Bang Bang Music Review

The official remake of Tom Cruise’s ‘Knight and Day’, ‘Bang Bang’, directed by Sidharth Anand, has already managed to create a storm across the nation with its theatrical teaser. Featuring inarguably the best looking on screen pair of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, ‘Bang Bang’ boasts of high-octane action sequences and foot tapping music.

Well, in his fairly long career, it might sound surprising that it is for the first time that the music director duo of Vishal-Shekhar are composing tunes for a Hrithik Roshan film.

Will a massive film like Bang Bang be able to extract the best out of Vishal-Shekhar who have been on a creative downslide recently? Read on to find out.

Tu Meri: The Bang Bang music album kicks off with ‘Tu Meri’ sung and written by Vishal Dadlani himself. The song starts off as a slow romantic number but later foot tapping beats converts it into a peppy dance number. The western fusion is all over this song and the lyrics are just right to have you rocking and tapping your feet. (3.5/5)

Meherbaan: Vishal-Shekhar duo possess this uncanny art of churning out brilliant romantic melodies every now and then. ‘Meherbaan’ is in the league of their own greats like ‘Khuda Jaane’, ‘Hey Shona’ and ‘Falak Tak’ to name a few. Ash King has provided the male vocals and it’s nice to see him getting a big song after Bodyguard’s ‘I Love You’. He is ably supported by Shilpa Rao and Shekhar. Anvita scores with memorable lyrics. (4/5)

Bang Bang: The title song is sung by Benny Dayal who is on a career high with songs like ‘Badtameez Dil’, ‘Besharmi Ki Height’ and ‘Locha-e-ulfat’ behind him. This track again sounds like an attempt to recreate western classics of yesteryears. Neeti Mohan is good as female voice. Last minute or so of the song is just music, designed to showcase the extraordinary dancing skills of Hrithik Roshan. (3/5)

Uff: Harshdeep Kaur of ‘Jugni’ and ‘Heer’ fame gets to sing the next track ‘Uff’ with Benny Dayal again providing male vocals. Though the song is not her regular Punjabi flavoured track, she does well. Composition gives a feel that Vishal-Shekhar are trying too much with instruments and musical arrangements. Lyrics are effective but overall audio is average. (2.5/5)

The unplugged version of ‘Meherbaan’ is equally mesmerising to the ears. Without a doubt, it’s the best composition of the album.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

‘Bang Bang’ doesn’t have extraordinary music or classic evergreen chartbusters. Having said that, the music album has songs that blend perfectly with the genre of the film. It will be a delight to watch Hrithik-Katrina performing to the Bang Bang songs on the big screen.

Get ready to Bang Bang this Gandhi Jayanti.

Vote for your favourite song in the album and do post your very own music reviews of Bang Bang in the comments section below.

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  • @romance… lol lol
    tell the answer 2 + 2 = ?
    well it’s not your fault we can’t expect more from a farah khan movie lover

  • Average to below average album. Vishal-shekar to blame. They just exhausted all their talent, nothing new to give. Ruined a big film like bang bang.

  • Meherbaan, Tu Meri and Title Track were really good. Those two EDM tracks (especially tunes) are perfectly suitable for dancing numbers. I would give entire album 3.5 stars to be fair.

  • Well, I don’t need to talk in favor of either SRK or Hrithik. I don’t need to please their fans either! Frankly, I have liked Bang Bang’s album more than HNY’s!
    So, 3.5/5***** for Bang Bang
    2.75/5***** for HNY

  • @romance stop it yaar!u r trying to say that hny will b bigger hit than bbbut ending up saying that bb will do 3 times more businesses than hny!
    Plz tell me wat is 1+1=

  • Each and every song of bang bang is far better than hny.
    As per me;
    Tu meri :4/5
    Baang bang:3.75/5
    guys one more thing i dont know why i m loving bang bang title track, its in repeat mode .

  • @Shaggy, To me, Prabhu Deva is a better dancer than Hrithik is. He’s more flexible and electrifying… Prabhu mainly has worked/ works in the south. So, he is not as popular as Hrithik is.He is a dance master as well. However, Hrithik has got more styles.

