Best Aamir Khan Film?

It’s time to pick the best film in the first 50 years of Aamir Khan’s life! For a career spanning 27 years, Aamir has featured in very films. But the actor, who took the longest break at the very peak of his career (just after the release of Oscar-nominated Lagaan and Dil Chahta Hai), believes in quality over quantity.

So which is your favourite Aamir Khan film. Remember, we are not talking about performances here, but films. You can pick your Top 3 Aamir Khan performances in the comments section below.

Go ahead, take your pick. 3 of Aamir’s best films!

Your favourite Aamir Khan film? (PICK 3)

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  • His period of doing good movies had he’ll do sign only commercial movies because of his shortest career and habituation of running after collection.hello perfaketionist,if you have dare than do true offbeat rather than masala entertainment movies which is classic in your and in some foolish India’s words because this is India where there is no huge appreciation of class is there an dyou know that very well.

  • only Andaaz apna apna I liked and that too because of salman bhsi . Aamir khan is overrated actor he create fake hype of if aamir movie then something is different in the film. only solo movie of aamir I liked is dil hain ki maanta nahi .@indicine can u post list of flops by aamir khan

  • @sajid looks like emraan hashmi fans always like to pick the darker films which their fav actor is adept at ..
    I have no problem with u picking talash …But PK was challenging in terms of performance …

    Respect ur choice n opinion though …

  • RDB all the a way.My favorite movie of Amir and is in the list of my Top fav of all time…..2nd is FANAA….Not selected 3rd one….because I admire only those which touch my heart…..

  • Its impossible to pick 3 of them. Aamir is a legend who has done some of the best work industry has ever seen.
    My top -10 Pick:
    4.Andaz apna apna
    5.Jo jeeta wahi sikander
    7. 3 idiots
    9. Rangeela
    10. Ghulam

  • The films that changed Aamir’s career besides his debut 1. Rangeela 2. Dil Chahta Hai 3. Three Idiots

  • 1.Rdb
    2. 3i
    3. Aaa
    4. Sarfrosh
    5. Tzp
    6. Lagaan
    7. Jjws
    8. Dch
    9. Pk
    10. Rangeela
    11. Earth 1947
    12. Ghulam
    13. Talaash
    14. Ghajini
    15. Ishq
    16. Hhrpk
    17. Dhkmn
    18. Raakh
    19. Qsqt
    20. Dil/fanaa
    wow! Kya movies movies hai…MARTERPIECE KHAN

  • Loved to see all the films mentioned above in list got minimum 5 votes that means all the films has been a part of different peoples top 3 of Aamir.Great.
    The poll lead by 3 idiots without a doubt.

  • @Babaji

    I felt PK was much better than 3 Idiots in terms of storytelling, performances and dialogues, so technically I felt PK was superior to 3 Idiots. But the “heart” and “connect” of 3 idiots is simply impeccable. I recently re-watched 3 idiots and now I feel Rancho is so much awesome than PK.

    The super-strong personal connect of 3 idiots wins over PK. Anyway, I am quite bad person in terms of listing favourites. My views keep changing

    Good to know you rated Talaash. I personally loved that film. It has to be one of Aamir’s most underrated films!

  • @fake Navin

    Try harder joker. Your troll comment had so many grammar errors that nobody will believe this is original Navin. And I have never seen him write a single negative comment about Aamir. That is the department of “krk” fans!

    @Satya Siba Sabat/sss/ @SabatSatya of Twitter

    Good to see you back to your real self. Can’t expect more from low IQ peanuts like you!

  • I can’t believe it’s @Navin is bashing.I think he already known salman can’t make any record like amir ,that’s why he frustrates so.really salman fans are always coward they need 2-3 more actors to fight against THE MIGHTY SRKIANS..BTW this is the real face and respect of every salman fans towards amir.amir also has not has huge following in India as the type if movies he used to choose earlier like tzp,lagaan,dch.

  • @12:26am

    Hypocrisy from a sarkar fan…

    Aamir is chasing excellence but our King has delayed/ abandoned content rich Billu Fan and Content Superior Rice King to instead shoot for Rohits car fetish freak show ‘2468 Flying Cars Invasion’ bcoz king is chasing his very own crappy Crappy Express record which Charlie failed to beat last Diwali…!

  • @3:05pm

    Thanks for that and its true that if I ever do in my sleep abuse either Aamir or Salman then I would immediately wake up n slap myself- a backhander nonetheless…!

    I could never do that but still some loser felt it worth his not so valuable time to imitate me…. Clearly complan boy needed to use spell check to differentiate his attempt from his normal run of the mill madness…!

  • @satya Siba sabat

    It was a troll comment made by a companion of yours. Navin never bashes Aamir. Only “Rohit Scorpio shetty” lovers do that! lol 😂😂😂

  • omg i have loved all his films..such an actor he is.but not a fan though
    i voted for rdb ghajini and dil chahta hai…rdb is among ma all time favorite
    bdw @indicine u guys havnt included one of his acclaimed movie mann(one of ma personal fav among romcoms)

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