Best Aamir Khan Film?

It’s time to pick the best film in the first 50 years of Aamir Khan’s life! For a career spanning 27 years, Aamir has featured in very films. But the actor, who took the longest break at the very peak of his career (just after the release of Oscar-nominated Lagaan and Dil Chahta Hai), believes in quality over quantity.

So which is your favourite Aamir Khan film. Remember, we are not talking about performances here, but films. You can pick your Top 3 Aamir Khan performances in the comments section below.

Go ahead, take your pick. 3 of Aamir’s best films!

Your favourite Aamir Khan film? (PICK 3)

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  • It’s very difficult to pick just 3 movies from so many classics but my personal favorites are Ghulam followed by lagaan and then AAA
    1. Ghulam
    2. lagaan
    4. RDB
    5. PK
    6. DCH
    7. Ghajini
    8. 3 idiots
    9. mangal pandey
    10. TZP

  • 1.RDB
    2. 3I
    3. AAA
    4. Sarfrosh
    5. Tzp
    6. Lagaan
    7. JJWS
    8. DCH
    9. Pk
    10. Rangeela
    11. Earth 1947
    12. Ghulam
    13. Talaash
    14. Ghajini
    15. Ishq
    16. HHRPK
    17. DHKMN
    18. Fanna
    19. Qsqt
    20. Dil
    21. Mann
    23. Raja Hindustani
    24. many moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………..

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  • It is not possible to choose just 3 best movies of Aamir Khan. My list is bit different and I hope other readers will like it.

    Over all Movie experience (where both Aamir performance and scripts are outstanding) :

    * Lagaan – Breakthrough Movie
    * PK
    * 3 Idiots

    Aamir performance wise (where Aamir raised above script and delivered smashing performance) :

    * Rang De Basanti / Sarfarosh
    * Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander
    * Ghulam

    Script wise (where scripts are greater than Aamir performance):

    * Taare Zameen Par
    * Fanaa
    * QSQT

    * Talaash too comes under this category however the climax of it somehow spoiled a close knight script !!!!

    Long Live Aamir Khan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • My favorite is 3 idiots followed by DCH and then lagaan. So here is my list of favorites since 2001 only,
    1. 3 idiots
    2. DCH
    3. Lagaan
    4. PK
    5. RDB
    6. Talaash
    7. Ghajini
    8. Dhoom 3

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