Best Khan in Bollywood

We had a poll recently on our Facebook page – the question was ‘Who is your favorite Khan’ and the response was huge! We received more than 6500 votes. Below are the results! 

  • Number 5 – Saif Ali Khan (53 votes) – We started the poll with the Top 5 Khan’s and quite surprisingly, Saif Ali Khan got the least number of votes – 53 to be precise. Saif had no movie release in 2010 and his only release in 2011  – Aarakshan – didn’t do too well at the box-office. Has his popularity decreased in the last few  years? We wonder.
  • Number 4 – Imran Khan (137 votes) – Riding high on the success of Delhi Belly and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Imran’s fan-following has increased quite significantly over the years. While not as popular as his contemporary Ranbir Kapoor, this Khan can guarantee a decent initial. Could he be the next big superstar?
  • Number 3 – Aamir Khan (1,634 votes) – His last major release was 3 Idiots in 2009 and since then apart from appearing in an art film (Dhobi Ghat) and a special song appearance in Delhi Belly, Aamir has been missing from action. He has some of the best films to his credit and the last decade, Aamir has hardly put a foot wrong. But when it comes down to sheer craze and fan-worship,  he is probably a notch under the other two!
  • Number 2 – Salman Khan (2,191 votes) – The only reason this Khan is down at No 2 is probably due to the fact that the majority of Facebook users are from overseas and Urban cities in India. Because, Salman’s popularity amongst the masses is unprecedented. Not without reason do they call him the Rajnikanth of the Hindi film industry!
  • Number 1 – Shahrukh Khan (2,452 votes) – He may not be the box-office Baadshah that he once was, but Shahrukh Khan remains the most popular face in the industry. The mere presence of SRK creates mass-hysteria and it doesn’t really matter if it’s Mumbai, Toronto, New York or London!


  • @indicine
    you are saying that majority of voters are SRK fans to justify the low position of REMAKE KHAN .
    But really salman is not even worth to become second position , his position is the end of the line.

  • Honestly Shahrukh Khan is huge he has fan bases in countries like Peru, Argentina, and other countries no one has heard of.

    A Shahrukh Khan so called bad product Ra.One (as salman khan fans call it bad) can rake in 200 Crores worldwide and is a hit, Salman movies rake in the same and are blockbusters.

    What does this convey?

    Shahrukh is a biggest star and more is expected of him, even if hypothetically assume don 2 grosses 500 crores worldwide – people would still say his movie underperformed.

    Ra.One gross including 2nd phase will be in the region of 250 crores and there in its just a hit, MNIK raked in 191 Crores and 2nd phase has not been added and its a Hit. People say SRK have staurated but I wouldn’t mind being in his position, he is still delievering huge hits worldwide.

    The man is unappreciated in India, if we had him in London we would go mad – SRK is legend

  • Let’s see the record of Shahrukh Khan from 2001 to 2011

    Shahrukh Khan
    Don 2 – Yet to Release
    Ra.One Hit
    MNIK – Hit
    RNBDJ – BB
    OSO – BB
    Chak De India – BB
    Kank – Hit
    Don – Hit
    Paheli – Flop
    Swades – Flop
    Veer Zaara – Super Hit
    Main Hoon Na – Hit
    Kal Ho Na Ho – Hit
    Chalte Chalte – Semi Hit
    Devdas – Hit
    Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam – Semi Hit
    K3G – BB
    Asoka – Flop

    Consistency is key to survival – this shows his king like power!

  • Now let’s see why Salman Khan can not be called King Khan

    Bodyguard – BB
    Ready – BB
    Dabangg – BB
    Veer – Below Average
    London Dreams – Flop
    Main Aur Ms Khanna – Flop
    Wanted – Super Hit
    Yuvraaj – Flop
    Heroes – Flop
    God Tussi Great Ho – Flop
    Marigold – Flop
    Partner – BB
    Salam Ishq – Average
    Babool – Above Average
    Janeman – Flop
    Kyun Ki – Flop
    No Entry – Super Hit
    Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya – Semi Hit
    Lucky – Average
    Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa – Flop
    Mujshe Shaadi Karogi – Super Hit
    Garv – Flop
    Tere Naam – Semi Hit
    Yeh Ha Jalwa – Flop
    Tum Ko Na Bhool Payenge – below average
    Hum Tumhare Sanam – Semi Hit
    Chori Chori Chupke – Below Average

    Salman is a great superstar but lacks consistency as an actor. He has one great year and goes missing for 6 years. Same can’t be said for SRK so he is number 1.

