Hrithik sweeps the streets, supports Modi’s Clean India campaign: Photos

Hrithik Roshan has also joined in to support Narendra Modi’s Clean India campaign. The superstar along with filmmaker Subhash Ghai planted a tree and took to cleaning the streets.

Check out the photos.

Hrithik contributes to a clean initiative along with Subhash Ghai and students of Whistling Woods

Hrithik contributes to a clean initiative along with Subhash Ghai and students of Whistling Woods

Hrithik Roshan at clean initiative

Hrithik Roshan at clean initiative



  • Well done Hrithik.Jadoo would be very happy today that without his power and energy Hrithik is contributing in making India clean.

  • He is a true Human Being…
    He made my day with Bang Bang..
    His perfomance, action n BG music are in a loop in my Mind…
    Now this makes me proud of him like anything…
    Way to go Duggu…

  • Good move!!! I love going green!! But not corporate style that make a lot money in the pretext of going green!

    My Review of Bang Bang: Hrithik Roshan in Wholesome Entertainment Package

    It is Hrithik all over. It is Hrithik in wholesome entertainment package. It is too awesome that you will lose your control and yourself while watching the movie!!! You will wonder what you are doing in the theater! Eventually, it seems that he has learnt to eat with his own spoon without help of papa.
    He performs never-seen-before daredevil stunts with the help of Andy whose Arm is Strong. He romances like no one else on this earth. He has done actions excellently and shivered not once but four times.

    It starts off with a scene of colonel Nanda (played by Jimmy Shergill) going to meet the international criminal Omar Zafar (played by Danny) in the interpol’s highly secured custody in London. There, in the lock-up itself, Omar Zafar and his goons (that broke into the custody out of nowhere) killed Colonel Nanda. Then, Omar Zafar plans to rob Kohinooor Diamond using an Indian thief to deteriorate the G-G Ties between UK Govt and Indian Govt. So, the robbery of the Kohinoor Diamond surfaced. The thief happens none other than Krishh Mehra (now name changed to Rajveer) is escaping the jadoo land after being accused of BO Manipulation.

    He bangs his entry showcasing his double thumbs and the diamond he had robbed earlier. The goons of the Omar Zafar and ISS Agents were after him for the diamond. During the Luka Chupi Game among them, he happens to meet Harleen Sahani through mistaken identity. Actually, she is out on date at a restaurant to meet the person called Vickie whom she had met via a dating website called Now, I am sure Rajveer’s many kid fans wannabe teens like nipun kumar, L’ll Ricky Bahl and 60+ Bachelor Babaji will visit the site to find their soul mate.

    The story goes on and at the end, we come to know that Rajveer is a ISS agent and the robbery of the diamond was nothing but a hoax and media propaganda set up to trap the international criminal Omar Zafar. So, the Diamond was never robbed and is safe in its place.

    Now the question is the whole set up was created to trap international Wanted Criminal Omar Zafar. But how and why Omar Zafar has become an international criminal wanted by interpol? Why? Maybe because of his name! So, Omar Zafar should have instead said “my name is zafar and I am not a terrorist.” Kidding!!! No criminal background story of Omar Zafar was given. So, I should call the plot of the film is very shallow. It leaves you in a bad taste.

    Since it is a remake of the Knight and Day, its comparison with Knight and Day is unavoidable. They have re-written the screenplay and replaced the battery (innovated by a student in original knight and day) with the story of Kohinoor. But Hrithik taught the Hollywood actors how to make those scenes look better when once shivers.

    There are a few epic shivering scenes:
    1) when Hrithik jumps over a car with a motorbike when Harleen was being abducted by ISS agent for the first time from her office (i.e. Bank of Shimla) [during this chase scene, our very nipun kumar was spotted on a bus. He was surprised to see his icon and called out his mommy to show her his hero. But by then, the hero had disappeared. Poor soul Nipun, maa ko dikaa nahin paya par he saved his icon by warning him from the danger of the electric shocks occurring in the lamp posts.]
    2) when he points his gun at harleen at a Pizza Hut,
    3) when he lets Omar Zafar know that the killed Colonel Nanda was his brother and
    4) in the climax scene before killing Omar Zafar.

    No matter what, Hrithik has taught Tom Cruise how to act, perform actions and romance. Tom Cruise will die of shame once he watches Bang Bang. Especially, the action scenes in the sea are amazing. Hence because they (Rajveer and Harleen) were able to travel from an island of Mauritius to the Prague city of Czech Republic with Water-Ski tied to a Sea-Plane.

    Hrithik has put Dolphin Species into shame by jumping out of water using water-ski in an extra ordinary manner. Now, it has been learnt that the leaders of the Dolphin Species have summoned all the Dolphins in the seas and oceans for a meeting to find out who the hell is this new and extraordinary invader to their region and pride. Rumors have been that the Dolphins will invite Rajveer to teach them how to jump and perform water stunts better using water-ski.

    Coming to the dance movie in the movie, they were mindblowing. MJ, wherever the hell or heaven he is, will be regretting why he did so much hard work in innovating dance steps. Because when one can fool audiences and earn money from the so-called dances that have nothing to do but swaying from side to side, jumping like deers and behaving children with extreme hyperactivity disorder. Besides, MJ will also cry for the fact that some people are raping his iconic dance steps calling them they have done in their own styles. All in all, no matter what, Hrithik rocks big time when hes dance. Because he is the best!

