Bajrangi Bhaijaan beats Dhoom 3, becomes 2nd highest all time grosser

Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan has become the 2nd highest grosser of all time, beating the previous record of Dhoom 3 in just 17 days after its release.

The Kabir Khan directed film showed outstanding growth in business, yet again on Saturday and Sunday. It’s the family audience that has sustained the business of the film for so long and that’s a massive achievement, because families only come out in big numbers if a film is carrying appreciation.

The film will cross the 300 crore mark this week and finish with net box office collections of around Rs 320 crore.

DayDhoom 3Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Lifetime Collections286.03 crores292.26 crores
Day 136.2227.25
Day 233.3636.60 (Eid)
Day 338.03 (Sunday)38.75 (Sunday)
Day 421.7127.05
Day 520.1421.4
Day 625.52 (Christmas)18.05
Day 714.0115.55
First Week188.99 crores184.65 crores
Day 810.112.80
Day 912.0419.25
Day 1016.71 (Sunday)24.05 (Sunday)
Day 116.839.30
Day 127.269.10
Day 1310.78 (New Year)7.10
Day 144.616.03
Two Week Total257.32 crores87.63 crores
Day 153.144.11
Day 164.026.80
Day 175.75 (Sunday)9.07 (Sunday)
Day 182
Day 192.04
Day 201.73
Day 211.45
Three Week Total277.45 crores
Day 220.8
Day 230.9
Day 241.06 (Sunday)
Till Fourth weekend280.21
Remaining weeks5.82


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