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The official remake of Tom Cruise’s ‘Knight and Day’, ‘Bang Bang’, directed by Sidharth Anand, has already managed to create a storm across the nation with its theatrical teaser. Featuring inarguably the best looking on screen pair of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, ‘Bang Bang’ boasts of high-octane action sequences and foot tapping music.

Well, in his fairly long career, it might sound surprising that it is for the first time that the music director duo of Vishal-Shekhar are composing tunes for a Hrithik Roshan film.

Will a massive film like Bang Bang be able to extract the best out of Vishal-Shekhar who have been on a creative downslide recently? Read on to find out.

Tu Meri: The Bang Bang music album kicks off with ‘Tu Meri’ sung and written by Vishal Dadlani himself. The song starts off as a slow romantic number but later foot tapping beats converts it into a peppy dance number. The western fusion is all over this song and the lyrics are just right to have you rocking and tapping your feet. (3.5/5)

Meherbaan: Vishal-Shekhar duo possess this uncanny art of churning out brilliant romantic melodies every now and then. ‘Meherbaan’ is in the league of their own greats like ‘Khuda Jaane’, ‘Hey Shona’ and ‘Falak Tak’ to name a few. Ash King has provided the male vocals and it’s nice to see him getting a big song after Bodyguard’s ‘I Love You’. He is ably supported by Shilpa Rao and Shekhar. Anvita scores with memorable lyrics. (4/5)

Bang Bang: The title song is sung by Benny Dayal who is on a career high with songs like ‘Badtameez Dil’, ‘Besharmi Ki Height’ and ‘Locha-e-ulfat’ behind him. This track again sounds like an attempt to recreate western classics of yesteryears. Neeti Mohan is good as female voice. Last minute or so of the song is just music, designed to showcase the extraordinary dancing skills of Hrithik Roshan. (3/5)

Uff: Harshdeep Kaur of ‘Jugni’ and ‘Heer’ fame gets to sing the next track ‘Uff’ with Benny Dayal again providing male vocals. Though the song is not her regular Punjabi flavoured track, she does well. Composition gives a feel that Vishal-Shekhar are trying too much with instruments and musical arrangements. Lyrics are effective but overall audio is average. (2.5/5)

The unplugged version of ‘Meherbaan’ is equally mesmerising to the ears. Without a doubt, it’s the best composition of the album.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

‘Bang Bang’ doesn’t have extraordinary music or classic evergreen chartbusters. Having said that, the music album has songs that blend perfectly with the genre of the film. It will be a delight to watch Hrithik-Katrina performing to the Bang Bang songs on the big screen.

Get ready to Bang Bang this Gandhi Jayanti.

Vote for your favourite song in the album and do post your very own music reviews of Bang Bang in the comments section below.

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  • @indicine: sorry sorry! Your average is coming 3.25 ,not 3. So thanks for giving it more rating than hny album which was 3 from your review.
    So, my rating and your rating are exactly same. Only difference is the meherbaan and uff rating.

  • In the month of sept khubsurt songs topping charts n from oct onwards only Lovely song topping, Tere naal naal saajna mera dil dhadke dhadke mai lovely ho gayi yaar, naam tera padhke , naam tera padhke.. mai lovey ho gayiaaaaaaa <3

  • @arjun kapoor: your over all rating is flawed. Average of 4 ratings of bang bang are more than that of hny. Check it again.

    My rating:

    hny: 2.75/5

    hny: 2/5

  • Bang bang n holiday both music brouggt by Zee Music Company n both films have no chatbuster, the oppenning of bang bang will prove it like holiday. Acc to me bang bang 1st day 18 to 22cr because of holiday.

  • well, Bang Bang title track and Tu meri are my favourites….Meherbaan is soulful one but aint heard Uff yet so will go 3/5.

  • This is by FAR the BEST Album for 2014. It has got EVERYTHING…From Peppy Dance Number to Romantic now. This Deserves atleast 4 Stars :)

    And you guys really underestimated UFF :/ I dont agree with you. It is one of the BEST song in the recent time !!

    5, 4 , 3 , 2, 1 >> #BangBang

  • Well i accpept that bang bang music is better than hny due to hr fans, now i don’t want any excuse if bang bang will get poor opening like holiday. And as far hny concern lovely, satakli n sharabi looks instant chatbuster.. and when hny get 40cr plus opening than i don’t want to excuse like hny open well due to music like ce openning lol

  • RomanceNY, I dont want any excuse from you when HNY doesn’t take 40 crore opening and then blame Diwali puja, Farah Khan for being Sajid Khan’s sister and Shirish Kunder’s husband… for no chartbuster song.. you already gave one excuse that BB music is better than HNY, so don’t use that later when HNY takes lower opening than Singham Returns.

