Bang Bang Dialogue Promo 2: Unzip, hug, shoot!

The mystery around Bang Bang is building up as the second dialogue promo of the film has been released. “Mere zip kholo” says Hrithik to Katrina.. he then asks her to hug him, when she does, he asks her to find the guns and shoot the car down!

Short dialogue promo unlike the last one. If you haven’t watched the first dialogue promo, you can watch it on this page too.

Dialogue Promo 2 – Unzip, Hug, shoot

Dialogue Promo 1 – Dialogue and action



  • Well the biggest Action Rom-Com is here……….. & Hrithik-Katrina definitely the the most beautiful pair in bollywood……… I think she should seriously think about dumping Ranbir….sometimes 2 people are just made for eachother HR-Kat just show that


    BangBangMania ALL OVER BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    #BulletsWillFLyOnOct2 – This is FREAKING Awesome!!! 250 Crore Sure Shot BlockBuster…With Clash / Without Clash :)

  • Knight and Day was an action comedy. So, I was wondering just when they will highlight the humour in BANG BANG, and finally, they have!!

    “Zip kholo, hug me, shoot!” HAHAHA!!!

    There is no stopping BANG BANG!!

  • The curiosity only increases with each passing day for bang fact bang bang happy new year and pk all three have the potential to go over 100 crore in their respective opening weekends considering the hype and hoopla all three movies have been able to create so far

  • Not as good as the first promo but still worth applauding!!!

    We get some scenes of the song UFF!!!
    BangBang will also have some comedy elements,coz Knight & Day comes under Action,Comedy,thriller genre…

  • Silly @bulli, he is driving the Bike thats why he asks her to unzip, hug & shoot……I think your Lungi dance hangover is still there.

  • the best thing of knight and day was tom cruise and his amazing performance…. i became fan of cruise after dat movie…
    i like hrithik also and i m sure dat he is going to do better than tom…
    from a srk fan

  • Well, first promo was better!! Let’s see how the movie turns out! How much do u think it will collect, Hrithik fans? One agreed approximate collections only!

  • Hr fans bang bang was 1st offered to shahid but he reject it n decide to do haider n after the release of both films it will be clear where the decision of shahid was right or wrong but i think shahid took good decision to chose a good content film haider rather than crap n flop hollywood remake.

  • @Anand: My prediction for now will be 190-200crs with avg. WOM
    But if WOM is as good as Dhoom 2,then KICK and CE will be surpassed…

    Chances of beating D3 record is minimal…

  • One thing i cannot understand from all this – why the hell is kat smiling so much…
    When Hrithik & Kat r running, bullets r flying… still she is smiling…. May be Confident that Rajveer won’t let anything happen to her…. ;)

    The first promo was action packed & this is humorous…

    Unzip, Hug, Shoot….

  • @Romance_new_year, Shahid was first rumored to be in Sids next… But that wasn’t Bang Bang… There was only one choice for Bang Bang.. Its HRITHIK…
    So Keep Calm & Wait for Bang Bang…

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