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There was a time, not too long ago, when sequels were considered to be risky at the box-office. Krrish and Dhoom 2 changed it and since then, we have a sequel announced after every successful film.

Not all sequels have managed to build a strong fan-base though. Films like Raaz – The Mystery Continues, Jism 2, Sarkar Raj, Bheja Fry 2 and so many others, have failed to re-create the magic of the original. And hence lost their brand-value and fan-base – both critical to a successful franchisee.

On the other hand, there are several others that have attracted bigger stars and smashed box-office records. Below are our Top 5 favorite franchisees in Bollywood today with the largest fan-following.

Munnabhai MBBS

1. Munnabhai – Hands down! Both Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi will forever be remembered for the characters that they play in the two films – Munna and Circuit. The original was a classic, that has tremendous repeat-value even today. You can watch it a 100 times and still enjoy every moment of it. Who can forget the scene where Munna reveals his true love to Dr Asthana (and his reaction that follows). Sheer Brilliance. The follow-up to Munnabhai MBBS was an equally good film – Lage Raho Munnabhai. The series will be carried forward by Abhijat Joshi, the co-writer of the first two films. Can he do justice to the Rajkumar Hirani classics?

Fanbase – 10/10, Box-office – 9/10, Quality of films – 10/10.

Dhoom 2

2. Dhoom – Action, bikes, stunning babes and a cool-villain; Dhoom is one of the most successful franchisee in Bollywood history. The first film was a turning point in John Abraham’s career and probably the role he will always be remembered for. Dhoom 2 featured Hrithik Roshan, who raised the bar even further. Can Aamir Khan do better? Oh and we love the characters of the cop (Abhishek) and the street-smart thief (Uday Chopra) too don’t we? The third film will be directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, who last directed Tashan.

Fan-base – 10/10, Box-office – 10/10, Quality of films – 7.5/10.


3. Krrish – Rakesh Roshan recently announced that Koi Mil Gaya is very much a part of the Krrish trilogy. Hence the upcoming superhero film has been titled ‘Krrish 3’. We loved KMG, the follow up Krrish – one of the biggest blockbusters of 2006 – could have been better. Either way, there is no denying the fact that, the Krrish series is one of the most popular franchisees in Bollywood today.

Fanbase – 9/10, Box-office – 10/10, Quality of films – 8/10.

Don 2

4. Don – We liked the first film, but the second was better! Shahrukh Khan played the character of Don, made iconic by the legendary Amitabh Bachchan in the 70s original. Khan added his own style and charisma to make the series a HIT. Currently, there are no plans for the third film.

Fanbase – 8/10, Box-office – 7.5/10, Quality of films – 7.5/10.


5. Golmaal – We liked the first film, but not the two films that followed. But the audience is absolutely in love with the Golmaal films. Proof – every follow-up has been more successful than the previous film. The characters are adored too.

Fanbase – 8/10, Box-office – 8.5/10, Quality of films – 6/10


Worth a mention – Dabangg – The second film is yet to release, which is why we haven’t included Dabangg in the Top 5. But the character Chulbul Pandey is iconic – isn’t he? We wouldn’t be surprised if the film goes on to be the highest grosser of 2012. Only worry – Arbaaz Khan’s skills as the captain of the ship. Can he do justice to Chulbul Pandey, the character that Abhinav Kashyap created?

Fanbase, box office, quality will be ranked after the release of Dabangg 2.

Housefull 2

Also worth a mention: Housefull 2 is a strong brand and should continue it’s success. But the negative is, the character haven’t created an identity for themselves, as they change with every film. It’s just the title, director and Akshay’s presence that has worked so far.

Others: Hera Pheri has a huge following too, but it’s going nowhere currently. The second film was bad. And with news of Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal and Suniel Shetty getting replaced in the 3rd film, very little hope remains. Those three are irreplaceable, if you ask me. Can’t imagine anyone else playing Baburao Ganpathrao Apte!

Dhamaal, Kya Kool Hain Hum, Jannat – are the other sequels that have done well.

