Bang Bang Review

In terms of sheer scale and budget, Bang Bang is the biggest release of 2014. The Hrithik Roshan – Katrina Kaif starrer has been in news right from the day it went on floors and the craze for the film peaked with the release of its theatrical teaser. Directed by Siddarth Anand, Bang Bang promises to entertain the audience with action sequences that have never been witnessed in a Bollywood film before. Does the film deliver on its promises? Let’s find out.

Story: Bang Bang begins with the killing of Viren Nanda (Jimmy Shergill). Cut to the next scene, we have the beautiful and single Harleen Sahni (Katrina Kaif) bathing, while her grandmother talks about the stolen Kohinoor diamond. Meanwhile, desperate to find a date, Harleen logs on to and registers for a date with an unknown person. She bumps into Rajveer Nanda (Hrithik Roshan), who she mistakes to be her date. Bowled over by her beauty, Rajveer charms Harleen and the two fall in love. Or do they? What is their true identity? Watch the movie to find out.

Review: Director Siddharth Anand had everything at his disposal to make a good entertaining film – two of the most popular actors in the country, a humongous budget, a Hollywood action director who has worked on films like ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’ and also a scriptwriter who last scripted ‘Kahaani’ in Sujoy Ghosh. Unfortunately, the film lacks in two major departments – story and direction. By the end of its 156 minute runtime, the only saving grace for Bang Bang are the action sequences and the charisma, style and dancing skills of Hrithik Roshan.

The first half, which is meant to build the suspense around the character of Rajveer is stretched too long and the director seems to be as clueless as the audience at intermission time. The background score is loud, the action sequences – although brilliantly designed and performed – are way too long and the leading lady of the film only makes things worse.

Things improve in the second half, a few dialogues and action scenes do keep the interest level going and the film does end well. Music is good, but even though the film has just 4 songs, it feels like one too many. The second song in the first half, Uff, seemed out of place and unnecessary. Meherbaan and the title song (closing credits, don’t miss it) are the best songs in the film.

Hrithik Roshan is the heart and soul of Bang Bang, he looks terrific is every scene, acts brilliantly and has the charisma and style to pull off a difficult role. He keeps up his energy level up throughout and gives the film his all. Full marks on commitment and dedication. Sadly, he is let down by his director. Katrina Kaif can’t act. She tries too hard, both to look cute and act. She gets the former right, which explains why she has been successful all these years. This might sound a little too harsh, but the moment she opens her mouth to deliver a dialogue, it makes you cringe. Sorry Kat, you are the hottest leading lady in the industry today, but acting is something that doesn’t come naturally to you. Danny Denzongpa and Javed Jaffrey are wasted. Bang Bang is Hrithik’s show all the way, the rest have very little to do.

Overall, weak direction and screenplay let the film down. The first half is poor, the second half is better. Having said that, Hrithik alone is worth the price of your ticket. He is that good. Two and a half stars for Bang Bang, with the amount of money spent, it should have been so much better than it was!

Reasons to watch the film

  • HRITHIK ROSHAN – he’s outstanding.
  • Action sequences
  • Climax and title song during the close credits

Reasons to give the film a miss

  • Weak directing – huge letdown
  • Poor first half
  • Film put together to showcase action, completely lacking in the story department
Rating: ★★½☆☆

At the box office, the opening is earth-shattering all over. The film will have a good extended weekend at the box office, but the big question is, will it cross the 200 crore mark which it was expected to?



  • Babaji’s Bang Bang REVIEW::

    So went to watch the most anticipated film of the year–Bang Bang,today morning 9:20A.M show…
    Firstly I was first greeted by the “Happy New Year” trailer,that i saw first time on the big screen and i have to say the trailer looked “GRAND”…cheers SRK fans
    Well coming back to the review,the film starts pretty well with the sequence of Jimmy Shergill and Danny(i won’t reveal the spoilers here)…Hrithik’s entry with Kohinoor was bang on and was welcomed by some whistles and clapping.Focus shifts to Katrina who resides in Shimla with her grandmom and her entry is cool too and though i am not a fan of katrina,i must say she has looked too cute in Bang bang..some sequences pass and when HR meets Kat then some wonderful scenes take place,some of them really comic and some romantic.Bang Bang presents us a unique blend of subtle comedy with hardcore action which Bollywood has never experienced.
    Then there are some really well shot chases in between the romantic scenes..Watching Hrithik doing comedy was really a new experience as he has’nt done any comedy film in his career…
    First half is mostly about romance comedy and few action scenes

    Second half begins on a slow note and then arrives Meherbaan song and i began to think that the pace of the film is becoming a little sluggish now,but after that song the film goes to another level..with some spine chilling action sequences,and the emotional content of the film comes into the picture.
    The climax is one of the best this year featuring a mixture of some breathtaking action,romance and emotions…and the film ends well which is what i think satisfies a moviegoer,,

    CINEMATOGRAPHY:Bang Bang is shot at some of the most beautiful locales of the world..specially they have captured Shimla really well..

