Bajrangi Bhaijaan Tuesday (Day 5) Box Office Collection Update

Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan continues its dream run on its 5th morning at the domestic box office. The drop in the morning as compared to Monday, varies from 10-20%, but business is still phenomenal both at single-screens and multiplexes. The advance booking for the evening / night shows is also excellent.

While circuits like Delhi/UP and East Punjab are going recording incredibly high occupancies and collections, it’s the so-called ‘class’ circuits like Mysore and West Bengal, that are showing tremendous growth and embracing a film like Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Circuit records for Salman Khan films in these two circuits will be surpassed by a long margin.

Mumbai circuit started slow on Friday and Gujarat didn’t get a huge initial either. But the Monday business at cities like Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Valsad was higher than the opening day collections of the film.

Looking at the trends over the weekend and the record-breaking hold on Monday, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is certain to be Salman Khan’s biggest grosser, ahead of his last Eid release ‘KICK’.

The big question now is, if the film will surpass the records held by the 2nd highest grosser (Dhoom 3 – 285 crore) and the highest grosser of all time (PK – 340 crore). Both Aamir Khan starrers.

With Tuesday collections also estimated to come in the 20 crore plus range, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is looking at first week collections of 185 crore plus.

Also note that the entertainment tax in Delhi is set to increase from 20% to 40%. However, the film has been declared tax free in Uttar Pradesh.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 27.25 crore
  • Saturday – 36.6 crore
  • Sunday – 38.75 crore
  • Monday – 27.05 crore
  • Total Collections - 129.65 crore


  • and the so called records of baahubali of 200cr gross in 4days also surpased by bajrangi bhaijaan by huge margin as it is gross 226cr in 4days and 3days of overseas means it will be atleast 240cr in 4days pls update it indicine.

  • I would say 190 cr for first week is possible now.

    @indicine, why you are not posting Monday collections? ??

  • Awsome news BB on the course to break Dhoom3 then pk one of the best movie of alltime salman Rocks haters shocks

  • Way to go Bajrangi Bhaijaan!!!! But Aamir’s next Dangal won’t be able to break box office records as it will be Disaster at the box office.

  • yaar koi iss tax ko hatao.y tax only bollywood and now tax in delhi set to increase!!!!!!!!

    really someone shd tell gvt to either do d same to regional cinema or lower tax fr bollywood films

    1-THEY CANT SAY BB COLLECTIONS R MANUPULATED… (unless IQis equal to javed n sss)
    2-THEY CANT SAY IT WORK BECAUSE OF HOLYDAYS… as not weekday is holyday…
    3-THEY CANT SAY ITS DUE TO HEAVY PROMOTION as salman didnt do sny slam tour niethr travl to any city ..
    4- THEY CNT SAY IT WAS MULTISTARRER..OR WORKED CAUSE OF NAWAJ cause nawaj enter aftr frst half….
    5- THEY CANT CALL IT CHEAP… chap this title is already won by HNY
    with dilogs like … ex madar…. chod na yaar…
    so wat they r going to do is…. barking like…
    aftr BB collection n baajirao trailer QUEEN FAN GIRLS ki life lul ho gayi …

  • Bajrangi bhaijaan storm all over the country.
    Total four days collection 129.65 cr
    tuesday 22 cr
    wednesday 20 cr
    thursday 18 cr
    first week around 190 cr
    2nd friday 15 cr
    saturday 17 cr
    sunday 20 cr
    monday 12 cr
    tuesday 11 cr
    wednesday 10 cr
    thursday 9 cr.
    total after two week
    284 cr.
    3rd friday 5 cr
    saturday 7 cr
    sunday 10 cr
    monday 4 cr
    tuesday 3.5 cr
    wednesday 3.2 cr
    thursday 3 cr..
    3 weet total 320 crore.
    Rest 15-20 cr.
    lifetime total 340 crore.
    Same range as PK..


  • @swanand you srkians are burning due to BB success, too much fun.
    Dangal will be another Christmas ATBB from Aamir like D3, 3I, Pk and Ghaijini, while raees Fan will be a disaster.

  • 20 cr rest milta h jitne bhi bade star h in case bb bhi 20 cr rest milega to oviously is come life time 300 plus

  • Just look at this : Baahubaali’s Hindi version has collected an impressive 3.5+ crores on its 11th day i.e 2nd Monday, 5.4 crores on its 10th day i.e sunday , 4.7 crores on its sat , 3.25 crores on its 2nd friday (On BB’s opening day) , so app. 16.8 crores in 4 days after BB’s release.

    BB did almost 130+ crores in 4 days , so just imagine had Baahubali not competed with BB then its collections for 4 days would have been a mind boggling 143+ crores at least & imagine what could have been BB’s collections without competition from Baahubali ,

    1st day – 27.25 (BB’s 1st day ) + 3.2 (Baahubali’s 2nd Fri) = 30+ crores
    2nd day – 36.6 + 4.7 (Bb 2nd sat) = 41+ crores
    3rd day – 38.75 + 5.4 = 44+ crores
    4th day – 27+3.5 = 30+ crores , so app 145+ crores for 4 days and mind u BB’s collections in south India were seriously dented bcos of Baahubali , so if we add another 5+ crores from south india for 4 days then what we get is a mind boggling 150+ crores collections all over India in just 4 days, wow , just unbelievable !

    So had Baahubali been not there in competition , BB would have literally tore each & every record into pieces including HNY’s highly manipulated opening day record, that’s why BB’s success is even more historic & significant than what it actually is, its salmania everywhere guys!

    Feel proud & happy to have watched two of the finest movies ever made in Indian cinema in a span of 10 days , BB = Bajrangi bhaijaan , BB= Baahubali, BB= Big bang Blockbuster & finally BB = Best of Bharatiya cinema , Indian cinema rocks!!!

  • The so called king yet give 15cr non holiday opening day collections & Bhai movie is collecting more than 25cr on Monday Tuesday…Too much fun.

  • Congratz sallu bhaijan
    Finally he did a movie which is praised by audience and critic alike..
    the credit goes to both kabir n salman as i heard he nodded for the script for the very first time. so credit goes to salman too.
    anyways i want it to cross pk’s collection coz ultimately it will help our hindi film industry to grow..
    den In Sha Allah dilwale will collect 400+ cr

  • Bajranji bhaijaan is unbeatable…
    thank @indicine for ur such a quick update…
    earlier i used to click indicine and find no news and i had to switch to another website bt now u r doing gr8 job by providing updates…
    hats off to u
    hoping continous progress like bajranji bhaijaan doing at box office…

  • what a lovely film by Salman khan. Great story and msg given by Kabhir khan.
    These KHANS are ruling INDIA. Of top 25 grossers 21 are by KHANS…

  • Much better movie than PK. It deserves to beat PK at the box-office.
    Salman is consistently improving, good choice of scripts.

  • 20% drop overall wld mean 22 cr for the day.. 5th day n a all working day!!.. simply superb!!.. pk week 1 record of 183 cr in danger big time!! .. unexpected coz its not a christmas or diwali break time!!

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