Finding Fanny First Week Collections: Deepika’s first failure in 3 years

Finding Fanny is Deepika Padukone’s first flop in almost three years. Her last failure was way back in November 2011 when Desi Boyz released in theatres. Since then Cocktail, Race 2, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Chennai Express and Ram Leela have all been clean-hits or better.

The film has collected Rs 28 cr in its first week. The drop on Monday was huge, and business continued to fall with each passing day.

Finding Fanny needed to collect around 40 crore to be a decent success, but the film should end its run with lifetime collections of less than 35 crore.

Finding Fanny First Week Collections

  • Friday – 5.1 cr
  • Saturday – 7.06 cr
  • Sunday – 7.75 cr
  • Monday – 2.5 cr
  • Tuesday – 2.07 cr
  • Wednesday – 1.95 cr
  • Thursday – 1.7 cr
  • Total – Rs 28.13 cr




  • Sad that fanny hasn’t worked at the bo but happy that critics and niche audience hv liked the arjun has nw 1 superhit and 2 hit out of 5 releases with success rate 60%.journey is always more important tham destination so I m happy to see that arjun is walking on the right path

  • Though i liked the film,it was’nt for everyone….

    @ArjunKapoor:A big lesson to learn for you,you should not irritate everyone shouted like anything that FF will collect 100crs Blockbuster and look what has happened!!!

  • I m arjun’s fan so its obvious for me to xpect a lot from his every film even if I knw its realistically not possible.dont u xpect 300cr or 200cr from every akki or hro film?

  • Well decent watch should have been a hit as it was one of the better films this year……. May be Cleavage issue went against the film as it supposedly a promotional stunt

  • @thullu instead of celebrating others’ failure u shd wish gd for everyone.I hv always wished well for others but I knw many in indicine r xtrmly happy with fanny failing at d bo.
    Get a life guys,don’t b so narrow minded

  • Where is @arjun kapoor who was saying that ff would collect more than 100 crores.
    @babaji ka thullu ya dude i agreed wid you.
    After the release of bang bang katrina would be again on top slot b’coz hny is going to be just average movie.

  • No matter how big a female superstar is, she needs a good script or a big male superstar to pull crowds into theatres.

  • @raja natwarlal aka element u always blv that youngistaan films work bcz of big banner and top actress so don’t gv any lame excuse if dharma’s ungli fails and if it bcms a hit entire credit shd go to kangana and dharma bcz acc to u soty,htp,sdr,2 states worked only bcz of others

  • Finding fanny wasn’t a failure as the makers already celebrate its success party like humshakals team, don’t underestimate the power of youngstan team.

  • So the rule is if arjun’s film work atd bo then credit goes to others and if it fails then its arjun’e fault!lol

  • Finding fanny would have become another lekar hum deewana did for dinesh vijan if deepika wasn’t a part of it, anyhow deepika is the biggest crowed puller, Lovely song coming tommorw

  • ARJUN KAPOOR: (September 19, 2014 at 8:22 pm)
    ARJUN KAPOOR: (September 19, 2014 at 8:26 pm)
    I agree with this two comments of you.
    you are a kind person and wish all actors ! i dont like arjun but every actors has flop films be it srk sallu aamir Hrithik or akshey ! so its not a big deal! good luck for tevar .

  • @Arjun kapoor:u think i am enjoying its failure!! i liked the film…i was just trying to give u a lesson.
    and i don’t expect 300crs from an akki film,neither i am expecting 300crs from bang bang..

  • Theres a famous saying n it goes something like this:- “you wait ages for a bus to arrive and two arrive at the same time…”

    Broken down it means her next failure is round the corner…! :-(

  • @arjun fanny-less kapoor

    Forget thullus words as like his thullu they mean nothing- keep irritating everybody if thats what Sir Boney has taught you n keep supporting your Arjun which is more than can be said about the treacherous babaji… This is the same babaji who couldnt stomach Akkis back to back failures n suddenly one day found himself getting a job as Entertainment Manager at Jaaduland after bedding sorry befriending Nipun Kumar- now Hritik is his fav star n Akki is his third fav star- just behind Entertainment…!

  • hahaha!! Indicine, you are lying!! The Lost Fanny is a Success!! Critics and the niche audiences have liked it. do you know that niche audiences pay triple price for a ticket than middle or low class audiences?

    @SRK fans, we have never said CE earned 227 Crores only because of DPka. It worked because of Rohit Shetty (100 Crores) BB Director of Masala Entertainer)+ SRK (100+ Crore Super Star Coming to Masala Genre after years)+ Deepika (top heroine with her earlier movies working big time).
    Besides, Fanny is not a Masala entertainer. Yet, it failed mainly because they tried to copy English movies instead of seriving the desi audiences.
    Any movie with such content starring no matter how big star (Aamir, SRK, Salman or Hrithik) will fail as well.

  • @navin agree with you dude . this babaji leaves akki easily because of nipun! babaji not supporting akki like Hrithik , when akki is his fav star! why?

  • This is the price that Deepika has to pay for working with my Nalayak son, Arjun Kapoor. The movie would have worked well had he not kept irritating Indicine users under the so-called banner of yoingistan! A lesson for life! Hope my nalayak yet dear son understand this.

    I would like to say, though I have my own problems with my son, that Babaji Ka Thullu is not defending Akshay Bhai well. He watches on even though Nipun Kumar bashes Akshay.
    I am working on Bewafa 2 with Akshay Bhai and Anil Bhai. In the sequel, Manoj Bajpai will be replaced by Arjun.

    I need your supports!

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