Rockstar – Ranbir Kapoor biggest opener!

Ranbir Kapoor fan-following is growing with each new release. His first film, Saawariya (2007) directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, was a box-office disaster and remains his only film that was rejected by the audience. A year later, Ranbir returned with Bachna Ae Haseeno which did reasonably well at the box-office.

But it was the year 2009 that Ranbir established himself in the industry. Wake Up Sid started slowed but grew on word-of-mouth. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani was a box-office super-hit and Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year earned him critical acclaim and also won him the Filmfare Best Actor critics award.

2010 was great too, with two releases – Rajneeti which remains the biggest hit of Ranbir’s career and Anjaana Anjaani with Priyanka Chopra was an average grosser.

Rockstar was probably the biggest film of his career and the expectations were high. While the post-release reactions are mixed, Rockstar is Ranbir’s biggest box-office opener ever! The film, which has limited mass-appeal, is likely to touch the 35 crore mark in 3 days.

After Aamir, Hrithik, SRK, Salman, Akshay and Ajay Devgan, Ranbir is amongst the 7 most bankable stars in Bollywood. Being the youngest, he has bright future ahead.

Is Ranbir Kapoor the next ‘superstar’ of Bollywood? What do you think? Tell Us in the comments section below



  • biggest flop in the bollywood actor ranbir kapoor idoit actor ranbir khan is the best in the bollywood all khan hit kapoor is every time flop family in future he will go dowen flop actor see every oneonly two days this kapoor raoshans every budy

  • Sure….. Ranbir’s acting in Rockstar is simply awesome to say the least…… His magic is growing daily and is ready to engulf all of us……..

  • beware Salma Khan fans the baazigar and the box office storm don 2 is coming. Prepare for Telugu Khans inevitable decline.

  • Ranbir is a good actor
    But I think after Telugu Khan, Aamir Khan, King Shahrukh Khan, Joker Kumar retire.

    Hritikh will dominate, and when Hritikh finishes I will stop watching Indian Films as without Hritkh and Shahrukh Bollywood will become the next dollywood and decline to crap!

  • Ranbir is almost in same league as of Hrithik Roshan..he is so versatile plus his movies are different..
    Ranbir for sure will take the throne of next boxoffice king in a decade or less..

    I back Ranbir for best actor award…what a power packed performance..last time this level performance was given by SRK in MNIK..

  • Well said @iamsorry .
    How bollywood seems with out shahrukh khan?.
    Really I didn’t watch any bollywood film if bollywood haven’t SRK and his good friemd HR

  • Yes he is, and he will grow big by the time.. I am sure that Ranbir will be in future one of the top 5 actors in bollywood.

  • usually i dont agree with what aashkaran always say but this time i have to agree that not only ranbir is in same league as hrithik but soon he will become a bigger star than hrithik. He will dominate industry in future just like aamir, salman and srk doing it right now and what a song that was sada haq and ranbir’s expressions were class act.

  • one more thing this article is about ranbir not salman khan so I dont why they have abuse salman in every single article well because they cant swallow that salman number 1 in the industry. please talk about ranbir and mind blowing acting

  • Shahrukh Khan has the ability to resonate with the audience. His charisma comes of screen and his emotions in the film filter through to the audience.

    Ranbir is a good actor and is definately the next superstar.

    You don’t know how mad people are for SRK in the USA, some people didn’t even know Ra.One released and what it was called, when they heard a SRK movie was out they gathered and watched it in Cinema.

    I am not joking the buzz for Don 2 has been existent ever since it was announced. Even my buddies who do not watch Bollywood movies are waiting for Don 2.

    Don 2 will do a MNIK overseas of 110 Crores
    India it will gross – 350 Crores
    Total will be 460 Crores, Earlier I predicted Ra.One to finish worldwide at 240-260 Crores and I was correct.

    So 2011 will end up as SRK win
    Don 2 – 460
    Ra.One – 245
    Tamil Remake South Asian Guard – 227
    Tamil Remake Ready Satire – 179

    Worldwide pains the image that SRK is an undisputed king please don’t link him with a regional tamil Mallu remake star who is idolised by the illiterates and the deviants of society.

  • @ ia m sorry
    Here Are the Total Collections of Ra.One Worldwide at Box Office.

    Hindi Version(India) 123 cr
    Regional Versions(India) 8 cr
    Overseas 50 cr
    total : 180 cr worlwide net

    that was the life time net business of raone . i had to mention it becz that hypocrite above is mention wrrong nos. bg and raone r neck to neck in terms of worlwide figures. no doubt srk is undisputed king in overseas. but in india he’s credibility is a question mark for undisputed title. give bg a free 2 weeks festival run like raone and bg eventually might achieve 170cr in india only. DON2 must have to break 3idiots 202cr net india records otherwise every one who thrash salman will have to accept that amir is undisputed king and sallu after that

  • Nomi I am talking about worldwide Gross Ra.One after second phase will reach 250 Crores worldwide gross.
    If the budget is 135 Crores – That leaves a gross profit margin og 115 Crores. Its a Success!!

    If Ra.One Hindi is 123 and Regional is 8 total is 131 multiplied by 1.33 to get gross in India equals 174 Crores India Gross and Overseas 1st Phase will be 50 so total will be 224 and when released in 2nd phase it will add further 15 Crores so total is 240

    How am I lying ? I think it will ermerge as the 3rd highest grosser after don 2 and 3 Idiots

  • Guys, the article is about ranbir kapoor…so atleast here..quit comparing SRK n Sallu. Its true that the Khans currently rule Bollywood along with Akshay Kumar, Hrithik and now Ajay Devgn. But after Rockstar, Ranbir has certainly put himself in the league with these people.. though he still has a long way to go…..I wouldnt be surprised if he bags all the Best Actor awards this year for his performance in Rockstar. He has shown his versatility and his flexibility as an actor doing different kind of roles in his movies. In the future, he is certainly an SRK, Sallu or Aamir in the making….a Superstar!!!

  • Well id ont know if aashkaren has now change his name to iam sorry,ironcally this is what it suppose to be after the failure of

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