Michael Jackson tribute is my love for him, his style and energy: Hrithik

Quite a few stars might claim to have the biggest fan following in the world, but Michael Jackson was truly in a league of his own.

Paying rich tribute to arguably the biggest superstar that ever lived, Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan, who idolised Jackson during his growing up years, says he did the title track of Bang Bang in his own style as a ode to his inspiration.

“I love his style and energy! So, when Bosco (choreographer) and Sid (director Siddharth Anand) said ‘Michael Jackson’, at first I thought there’s no way I could match up, but then I reframed that and did it for my love for him in my own style, my own way,” Hrithik said in a statement.

“It’s my ode to the inspiration he has been.”

Hrithik Roshan grooved a la late King of Pop Michael Jackson for the title track of Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan grooved a la late King of Pop Michael Jackson for the title track of Bang Bang



  • This tribute is just too awesome..wish katrina had more to do but doesn’t matter coz HR just stole the show…
    Its really enough now! Please release the movie. The wait is becoming unbearable minute by minute and with these new songs releasing its just too much for one to handle. With or without haider, a massive hit on the cards!

  • Cmon Srk is the biggest superstar of all time. BBC has said he is known by more than 3 billion people worldwide. Michael Jackson was just popular for his music, while Srk is popular for many things -movies, IPL, etc. Michael Jackson is slightly behind Srk in popularity and fame.

  • MJ is the king of pop while hrithik is the king of bollywood dance.
    As i have said earlier, only classy,sensible movielovers will love the audio and video. Crappy-movielover should avoid it as it’s beyond their mind.

  • Loved the way Benny Dayal has sung the track. . Neeti Mohan has given equally justice.
    Thanks to all the singers @neetimohan18 @benny_dayal @harshdeepkaur @iamashking @shilparao @vishaldadlani @shekharravjiani for the album.
    Considering the type of the movie, bang bang album is suitable .

  • He is so humble…. Hrithik by no means less than Micheal Jackson for me bcos hrithik has much more variations to offer :)
    when he starts dancing we have just no option “just sit &watch”

  • When Hrithik dons the dancing cap jaws drop and world becomes still and stiff to witness the history! BangBangTitleTrack is OUTSTANDING!

  • I thought it would impossible to match ‘Dhoom Again’ and ‘Fire’ steps even for Hrithik himself due to his age and all the injuries. But, he has proven me wrong once again. Nothing is impossible for this man, he always pushes himself to extreme. Proud to have a talent like him in our country.

    Music is urban, Punk stylish, suits perfectly with the video, and the video is beyond awesome!

  • It would hv been great if v could hv got the chance of watching hrithik and mj sharing a Dias and grooving to a song.

  • To all who have been saying and especialy 2Rs Khantards saying rubbish about this dance…eat this m*fos !

    Danny boyle on ‘Hrithik Roshan’ – He is Extraordinary,I Never seen anybody Dance like that since MJ”


  • Hrithik dances very well at the end of the song!! This is Hrithik’s tribute to MJ! Nothing creative but still a treat to watch!
    But Shahid Kapoor’s real life dance tribute to MJ at award function is far better I think!

    Ek Pal Jeena, Main Aisa Kyun Hoon, Dhoom 3, Kite Short Dance Competition and Bang Bang are some of his bests.
    When it comes to the song, Salman’s Bang Bang is better!
    Let’s see whether it crosses 200 Crores or not! All the best!

  • no doubt hrithik is best dancer but people only remember Salman steps like
    hud hud dabangg
    dinka chika
    jume ki raat
    mere hi jalwa
    jine ke hai char din
    ohho jane jana
    these steps r very famous among the people.
    but I didn’t found hrithik steps LOL.

  • BANG BANG will be a blockbuster. haider music is interesting. im waiting for BB, HNY, PK.
    my pridiction.
    Bang Bang 200+ (Action + Entertaining)
    HNY 200+ (Entertaining)
    PK 150+ (bcz its a Religious movie. wont appeal everyone.)
    haider 60+ ( Dark Movie , after dedh Ishqiya Failure. i dont expect Haider to put up big numbers although it will be a award winning movie for shahid kapoor. thts for sure.)

    but Bollywood got some great movies lined up towards the end of this year… thumbs up.

  • This song is even more cathy,when i listened first it was average then again i liked it bt when i saw video u jst cant beliv title track is in repeat mode.
    Over all ‘tu meri’ is best followed by ‘meherbaan’ and then ‘bang bang’.
    All records will be shatterd.

  • @shaggy
    Those steps of salman r popular bcoz even a non dancer can do those quite easily,thats why they became a rage among masses..but good skilled dancers would never try to do those steps and choreography wise they are nothing…

    Hrithik’s steps of D2,Main aisa kyun hoon,its magic,ek pal ka jeena are also very popular and are meant for dance lovers!!!

  • Superb dance…speechless…..

    But just if song could have been more better it would have been icing on the cake…

    Didn’t like the song at all….
    Those who calling it a dance anthem….plssss…this is non sense…

    No body in the Bollywood is as fit as hr and nobody can even think of dancing like he does…loved it..

  • hrithik is best in all foreign style of dance no question but in desi style no one can beat Salman current time. srk dnt know how to dance
    @ shaggy o o jaane jaana is best male dance in hindi cinema. dance is about to joy not only physical movement.
    ek pal ka jeena, sitaro ki mahfil and how can i forget kaho naa pyaar hai r best of hrithik roshan.

  • Using MJ’s name wont do da trick 4 u… u will still need ur papa’s help to manipulate figures and help it go pass 150…

  • @Shaggy – Salmon is better dancer than Hrithik and MJ, better singer than Presley, MJ, Beatles, Kishore and Rafique sir, better actor than Dilip sahab, Al Pacing, Freeman, better batsman than Sachin, better Footballer than Pele, better tennis player than Laver, better swimmer than Phelps, faster than Bolt, and is more beautiful than Madhubala and Marilyn Monroe combined.
    I guess that’s how you see him.

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