Bang Bang Worldwide Box Office Collections

Bang Bang has recorded the best ever weekend collections for a Bollywood film released this year. The film opened very well in the domestic markets and the response overseas was equally good too.

Fox Star Studios has officially announced that the Hrithik Roshan starrer has ‘grossed’ more than Rs 175 crore (4 days) at the worldwide box office, making it the highest grosser this year ahead of Kick which collected Rs 158 crore in its first 4 days worldwide.

The overseas collections of the film is way ahead of the first 4 day business of Kick, which grossed Rs 33 crore. However, the film was affected by the pre-Eid period in muslim-dominated markets like U.A.E, Pakistan and even in UK.

A Hollywood website, Deadline, reports (Note: the collections are for 3 day weekend between October 3rd to October 5th)

Bang Bang stars Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan and the increasingly successful Katrina Kaif in a remake of Fox’s Knight And Day. It took $25.4M (Rs 152 cr) worldwide from about 4,700 screens in more than eight markets. Notably, in India, it earned $19.3M from 4,200 plays. That’s the 3rd highest-grossing opening weekend ever for a non-franchise title and the biggest and widest opening weekend ever for FoxStar. In North America, the FIP financed and produced film scored $1.35M from 271 screens and in the UK earned $922K from 116. Those are each the biggest Bollywood openings of 2014 in those markets. The Middle East is led by the UAE and its $1.8M from 44 screens. In another milestone, that’s the 3rd highest grossing opening weekend ever for a Bollywood title in the region. Impressively at release on Thursday, it grossed approximately $7M worldwide, a huge turn. Further, the U.S. debut bested that of Kick from superstar Salman Khan which bowed in July.

Bang Bang has also performed outstandingly in equally important overseas markets like Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand.

According to Fox Star Studios, the worldwide collections of Bang Bang is as follows

  • India gross – 123 cr (net collections after entertainment taxes is 94.13 cr)
  • Overseas gross – 41.14 cr
  • Worldwide total gross – 164.14 cr (4 days India, 3 days overseas)


  • bang bang does not create any record like the last movie of hritik krrish 3…and the buzz of a movie is very high…in this year..hope it recover its cost..

  • wow. after all one happy news. HR beat salman. HR is a better actor than Salman. Haider cost him a chance to beat Salman in India.

  • @gaurav singh: as far as overseas market is considered, it’s definitely good. It has secured the best collection so far in 2014 as far as overseas market is considered.
    As for Domestic market, it’s just satisfactory,not excellent.

  • Lol. Fox star themselves are calling movie released 4200 screen then y indicine is saying it is 3350? Agreeing on their box office numbers but not screen count.

  • Knight and day is a good film but bang bang is better than k & n for Indians because we like these type of films hrithik is best in this role
    I m a srk fan but this film was good for me
    So do not blaming srkian for negetivity

  • Bang bang has still collected enough to be called a below average. I think it will be below average as far as verdict is concerned. Hrithik has very less hit movies just like amir (single digit to be honest.)

  • Box office collections are not a big thing for me. Haider is much better than Bang Bang.

    Boycott Bang Bang & Help 3 persons >3
    Suzaane and her two children

  • hrithik will dfntly bounce back with failure cant affect his megastardom.films like znmd,kmg series,kaho naa pyar hai etc r still fresh in ppls mind so mohenjodaro will also open huge

  • Why you guys fighting over collection , collection goes to the producers not to you guys .Having said that Hrithik , salman and Srk doesn’t compete they just want their film to do well .Hrithik beats salman or salman beats Hrithik won’t make any differnce !! Don’t create a stupid hatred among fans when starts are friendly to each other !!

  • Positive in this film:
    Hrithik Roshan’s outstanding acting action stunts everything.
    Katrina is good in his character.
    zimi Danny javed jafry also good .
    Very good adaptation of night and day .
    Cinematography was awesome. Fist indian film I have watch who have best cinematography.

    Comparison in k&d

    Rating 3•5

  • @Sht, because the film really released on 3350 screens and haider released in 1300 screens. there are hardly 5000 screens in india for hindi films. if bang bang had only 4200 screens, haider would have only 800 screens. common sense is thing which khantards never had.

  • according to boi 80crs
    according to FoxStar 94crs..
    Manipulation me to FoxStar HR k bap (RR) ka bhi baap hay..

  • @ARJUN FOOLISH KAPOOR, stop your bullshit. Bang Bang has just done 4 days business and fools like you are already calling it a failure ?? How can a film which despite clash and less no. of shows and screens collected around 95 cr in 4 days be a failure ?? you will support that crapfest hny now since your youngistaan has fizzled into atmosphere.

  • @arjun kapoor: what failure failure failure? BB is doing well at overseas market and and satisfactory bussiness in domestic market. Atleast, wait till it becomes a flop or hit. From your comments, it looks like you want BangBang to be a failure.

  • trade fig
    80.25 cr hindi , all version – 84.08 cr
    producer fig
    90 cr hindi, all version – 94.13 cr.

  • @Akshay Kumar, another khantard.

    @indicine, correct Indian gross fig, its 134.47 cr

    haters keep barking, do hell with your stupid overrated khans, they are irritating to watch on screen even for 2 min. double standard indians will never value the kohinoor (Hrithik) they have right with them.

  • One request to all HR fans, don’t spend time on internet only and don’t download pirated copy of their idol’s movie. This time please buy ticket and rush theater to watch Bang Bang. Concentrate more on Hrithik’s present project rather than future projects. Already, Hrithik become a laughing stock in trade; please don’t humiliate him anymore. At least make sure, fifth day of Bang Bang better than Kick’s 6th day.

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