  • And to those Salman fans who keep saying Salman is BB Khan, please with Bodyguard he just caught up with SRK

    Shahrukh BB – 7BB
    Chak De India
    Kuch Kuch Hota Hain
    Karan Arjun

    Salman – 7BB
    Karan Arjun

    Hritikh – 4
    Kaho Na Pyar Hain
    Koi Mil Gaya
    Dhoom 2

    Aamir – 3
    3 Idiots
    Raja Hindustani

    Ajay Devgn 2 –
    Golmaal 3

    Akshay Kumar – 1 BB

  • @nadeem goto indicine star films and check each actors flops and deepak their is nothing original in including the music and dildar video, poster and not to talk of cheap crap copying of hollywood superhero movies

  • @prem
    Ra.One was inspired not copied from hollywood films..
    Even if he copied..atleast he copied from Hollywood..He didnt fell so low..that he needed to copy from SOUTH FILMS..that to frame to frame copy

  • No… Don 2 Vs ready…. hahahaha… toh ready ka record tod nhi payi…. Ektha tiger se comparison mat karo…… Ek tha tiger will collect at least twice of DON2… 4 sure…..

  • srk is one of the biggest star in bollywood and he has made a consistency of successful movies from last decades but SALMAN IS DA BIGGEST STAR OF BOLLYWOOD BECAUSE EVEN WITHOUT THAT CONSISTENCY HIS SUCCESS RATE IS MORE THAN ANY STAR FROM LAST TWO DECADES…………..

  • Intresting figures : last 10 films of aamir khan has grossed 974 cr. on boxoffice… Whereas salman khan’s last 10 has 843 cr. , and shahrukh khan’s last 10 has 1122 cr. Gross … Akshay kumar has 800+ cr. So clearly shahrukh is most consistent actor in bollywood

  • ab haters kehrahe hai.woh pe believe kartay.jab wohi boxofficeindia ra one hit declared karay toh they not believe.losers lallu fans.

  • i beeg all indians in the us or other nri’s [ im too a nri ] sharukh khan god could u choose him or vote for him ..salaman n amir are far better than that guy

  • @shahrukh: ((((((( (November 13, 2011 at 4:27 pm)

    And to those Salman fans who keep saying Salman is BB Khan, please with Bodyguard he just caught up with SRK))))))))))





  • People all over the world, recognized indian film only through shahrukh khan.

    Salman is just a local and terminal hero.

    Amir is a nice and smart actor.

    SRK is the one n only superstar of bollywood history. He is more creative,talent than any others.

    You can’t compare salman with srk only through last 2 years consideration..

    I think, it’s totally funny to see people comparing a local star with a worldclass super star…

    If reports are to be believed KATRINA had some date problems for shooting for the movie which also has ANUSHKA who is the second lead in the movie along with SRK in the lead which is said to be the last one from the legendary director. But there were no official conformation for the news from yrf.
    It is supposed to be that katrina who is currently shooting fot yrf EK THA TIGER is citing dates issues to shoot for yashji’s movie.It is also believed that as katrina is again getting a lot closer with SALMAN KHAN and does not want to work with SALMAN’s rival SRK .it is believed that PRIYANKA CHOPRA who is very much close with SRK is supposed to play the first lead in the movie.

  • King khan always nomber 1 and king of bollywood salman is not very good actor nomber2 aamir khan i say salman is remake khan dabangg reddy and bodyguard all 3 big films is a remake

  • King khan always nomber 1 and king of bollywood salman is not very good actor nomber2 aamir khan i say salman is remake khan dabangg reddy and bodyguard all his 3 big films is a remake

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