Best Khan in Bollywood

We had a poll recently on our Facebook page – the question was ‘Who is your favorite Khan’ and the response was huge! We received more than 6500 votes. Below are the results! 

  • Number 5 – Saif Ali Khan (53 votes) – We started the poll with the Top 5 Khan’s and quite surprisingly, Saif Ali Khan got the least number of votes – 53 to be precise. Saif had no movie release in 2010 and his only release in 2011  – Aarakshan – didn’t do too well at the box-office. Has his popularity decreased in the last few  years? We wonder.
  • Number 4 – Imran Khan (137 votes) – Riding high on the success of Delhi Belly and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Imran’s fan-following has increased quite significantly over the years. While not as popular as his contemporary Ranbir Kapoor, this Khan can guarantee a decent initial. Could he be the next big superstar?
  • Number 3 – Aamir Khan (1,634 votes) – His last major release was 3 Idiots in 2009 and since then apart from appearing in an art film (Dhobi Ghat) and a special song appearance in Delhi Belly, Aamir has been missing from action. He has some of the best films to his credit and the last decade, Aamir has hardly put a foot wrong. But when it comes down to sheer craze and fan-worship,  he is probably a notch under the other two!
  • Number 2 – Salman Khan (2,191 votes) – The only reason this Khan is down at No 2 is probably due to the fact that the majority of Facebook users are from overseas and Urban cities in India. Because, Salman’s popularity amongst the masses is unprecedented. Not without reason do they call him the Rajnikanth of the Hindi film industry!
  • Number 1 – Shahrukh Khan (2,452 votes) – He may not be the box-office Baadshah that he once was, but Shahrukh Khan remains the most popular face in the industry. The mere presence of SRK creates mass-hysteria and it doesn’t really matter if it’s Mumbai, Toronto, New York or London!


  • I’m sorry to spread this news to Salman Khan Fans

    Shahrukh 14 Filmfare Awards
    Salman 1 Filmfare awards

    Salman Khan is a regional superstar, Shahrukh Khan is a worldwide super star 110 Crore MNIK overseas gross shows this.

    Shahrukh more hits than Salman

    Bodyguard is not an ATBB its a blockbuster
    Ra.One will surpass Bodyguard worldwide gross by 30 Crores or more

  • Shah Rukh Khan is versatile Salman Khan is monotonous

    Shahrukh Khan

    Masala – OSO, Main Hoon Na
    Romance – DDLJ, KKHH, Veer Zaara, Mohabbatein, Dil to Pagal Hain
    Serious Drama – K3G, Kal Ho Na Ho, KaNK, Kabhi Ha Kabhi Na
    Intellectual movies – Swades, Chak De India, MNIK
    Comedy – Baadshah, Duplicate
    Sci Fi – Ra.One
    Anti Hero – baazigar, Darr, Anjaam, Don, Raam Jaane
    Art Movies – Paheli

    Salman and Miraa Khan can not boast of such a diverse acting portfolio

  • dear srinath,
    latest top star
    1.Salman khan
    2.Amir khan
    3.Akshay kumar
    4.Saif ali khan
    5.Shah rukh khan
    6.Imran khan

    Salman khan is the real top star &no.1 top star in the film industry.

  • Well said @iamsorry.
    But @srinath are crazy or are you going now to become mad , when you writting SRK is number 5 And mallu , amir , saif and flopkumar are above him!!!!

  • SRK is d only actor who is looking old apart from sanju baba…SRK became buddha now…..his era is gone only coz of KJO & yashraj type of repeatation movies……SRK bye………….

  • There is lot of fan following in Villages or in Rural Area they are not aware of how to vote or whats going on on the Internet, That why Salman got number two position

    He will be King of our Hear Always & Ever


  • final verdict from Bollywood India BOX OFFICE:

    film will have a lifetime business of 121-123crs in india.(hindi version)
    (tamil or telgue version)business of 10+ crore
    Distribution share ill be 65-67crs.
    if the film was a normal budget film its verdict will be BLOCKBUSTER but its a high budget double normal big stars films like singham bodyguard ready etc.
    it WILL given a verdict of HIT.

    film will end at 65-70crs in overseas after its second phase.


