Mary Kom Trailer – Priyanka Chopra

There is something about the trailer of big films that affects our server. The trailer of Bang Bang released this morning increased the server load quite significantly, which is why there was a slight delay in publishing the trailer of Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom.

And what a trailer it is! The journey of champion boxer MC Mary Kom from a small family in Kangathei, in Churachanpur district of Manipur to winning the World Amateur Boxing championship five times! Mary Kom is the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships. She is the only Indian woman boxer to have qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics, competing in the flyweight (51 kg) category and winning the bronze medal.

Priyanka Chopra who plays the character of Mary Kom has delivered the performance of her life. She proves yet again that when it comes to non-glamorous, performance-oriented or female-centric films, she is way ahead of the rest. You can’t think of too many female actors in the industry who could have pulled off a character as difficult as Mary Kom.

Comparisons with Bhaag Milkha Bhaag will be inevitable. Comparison poll coming up soon!

For now, watch the trailer of Mary Kom and tell us what you think.



  • Sorry but katrina of bang bang has done nothing compared to priyanka of mary com what energy,what power pack performance!

  • Bang bang teaser blew me away…
    This MarY kom trailer won my heart!!!!

    Brilliant,PC is fab.


    Ofcourse, i expected #BangBangTeaser to be great. But i didn’t expect it to be this great ! Seriously? ? How can a bollymovie teaser which is even less than 1 minute be so CATCHY? ! !
    Hrithik, The GREEK GOD IS LOOKING DAMNN GREAT. Kat is SEXY as well! !the background music is rocking. Cinematography works a big time.
    Over all, simply WWWOWWW ! !
    All the critics including rajeev masand and anupama chopra and trade experts are admiring the teaser. I just imagine what would be the expressions of hrithikhaters! I have seen all the genuine fans of other actors like salman,srk,amir,akki,ranbir,ajay,emmi are admiring bang bang teaser !
    Thank u all for the support !

    And dear all, this is my first comment after the day i left the site temporarily. Those comments in bang bang teaser articles n humpty sharma articles are not mine. Some people were misusing my id.

  • Indicine Pls post Srk,s Slam concert Poster in Usa,Uk,canada Etc Including all Hny team and Yo yo honey singh,Malaika arora khan,Farah khan, am waiting.

  • Superb trailer of Mary Kom!! Priyanka chopra is brilliant, outstanding. Best actress in industry.

    @nipun why you posted comment here of Bang Bang? Post it on BB page.

  • I wondered when i saw bang bang vs dhoom 3 teaser article!
    Dhoom 3 teaser had nothing except a bike stunt and amir dialogues while bang bang teaser has every thing. The 1 min teaser is even looking better than the longer trailer of kick n d3.
    My ratings:
    dhoom 3 teaser: 2.5/5
    dhoom 3 trailer:3/5
    kick trailer:3/5
    bang bang teaser: 4.5/5

  • @suniel: mainly to tell everyone that someone was misusing my id. And my review will get more views here . I have posted it on those 2 teaser related article as well.

  • @nipun
    Good to see you back dude,on that HSKD the other day,i knew it can’t be nipun….
    I hope u will be there on HR articles…

  • @kunaal: all the trailers which are better than bangbang teaser has to be better than kick. Bang bang’s standrd is way ahead of kick. Still, i cann’t find why some people are so much insecure !

  • bollywood is evolving fast…in morning we saw stylish action movie bangbang teaser nd now here it is d trailer of a biopic which is luking very gud

  • the first half of the year was qute dull…
    but second half is going to be thunderstorm…………………………

  • @Dark hypocrite falls, hmm yeah PC did much more but even the katrina of d3 did nothing but do dance. atleast in BANG BANG, she will be doing much more , thanks to Hrithik , he lets his co-stars evolve whereas aamir tries hard to steal all the spotlight from his co-stars.

    @Crapnaal kohli, amit sahni ki list trailer was better than kick trailer also.

    haters will never grow up, they force me to bash others and yes i will if they continue their stupid stuffs.

    as far as mary kom trailer is concerned, its awesome as i expected and PC is one of the best actresses.

  • All trailers and teasers releasing just before Kick releases. Catching, or rather, cashing on the kick mania.

  • outstanding…brilliant. PC are giving the performance of her life.
    btw good decision for preponed the film.
    now the movie will great the magic like BMB.

  • wow ! our typical villain in Bollywood. good to see Sunil Thapa(boxing trainer of Priyanka Chopra) in Bollywood :)

  • @indicine, as Bang Band and Mary Kom are different genre movies, it is not good to compaire these. Bang Bang and Mary Kom both are impressive in their genre. You can judge Mary Kom with movie like Pan sing tomar and Bang Bang with Dhoom series. choice is yours :)

  • oh ! “Comparisons with Bhaag Milkha Bhaag will be inevitable. Comparison poll coming up soon!” @indicine, sorry ! i though comparisons with Bang Bang and Mary Kom. please ignore my previous comment. please !

  • wow what can i say first bang-bang and now mary kom both are very very very good and Priyanka wow u have done a great great job. looking forward to both the movies…………

  • @sas yes r correct first of the year was quite dull as it was full of flops and disasters like gunday,queen,ragini mms2,mai tera hero,2 states,heropanti,villain,humpty sharma.only hit was jai ho!!!

  • @nipun 1 min teaser is can’t decide everything about this movie.
    knight and day was not great movie. it was average movie.
    and Katrina kaif is one of biggest mistake in this movie.
    I know bang bang teaser is one of best teaser in Bollywood but 2 hr movie decided everything one min teaser not.

  • pls guys…dont compare Bang Bang with Mary Kom! they both are looking classic in their own genre…congrats PC!! u look fav…all the best wishes for Mary Kom from a die-hard hrithik fan!

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