    But for me, I like Salman Khan. Even if he’s not a trained and professional dancer, he creates hysteria with his every step.
    He has proven he can also dance quite well in O Jaana Song in There Naam, by Matching Steps with Govinda in Partner and in the songs of Wanted especially Love Me Love Me…

  • Well, I am not saying that Bang Bang album is far better than HNY album. But it’s only better. Agreed wid @indicine’s review of 3.25 ratings for bang bang and 3 for HNY.
    HNY songs are only for entertainment. That lovely song sounds similar to Baby doll.
    Bang Bang songs sound fresh. Their composition aren’t easy composition like main tera hero title or my name is ranveer ching or jumme ki raat. Bang Bang songs like uff has been uniquely composed. EDM tracks like Tu Meri and title track are praise worthy. They are quite suitable as far as the genre is concerned. Still, I agree that album could have been better.

  • @romu year: so u are saying BangBang will collect 3 times more than HNY! ! ! I hope you are right this time.
    Poor romu, i thought you need to learn both English and Maths with your complainboy @sss khan.

  • Guys I am not gud at reviewing music.but I think it has a small element of the song ‘titanium’ by David guetta. Ignore me if I am wrong

  • @Romu Kaka, what happened to your maths? Bang Bang Lifetime = 3×HNY Life Time??? lol! Or Bang Bang Lifetime= HNY Lifetime/3????
    @HRFan, So the great Farah Khan is a dual gender??? Sister of Sajid Khan and Husband of Shirish Kunder Khan?? That’s why the skeleton king likes to play him-her. I know u maybe trolling but it has turned into a joke.

  • Frankly bang bang album deserve 2.5/5 star when indicine gave hny album 3/5star, as bang bang album is no where close to hny.

  • I do agree with nipun, BB at least deserve 3.5
    Don’t want to talk about any other movie. But I think indicine deserve to put their opinion. It’s just a opinion so don’t take personally.

  • common Indicine u rated uff so unfair. i have liked uff more than tu meri and bang bang

    my rating

    meherban 4/5
    UFF 3.5/5
    tu meri 3.5/5
    Bang bang 3/5

    average 3.5/5

  • @Indicine : Uff is very beautiful track . . . hw com u gave only 2.5 . . . it deserves at least 3 and audio is way better than average …u must listen to it again . . though my rating to uff 3.5

  • This guy @nipun has problem with everything that Indicine reports! LOL

    I understand, both of the films’ music is disappointing as a listeners perspective.But well, Bang Bang is not that kind of a film whose music would be as important as the Screenplay! It would just be a part of a Background. Coming onto HNY, it’s not a bad album but comes well short of Earlier Farah-SRK films like OSO and Main hoon Na.Though, I hope the picturisation would make the songs better.

    For now, #BANGBANG.. waiting hugely. 13 days left. #Bulletswillfly

  • @indicine seriously 3 stars ?? You have got bad taste in music. I can bet Lungee dance and jumme ki raat is your all time favourite songs. Am I right???

  • @Vicky Moron even Allu arjun including south stars had admitted that Hrithik is the best dancer in INDIA,. The whole country knows Hrithik is the best dancer. LOL some dumb khan fans bringing in Prabhu Deva’s name… Prabhu is a trained choreographer/ Professional on the other hand Hrithik is not. Hrithik is a great actor who dances like a true professional even with out any back ground.

  • @Indicine how come u have not picked up tu meri is a copy of David Guetta – Titanium!!! I clearly remember JTHJ Challa article was posted on your site couple of years ago

  • @Anand_The Original: i will remain very strong in math, got 92 in HS exam(west bengal board) in 2012 n acc to nipun review
    bang bang poster>hny poster
    bang bang trailler> hny trailler
    bang bang music> hny music
    bang bang lifetime= 3*HNY lifetime

  • @Ricky, who are you to force us to accept Hrithik as the best dancer in India? Unko Accept Karna Na Karna Humarey Marzi, you duffer! Allu Arjun on another occasion said Prabhu is the best! Chal Phutt, Hum Nahin Maante!! You jaadootard think hrithik is only dancer in India!! That proves how dumb you kids are!
    Many other south actors dance on par with Hrithik: Ram Charan Teja, Allu Arjun, Lawrence Bhargava, Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao Junior etc. In Bollywood, to us, Shahid Kapur dances on par with Hrithik does. Hrithik is more flexible, while Shahid is electrifying!!
    So, Hrithik can dance like this without learning from others? That learning is called training, you moron! So, he has got this physique without the trainings by others? Be grateful, Salman spent 1.5 years to help your icon to have the body that you guys nowadays take pride of.

  • After a long time, i have heard good music – the music of bang bang is excellent. the music must depict time, place and circumstance…..after the music of ashiqui 2, music is going back to being melody………i think the music rating should have been higher……..the different types of songs suits different tastes………

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