    Yes, our dear and gorgeous Katrina Kaifji excels. Cameron Diaz will quit acting if she happens to watch the Hindi version of Bang Bang. Cameron Diaz needs to learn how and where to give expressions. If necessary, over-expressions, over-acting. Billiji was looking extraordinary whenever she tries to give an expression like teenager!

    Hollywood needs to learn from Bang Bang makers how to make a better movie with the lower budget. James Mangold needs to learn direction from Siddarth Anand, the knowledge house of direction. Expressionless Cameron Diaz needs to learn how to give expressions from our dear class actress Billi ji.

    Having said, Bang Bang is set to earn Moolahs at Box Office. All the big blue dressed up jaadoo fans i.e. children that are still sleeping with jaadoo toy beside them will be flocking into the theatres. So, naturally, they can’t go alone since they are underage and their guardians must accompany. You are going to see amazing numbers of footfalls in theatres. Go and watch Bang Bang if you want to see Hrithik scoring all rounds. Else, skip it and watch Hindi Dubbed Version of Knight and Day.

    My rating of Bang Bang:
    Stunts and Actions: 4/5*****
    Signature Shivering: 5/5*****
    Cinematography: 3.5/5*****
    Romance: 3/5*****
    Drama: 2/5*****
    Comedy: 1.5/5*****
    Dialogue Deliveries: 1/5*****

    Average Rating: 4/5*****
    3 Extra Stars for Putting Dolphin Species and Tom Cruise into Shame and teaching Hollywood how to make better movies with lower budget.

    So, my overall rating for Bang Bang: 7/5*****

  • I have liked the film in terms of actions, stunts and romance to an extent. But there should be more comedy, emotions and more contents!….

  • My Review :

    First n foremost I am not Hrithik hater, he is my 2nd fav after Salman. Coming to review of BANG BANG people had huge expectations from it since Fox studio product, sizzling chemistry n Hrithik in a stylish action role since Dhoom 2:

    Story : Not upto to the expectations n buzz it genetated. Very predictable as soon as Kohinoor is stolen you knew its Hrithik who did it n before interval you can guess why he did it (no spoilers).

    Screenplay : two paced. first half is dragging n 2nd half specially climax too hurried but looks outstanding !!!!!!

    Cinematography : High class n top notch. Locations are captured very well be it Shimla, London or Desert (climax). However I felt so many times that it is ETT2 lot of scenes resembles from ETT : Hrithik giving chase to goons on roofs in Shimla, Kat n Hrithik initial meetings n coversations, HR playing spy (revealed before climax), bike chase n the water plane chase. Some may not agree but thats what I felt !!!!!!!

    Acting : HR gives blood n soul for movie but sadly no other actor able to match even half of it. It is often proved Kat is not a good actress as Priyanka or Deepika forget about comparing her to Vidya or Kangana. Danny is ok n Javed Jaffrey is wasted. Rest of the cast just ordinary.

    Music : 2 songs are outstanding due to HR movies : Tu Meri n Title. Meherbaan is also good but mainly due to breathtaking locations. Uff is unnecessarily forced into screenplay.

    Action : It is top notch n stylish but not as same as Hollywood standards. Bang Bang action is more stylish than D3 & Kick but movie is not even half entertaining as these two.

    I will not give any rating but overall a let down. Moon was promised using teaser n action sequences but it turned out as Amaavas !!!!!!!! If you like HR please dont miss this but still not his best work !!!!!!! Opening n weekend may be huge but 200 cr looks distance as it lacks repeat value n strictly not for family audience due to two paced & excess action scenes. Kick record will remain intact though I wanted Bang Bang to be among Top 3 grossers of the year.

    All the best to Haider n HNY !!!!!

  • i have watched Bang Bang in evening show at Inox!!and it was full packed like other shows!!awsmmmm entertaining film…………HR was superb,Mind-Blowing,Mind-Blasting……….but i a, surprised to see that Kat has improved a lot!!but Indicine suddenly has discovered that She can’t act!!lol…great Indicine;great!!to me Kat has acted adequately in BB!!and Direction was good too if not better!!rest technical part seems grand to me;and i think to most of the Audiences present in the Hall!!so i will give 3.5 star to BB…Go and Enjoy The Biggest Action Film of Bollywood till date!!u will not b disappointed if u r not changed suddenly to a film critic for a particular film………Best of Luck Indicine!!Love You HR forever………..let’s see where the b.o. collection goes!!

  • @hrithik, you give honest and strict views during Hrithik’s films but during Salman’s films, suddenly you forget everything in the blindness of your love for bhai. it would be appreciated if you could be give unbiased and honest review about salman’s films too , now don’t say they are great, we all know salman is making below average films since 3-4 years, his best work were baghban,hddcs,tere naam not these! unecessary item songs,crap catchy one liners are not good content!

  • @ Indicine: why are you not posting all good reviews about bang bang …i personally submitted 4-5 good reviews that bang bang has got apart from the one you have posted.

    Movie has got mixed reports and has got rock solid WOM reviews…it is getting good competition from Haider which was not expected earlier…

    All in all the booking parameters in book my show says that Bang Bang and Haider are getting equal appreciation from audiences…

  • This is all promotional activities for his movie. Bang bang has got some of the worst movie of the year. Don’t know how this helps and indicine please publish my comment this time.

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