Best Aamir Khan Film?

It’s time to pick the best film in the first 50 years of Aamir Khan’s life! For a career spanning 27 years, Aamir has featured in very films. But the actor, who took the longest break at the very peak of his career (just after the release of Oscar-nominated Lagaan and Dil Chahta Hai), believes in quality over quantity.

So which is your favourite Aamir Khan film. Remember, we are not talking about performances here, but films. You can pick your Top 3 Aamir Khan performances in the comments section below.

Go ahead, take your pick. 3 of Aamir’s best films!

Your favourite Aamir Khan film? (PICK 3)

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  • My pick is talash !!
    @indicine i m xpecting this article also on Emraan Hashmi Birthday … Eager to see which emraan film wins the poll.. Mr.X 3D would have definite won the poll…

    @indicine plz reply regarding such type of article on Emraan Birthday.

  • 3 idiots is arguably the best..followed by taare zameen par and PK..but it is really difficult to pick only 3 films and that too for a man who is known as the ISI mark of quality in terms of content of films

  • Really really hard to pick.

    Mine are:
    -Taare Zameen Par
    – 3 Idiots

    While I love many of his films, these 3 are simply outstanding if you ask me.

  • Sarfarosh,Andaaz Apna Apna, Dil Chahta hai, Rang De, Pk, Rangeela, JJWS are all outstanding films but seriously it’s tooooo hard to pick only three. Sad that I couldn’t choose all these films!

  • Indicine u should add none choice cause amir Khan s most movies are remakes and the rest shouldn’t be in the list

  • @indicine whats the total collection of all aamir’s movies???only akshay and salman has crossed 2000cr

  • Really difficult task to PICK only 3 among these cult classic film…
    But I have picked

    Rang De Basanti

    Have’nt picked TZP only coz aamir did’nt had a meatier role .
    Have’nt picked 3 idiots and PK coz most will pick them!!

  • @gj007: When it was asked to pick between PK and 3 idiots once I remember you picked PK but here you picked 3 idiots ahead of PK,why? Any reason?

  • I have voted for TZP,3idiots andDCH as there is only 3 film options, however to pick the top 3 being a fan of him is much much difficult.
    I will rate my fav film of Asmir with no serial order and release dates.
    Dil Hai ki manta nahi
    Hum hai rahi pyaar ke
    Akele Hum Akele Tum
    Dil Chahta Hai
    Rang De Basanti
    Taare Zameen Par
    3 idiots
    Dhoom 3.

    Movies above mentioned are ones which I have seen multiple times and can see whenever they air on screen.
    Movies like Fanaa,Rangeela,Earth,Mangal Pandey etc for good one time watch but can’t see completely as a whole,only some brilliant scenes in them can watch over again and again.
    Top performance of Aamir.
    3 Idiots
    Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi
    Akele Hum Akele Tum
    Dil Chats Hai

  • for me, my top 3 is
    Raja Hindustani

    i also have a tonne of honorable mentions, including: PK, 3 Idiot, Fanaa, Rangeela, Lagaan and DCH, among others

  • My pick would be TZP.I still remember our Principal urged us to watch the movie with our parents at any cost

  • Cant remember some of his old movies


  • A brilliant article and true to Indicine’s words this is the 5th article of Aamir today . Well if you ask this is a tough question but i will give my answer .
    According to me the 3 Best and My Most Favorite movies of Aamir Khan :
    1. Lagaan
    2. Rang De Basanti
    3. Taare Zameen Par

    Apart from these 3 Aamir has given some brilliant films like JJWS, AAA, Rangeela, Sarfarosh, Ghulam, DCH, Ghajini, 3 Idiots and Taalash . I knew 3 Idiots will win this poll but according to me it is neither Aamir’s Best Movie nor Aamir’s Best Performance nor my favorite Aamir Movie . But overall a great article and keep up the good job Indicine .

  • Very difficult to pick as Aamir has done too many memorable films. QSQT, Sarfarosh, Andaaz Apna Apna, Dil Chahta Hai, Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots, Talaash and PK.

  • My personal fav is 3 idiots . But I am voting for Taare Zameen Par becoz I feel it’s his best film.
    I also enjoyed PK, Talaash, QSQT, Rangeela, Ishq etc. Ghajini and Fanaa were also good films!

    I am “ASHAMED” of saying that I haven’t watched Rang de Basanti and Dil Chahta Hai. Also, I have seen only some parts of Lagaan.

  • @ True Actor you are correct till now only Akshay and Salman’s movies collections have reached 2000 CR . SRK will join that club this year as he is behind only by a few margin .
    Highest collections of Total movies :
    1. Akshay Kumar – 2395 CR (According to @ Indicine Baby collected 85 CR but the collections are more than 94 CR so 2386+9 = 2395 CR .)
    2. Salman Khan – 2114 CR .
    3. Shahrukh Khan – 1866 CR (He just needs more 134 CR to cross the barrier of 2000 CR .)
    4. Ajay Devgn – 1778 CR .
    5. Aamir Khan – 1497 CR .
    6. Hrithik Roshan – 1201 CR .
    These are the only Six Actors in Bollywood whose total movie collections have crossed 1000 CR . I am not sure Amitabh Bachchan because he has done more than 150 movies and i am not sure about the Box Office Collections of 70’s . Hence, sometimes i refer these Six Actors as Super Six . They have entertained all of us and will continue to entertain us for coming years . @ Indicine Can you tell us whether Big B’s total movie collections have collected 1000 CR or not ? It will be interesting for all the readers . It will be difficult for you to find out the answer but that is a challenge for you . I am waiting fir the answer ………………………

  • I went for my childhood favourites Dil and Andaz Apna Apna then RDB…!

    Hard choice but Dil and AAA were two films I saw almost a hundred times above all else.

  • Indicine Logic .. you can include Dhobi Ghat in the above list but you cannot include Dhobi Ghat when you count the average of Aamir’s last 5 films.
    Just Saying !
    anyways HBD Aamir, hope you start giving successful movies even when you’re working without Hirani :)

  • I salute the guy who voted for Mangal Pandey- it wasnt for me but glad someone rated it high enough as Aamirs top 3 pieces of work. RespexXxXx

  • I voted for –
    1. rangeela
    2.andaaz apna apna
    3. dil
    most of people will vote for his newly films but for me old is gold thats why i choose these movies.

  • Aamir’s character types in his early years were very good n very much associable with the common man.
    I hope to see him in one of those again.

  • Aamir Khan is biggest flopstar. PK inflated collections–actual collections were 240 crore, but they just wanted to beat dhoom 3 record. Best actor is Salman and SRK

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