    2nd biggest of bollywood in worldwide after 3 idiots.SUPER HIT.

  • Wow Shahrukh khan is no.1 he is King Khan unlike Sallu King Kong, Shahrukh is more popular than Tom Cruise what will you say King Kongs fans.

  • 9 things you should know about srk v/s salman khan-

    1) Godfather– salman khan had his
    father salim khan’s influence to get
    established in bollywood, whereas
    shahrukh was a poor guy from delhi,
    who made debut on his talent.

    2) Image- salman has the bad guy
    image and has proved it right time and
    over, whereas shahrukh is known to
    be the perfect father and husband. Has
    a image of a perfect man.

    3) Court case- Salman has 9 cases in his
    name, including crushing 5 beggars at
    night while drunk and driving, killing
    chingara and many more, whereas
    shahrukh has never seen a real jail in
    his life.

    4) Hits- Out of 46 movies salman has
    done, 11 were hits and 6 super hits
    whereas out of 73 movies SRK has
    done 40 were hits and 18 blockbuster.

    5) Fans– salman has a fan following
    only in india, South asia and UAE, Srk
    has a huge fan following in india, south
    asia, UAE, U.K, U.S.A, france, germany,
    russia, canada, africa, east europe,
    south korea and more.

    6) Net worth- salman has a net worth
    of 400 crore whereas SRK has a net
    worth of 4750 crore.

    7) Donation- salman runs a foundation
    named being human and has turned it
    into a brand whereas Srk has donated
    around 18 crore to the cancer cell of
    AIIMS hospital and has not even
    preached about it.

    8) Some say srk is greedy, well he is, he
    has 2 children’s future to look after, 1
    huge bungalow to maintain, has a
    wife.. ( A father trying to earn as much
    money as he can for his children is not
    said to be greedy).

    9) Power- SRK is the only indian to be
    included in forbes top 100 influential
    person in the world. According to UK
    tabloid, SRK has 5million+ fans which is
    6 times more then salman khan.
    That’s why he is and will remain the KING!!!
    SRK.. Alwys a Hardcore Fan :) think of it b4 u criticise srk.

    The fact is that in one year SRK is
    compared to Aamir, next year he is
    compared to Amitabh and then the
    year after he is being compared to
    Salman.. Phew …. Isn’t this enough to
    state what SRK is.

    BAADSHAH stays where he is …..
    The competition keeps on changing…

  • Superb Wadud you are rocking Shahrukh ten times worth than Sallu and six times fans than Sallu, King Kongs fans does’nt want to accept the truth The King is one and only Shahrukh Khan.

  • @ Wadud…dude what r u smoking these days. Nobody has more hits then salman since the bollywood came into being. Srk has a long way to go (which he doesn’t have cuz he is already looking like over 50) to match salman’s hits. SRk only has given 2 ATBB and salman has arounds. Now that sums up the bullshit u talking about. SRK had worth but not anymore.

  • @SalmanRocks

    MAN SRK IS THE only actor without any transplants and 46 he looks like 46..
    who knows what Sallu and Aamir have done apart from hair transplant

  • You result can depend on how many SRK fans there are on Indicine in Facebook compared to other Khans.

    Look at the fan pages of the 3 Khans.

    Aamir Khan has 3.9 million
    Salman Khan has 3.5 million
    SRK only 2.2 million

    Aamir Khan is the real king. Facebook proves it and also the box office proves it.

    The main rivalry in Bollywood is Aamir vs Salman. Talk facts.

  • @ashy
    if aamir khan have more fans than SRK , why they choose SRK over aamir? The answer is : these fans know the reallty that srk is the real king of B-town , and they are not like you .

  • Srk’s time has just started mallu sallu gonna be trashed soon..
    The more u will try to pull down srk the more he will rise..
    There is a sayin in urdu.. Noor-e-haq shamme ilahi ko bujha sakta hai kaun.. Jiska haami ho khuda use mita sakta hai kaun…

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