clean hit. If he has to remain in the Top 4, 50 – 55 crores isn’t good enough since the budget of his films cross 50 crores.

  • indicine:
    u said 100 % true now akki will know that he has to double check abt budget of his movies now his movies has a worth abt 50 cr like KI n Blue so if his movie budget is abt 30 cr then his movies will be hit otherwise every movie will remain just avg or above avg.
    i think he should produce an direct a movie with new heroen and he should shoot his movie in india and try to minimise the budgest and try to maximise the standard and script of the movie make a good movie in 10 cr and get above 50 cr it will be real block buster hit
    am i right guys ???

  • The real matter is budget doesnot matter..The wht really matter is product of the movie..If the script or story of movie is good,it doesnot matter whether it is 50 or 100 crs. The akshay movie is lacking story nowadays.He really need to choose the good story.Although,this year is not good for Him..But I think his next movie Action Reply and Houseful will be biggest hit of his career .De dana dan can be hit since it has budget of 30-40 crs and it is easy to recover if heavy promotion of movie is done.

    and coming back to London dream,i have read someone writing y no akshay in the movie,i got the fact

    The story of london dream was previously written by producer of Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani”Raj santoshi” and He want to cast Aamir and SRK on tht movie.Both actor said Yes to project but it doesnot really started….And after somewhile the script of the movie was with Salman khan.He phone the Vipul shah and told abt tht script.Vipul shah like the script and said”he will rewrite the script including same script and made his own type of movie”.Salman khan agree and vipul rewrite the script….>We can say Salman khan is obiviosly have to be included since he had shown script to vipul….thts the reason

  • every one saying abt all the best .i just ask u all one thing have u seen hera pheri. dewane hue pagal.mujhse shadi karoge.awara pagal dewana.garam masala.phir hera pheri.bhagam bhag.welcome.and kambakht ishq? there are 10 no of comedy films in 10 years .ya all the best is not an akki film so u are against akshay kumar. tumsab ke liye ek dialouge akshay ke hi film ka IN KO SONE KA LOUTA DO PHIR BHI BHIK HIN MANGENGE.

  • earlier movie budget wasn’t generally that high. especially AKKI has done some really high budgeted movies earlier the thing was that most of the superstar movies(including AKKI) were in same region around 40 crores and with the fan following these guys boast of they used to cover it in first week only even the story used to be same in most of the movies with small budgeted movies providing some serious stuff like black friday,wednesday das vedaniya etc. but AKKI has done some really huge budget movies and above that like in blue script wd have been much better had they not revealed that AKKI plays villain. evrybody knew AKKI was villain so suspense became lame and apart from that attacking sharks wd have made it more dangerous and wd made it a hit surely
    but i still stand by fact that it is one of the finest movie made in india and i hope AAsma takes it a step further

    KI was termed as vulgar but if u watch hollywood movies then anyone can understand it wasn’t vulgar as made out to be , i liked that movie as well.

    anyways de dana dan has good chance to be a hit . neeraj manchanda the famous numerologist’s atleast one prediction that AKKI wd get only 1 hit this year will becme true :)

    and BLUE is not gonna be below average its above average to semi hit so not a flop despite high budget and heavy criticism

  • he he he kaha hai akki ke fan what hell are you doing come and commentakki ka time katam he he he dan dana dan ko to ab achi opaning bhi nahi milege

  • Why doesn’t Kumar do himself and the public a favor? Return to his level of competence as fry-cook & dishwasher.

  • Indicine team:i know this is stupid to ask but aNY one Knows Twitter adress of Asin Thottumkal……tommarow is her birthday n i really wanna wish her….Plz Anyone knows real then i will be thankful

  • @tawny: public dosenot iclude only tawny or maybe raghu etc , it also include nauman,me ,sudeep etc and we donot want him to quit .
    infact if u feel AKKI’s movies are not good ,you have ur option dont watch movie and dont waste ur time in giving such stupid comments

  • I thought Blue was the most expensive Hindi Movie of all time with a budget of like 80 crores or so. Then why does Blue only need 50-55 crores net to get an average verdict. Wouldn’t it need more like 80 crores to even be considered Average or Semi-hit, which at this point seems out of reach?

  • there is no need to argue about the movie BLUE ,just now i was watching ZOOM TV and the producers of the movie and crew were celebrating the success bash party of the movie being a HIT!!!1got it you assholes like tawny and faaaaathya…and the overall musuc rights and satellite rights hav been sold out for 40 crores net …is it enough? all the akki fans just watch zoom tv PAGE 3 for references…and other idiotic critics andfucking commenters stay away from this…got it?still the movie is only in its 10th day…just lots and lota to come as nett collections…look bfore you leap …retards.

  • Tawny
    People in our culture say, if you want to find out about someone personality listens to him carefully, it means you can find how cheep is he or she.
    How you make fun of people who wash dishes and cock. Those people are also part of this society. In India there is more than 1000 millions people and some of those people sleep on road side but no one has right to make fun of them. I am not from India but I like Indian people. Next time if you want to post your comment try to don’t hurt anyone’s feeling

  • Raghu:
    you r asking that where are all akki’s fans ??? why r u sing this didnt u see the page me , sudeep , praveen , punter all are here . and raghu just remember one thing i wll ask one question from u on 4 th december just wait till 4th december.

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