    MUSIC:It is very much with the theme of the film..Uff song impressed me the most,it was shot beautifully and was refreshing for me..Tu Meri and Meherbaan were good..The Bang Bang title track which came at the end had almost everyone glued to their seats and whistling..

    PERFORMANCES:Hrithik is just fantastic as Rajveer,he has performed some of the toughest action scenes with sincerity and in the climax exhibited emotion like no other.Kat took me to surprise as she is very good too,her part is more of a comic one and she handles it well as she did in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.Danny and Javed Jaffrey were ok,Jimmy shergill was brilliant in his cameo role.

    1)Hrithik-Kat’s sizzling chemistry
    2)Action scenes and stunts(watchout for the F1 car one)
    5)Action with subtle comedy
    6)Emotional content and brilliant climax

    1)Slow pace and some repetitive sequences in the midway
    2)Villains could have been more menacing
    3)Few illogical escapes

    CONCLUSION:Bang Bang is a must watch on the big screen with death defying stunts.Though the film is not a masterpiece by any means,it is more than a decent entertainer.Few illogical lapses are there but they can be ignored if the audienced ignored them in Dhoom 3 and KICK.
    So overall,i am going with 4/5!!!

  • @indicine::This is looking too short review as if u were not interested to review the film!!!
    No positives,negatives??
    Bang Bang is much better than KICK and Dhoom 3..audience loved it!!!

  • I will watch it first. Then come and review it. . My question is where were the so called technicality while reviewing kick and dhoom 3? Oh wait. You gave 3.5 to chennai express! Waiting for @babaji’s review.

  • Will watch it for Hrithik…….. however too many negative reviews received I just hope it is liked by the audience and does a good business because hrithik looks like has given his all for this film………Lets see.

  • On the other hand Haider getting +ve response…i think it will make a dent over Bang2 overall BO collection..

  • Bang bang opening 75%

    Haider 60 %

    Haider response extremely positive

    Bang bang mixed to negative

    Even indicine who were over hyping bang bang are saying it’s crap

    Hope it recovers it’s huge investment

    A moment of silence for our OLD man babaji who was saying bang bang will break dhoom 3 record

  • Bang bang wom is negetive to average but got extraordinary openning, it will crush btw haider also got good openning n it will grow during weekned due to negetive wom of bang bang.

  • The films getting lower than expected reviews ..Maybe that’s the case with every entertaining movie. Good reviews aren’t gonna drive the flick, entertainment value will.

  • @vikram::when did i said it will break D3’s record u loser??? i was talking about the opening day record,get it

  • Movie is so Awesome. I just watched it. Hrithik and katrina is best looking couple on this planet. Their chamistry is just wonderful and acted so well together in every scene. Its should be 4/5 stars.
    Hrithik Roshan is really so extra ordinary througout the film.

  • I have already said. .how indicine is biased? If you want to be strict,then be strict for all the movies and if you want to be generous,then be generous for all movies. I hate double standrd and hypocrisy.

  • I watched 9:45 am show of Bang Bang.
    First I would like to say tne movie is very entertaining but in parts.
    It is Hrithik roshan show all over.
    The movie has a brilliant climax.
    1st half is little slow and repetitive.
    2nd half is very good.
    Songs are good.
    Action is greatest , considering bollywood.
    Overall -4/5 (don’t miss it and watch it on big screen u will not be disappointed).
    Thank you

  • The main problem of the maker of bang bang is they chose wrong hollywood film to remake, nite n day was not only a flop but also a bad film although if a good film flopped but turn clasic then making it remake will be benificial. 2nd worng thing of bang bang, they chose romantic film director sid anand if they chose abbas mustan then bang bang might turn good. 3rd haider carry strong wom with extraordinary review will effect bang bang a lot

  • Makers are investing 150 crores for their movie with lots of hard work and dedication, who are you people to tell your biased opinion and spread negativity.

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