That’s our take. What’s yours?

NOTE: You can PICK UPTO 5 of your favorite franchisees from the list below. You can also vote for just one. For example, if you like only the Munnabhai films, just pick that and click vote!

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  • DHOOM series is most over rated franchise.Dabang2 is not yet released so cant say.This time its new director,It will be togh to meet expactations.Don searies is slick and fun to watch.Golmaal a mindless film series.Though i am a Shahrukh Khan fan i have to say Munnabhai series is best frnanchise that has come out of btown.Both superb films you can watch and enjoy anytime anywhere with anyone.

  • Very nice article Indicine. I read it twice. This is what makes me come back to your site again and again. Article are always unique and balanced.

    About the Bollywood sequels or franchise. Here is my opinion.

    Munnabhai Series – Is the best that we have. No one can deny that. If this film doesn’t top the poll, it will be disappointing.

    Krrish Series – KMG was great like your said. I liked Krrish also. And I seriously feel this is the strongest brand after Dhoom in Bollywood.

    Dhoom Series – Super fun and time pass. Bit of mindless stuff but what can you expect from action films? Super hot girls and smart villain make it a fun watch.

    Dabangg will also be very popular. I also like Dhamaal series and Don was okay too.

    Really hate Golmaal films. I donno how they have been successful.

  • Dabangg-2 hasn’t released yet,Golmaal always lacked good script,Don hasn’t been much successful,Dhoom 1 wasn’t that good either.So,the obvious choices are –
    Munnabhai and Krrish Franchise which hasn’t disappointed yet.

  • Its funny that people are voting for their favorite actors.It’ll be shameful and disrespect of good movies if Don or Dabangg tops the list.

  • @SRK and Suhas.. Exactly, it’s become all about stars. Hope people vote for the best films and the deserving wins – Munnabhai for me :) But then to each his own.

  • Krrish series without any doubt… both series film were blockbuster… any other sequel that has this record.. i dont think so??

  • Munnabhai series is classic. by far the best. after that maybe dhoom series & krrish series.
    Don, golmaal & housefull series are the biggest craps of hindi cinema

  • Indicine – People lost their taste towards movies..

    Munnabhai and Krrish should be Top 2.They both were blockbusters, positive word of mouth and solid scripts……

  • @SRK… You think Krrish had a solid script? Agreed KMG was good.. but Krrish?? It wasnt even the best film of the year.

  • @Vivek – R u serious bro ? Before Krrish have you ever seen something like that in bollywood ?Designing a computer which can see the future was excellent Idea and the whole storyline of Krrish saving and bringing back his Dad was a good move and solid pay off.

  • Best

    1. Don and Don 2
    2. Munnabhai mbbs and Lage raho munnabhai (as i am a mbbs 1st prof student frm JN medical college aligarh)


    KMG and Krrish

  • Well no matter what votes come up at last it is always the don franchise that will get the lead and an easy lead!!!

  • But I really donot understand that why are they making a sequel of dabaang???

    Really when I heard the news that there would be a sequel of this movie I along with my friends were teary eyed laughing!!!!!

    Teh first movie made some money does not mean that they will have to make a new one!!

  • I don’t understand why they named it Krrish 3 after Krrish? My fav is Munnabhai followed by Don.Others are craps.

  • @KABIR, trying to keep the discussion clean here. So only comments that add value to the discussion will remain. One word, star related or comments that don’t make sense will be deleted. Thanks

  • Hera pheri and Don on top.
    Hera pheri for the entertainment it provide and Don for supense and acting of SRK.
    Indicine can you tell is there any sequel to 1920 coming or nnt.

  • 1.Don 2.Munnabhai 3.Koi Mil Gaya was very good,Krrish wasn’t 4.Dhoom 1 was good,Dhoom 2 was above average

  • from the above mentioned franchise, only don franchise has more appreciation than 1st part, others like munnai bai, dhoom,krish, golmal etc all made more money than first part but first part remains best, so my vote goes to don

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