    Outside the crazy world of Twitter.. I have yet to come across a person who has liked the HNY trailer in real life :) That’s a fact. The trailer has been hated. Even the trailer of Ra One, Don 2, JTHJ had better response.

  • @nipun

    In no way bang bang music is better than hnh in any aspect…yes picturisatuon is better and that is the saving grace…
    I m in my full senses saying that…

    Don’t go blind or deaf in your love towards hrithik…I too love hr but talk a little sense…
    Indicine has been too gracious in giving the rating…no way it deserves more than 2.5

  • Yes bang bang is better than hny in terms of teaser/trailer and posters
    But in music c’mon..dont be so much ignorant @nipun

    Title track and uff are not at all upto the mark…

  • @romance
    Hahaha..thanks for ur prediction,it shows how poor you are at mathematics as you predicted “BB lifetime=3 times HNY lifetime”…lol

  • Music isnt that great except Meherbaan & Uff..
    Afterall its an Action thriller… & Music definitely blends with the genre…
    Loved all of them… But Meherbaan & Uff are best if you are talking abt song…
    Bang bang title track is average but Video is outstanding…
    3.5 in my opinion… U underrated UFF highly…

    @Romance New_yr: (September 18, 2014 at 3:13 pm)
    For the first time u agree with u… ;)
    100% Ryt…

  • @romance New yr
    means if we consider bang bang lifetime 180 cr then HNY only 60 cr lol
    as u said
    bb lifetime = 3 x hny lifetime
    180 = 3 x 60
    lol romance predicted 60 cr for hny

  • RomanceNY, always knew you were dumb, but didn’t know the size of your brain = 3x size of peanut.

    Dude, Bang Bang Life time = 3xHNY means if Bang Bang does 300 cr, then HNY is 100 cr. LOL

  • hrithik is best dancer in bollywood but if we include all the regional film industries of India then I think allu arjun of tollywood is best dancer

  • d music is surely fresh nd new….bangbang title track nd uff r my favrt…..but realy vishal shekhar satisfied us wid d music of bangbang….whole album is gud…my rating overal 3.5

  • @HRfan: if hny release in 24th oct the 1st day 40 to 45cr n if 23rd the 28 to 32cr, as of now hny premire held on 22oct, UAE release 23rd oct n India release 24th oct.
    @shaggy: @babaji bang bang = 3times Hny for its trailler, poster, music so bang bang lifetime should be = 3* Hny lifetime. But acc to me bang bang open above average like holiday due to no chatbuster song n lifetime depends on content.

  • it looks indicine team uses different parameter for different album.there should be only one standard rating system to maintain neutrality.on my view uff is one of those lovable songs which common people has bollywood flavour more than other song of this must be given 3.5/5.and indicine comparision is must with hny album.the problem is here that you give 3/5 a crap album of hny and also 3/5 to a good album.that shows your corruption.

  • @hrfan srk work with farah result mhn n oso depite underexpectation from farah, history will be repeated for HNY too, picture abhi baki hai mere dost

  • Tu Meri – 3.5 stars Due to great beats and Peppy number it had rocked in pubs…night clubs… Rocking CHARTBUSTER

    Meharbaan – 4 Stars Pure Romantic number with good lyrics and composition…Romantic CHARTBUSTER

    Bang Bang Title Track – 3.5 stars Great beats…Not very loud..Avg lyrics but Good singing…Video CHARTBUSTER

    Uff – 3 stars. Delight full fresh music with good lyrics makes song Hearable.. FEEL GOOD Song

    Meharbaan Reprise – 3 stars.. Great composition…

    Bang Bang Music – 3.5 stars.. Good One

  • two really funny comments on page 2-
    1. ronmance- bb lifetime = 3 hny lifetime.
    @ romance i can understand after listning hny tracs 1000 times anybody’s mind will disturb than u r an srk fan, no wonder.
    2- HRfan- Farah Khan for being Sajid Khan’s sister and Shirish Kunder’s husband. lol u dnt know she is woman!

  • @Indicine ..

    What Happens To You .. The Songs Are Super Awesome .. Check Youtube & Any Music Site ..

    People Just Loving The Music .. It Just On No1 On Every Chartbuster ..

    You Give It 3 .. ii Guess It Deserves 4 .. The Only Minus Point In Bang Bang Music Is There’s Only 4 Track ..

    But Every Track OF BB Is Just Mind Blowing .. ;) Hopes You Edit It To 4 Or May Be 3.5 /5

  • The comment section the best for any Bollywood site :D Characters like Nipun, Babaji Ka Thullu, Arjun Kapoor, Navin, Romance NewYr, Anand Original.. and supporting actors like Boney Kapoor, Dynamic, Navin Shivers add to the fun. LOL

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