Bang Bang vs Dhoom 3: The better teaser? Vote

Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang, one of the most anticipated action films of 2014, against a film that went on to be the biggest grosser of all-time collecting more than Rs 500 crore at the worldwide box office.

It makes for an interesting comparison, doesn’t it? The 90 second teaser of Dhoom 3 starts slow with Aamir’s ‘bande hai hum uske’, picks up pace and concludes with a bike stunt. Bang Bang is all action right from the start, featuring all the best bits from the film. †Like someone mentioned in the comments section, “The 1 minute teaser leaves you craving for more and isnít that what a teaser is meant to do”

The common factor in both films is the presence of Katrina Kaif.

So, which teaser do you like more? Dhoom 3 or Bang Bang? Vote! You can also watch teasers of both films below.

Dhoom 3 or Bang Bang? The better teaser

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  • cant compare bt its bang bang all the way rright nw bcoz dhoom3 is past nw nd BangBang is awesome

  • Awesome Bang bang teaser is best ever its better than Dhoom 3 but it will be difficult to match D3 s trailer hooefully it does!!!

  • Dhoom 3 teaser was not that nice. It had nothing other than a stunt. Amir was give irritating expression. Trailer was nice though.
    If bang bang teaser is this great, then i think i will die with happiness after watching the trailer of BB. ! !

  • Bang bang will literally bangbang dhoom series
    This will be however successful and after that it’s all about bang bang series
    This teaser doesn’t do late to leave u speechless and give goosebumps

  • Only dhoom 3. Bang bang teaser is good but not as good as compared to dhoom 3. I know many people are very jealous of Aamir’s supper success of 3 ATBBs which no other actor can have. But the truth is Aamir is the biggest megastar followed by salman.

  • I hope Katrina’s role will be effective like Cameron Diaz’s one coz she didnt do anything on Dhoom 3.

  • I myself being an Aamir Sirs fan will fully agree that Bang2 teaser was mind-blowing compared to D3!!! :)

  • If someone compare or not , definitely BANG BANG TEASER TRAILER is far far better than any teasers or trailers.
    When hrithik in any films , perfection go beyond the imagination that makes his films beyond anything.
    300 + crore on card.
    Next biggest all time blockbuster BANG BANG is coming on 2nd Oct 2014.

  • Awesomeeeeeee i paused for some moment hats off to sid to take bollywood to next level. Hrithik perfect no bollywood or hollywood actor can replace him in this.

  • Definitely BANGBANG….Woohooo!!!,just woke up and saw such an enthralling teaser…
    Dhoom3 teaser was also good but ths is surely better…

  • @Sid_Original: hats off to you friend.being a amirfan, You are supporting bang bang and showing your honesty. Respect for you and best of luck to all amirfans and amir for pk. We are waiting for both bang bang and pk.

  • Ohh..sorry salman fans,after watching this teaser of bangbang,i forgot that KICK is going to release day after tomorrow!!!

  • D3 teaser starts on a wonderful note and finishes too,but lost some charisma in between when characters are introduced specially of jai n ali…

  • Which amir Khan unable to do that with dhoom3.
    Hrithik done that again with BANG BANG after DHOOM-2.
    HRITHIK is one who will be able to bring the level of DHOOM-2 which was missed in dhoom3.
    300 + CRORE ON THE CARD.

  • It is a good masterstroke by the makers to attach this bangbang teaser with KICK now it will definitely catch by the many normal people’s eye who otherwise don’t watch trailers online…

  • at least bang-bang teaser is the Bst teaser…the common factor btw these two films r only Katrina kaif…who sizzles in dhoom 3’s super hit numbers like…kamli, Malang and of course title track of dhoom 3
    Now Katrina kaif is back with more bang…she looked hot and gorgeous in dhoom 3…and now she also look more stunning in water…and hrithik is looking mind blowing….
    I can say both the teaser r gud…but bang bang teaser is excellent…

  • @ babaji lallu it hardly matters if one of u forget that kick is coming lakhs of people are aware of it nd the fact it has one of the best advance bookings of all time

    any ways both dhoom 3 nd bang bang trailer teaser lack the entertainment quotion

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