Baby Box Office Collections in 5 days and Analysis

Baby has collected Rs 5.1 crore on its 5th day at the domestic box office, taking its total to Rs 56.07 crore. The film had to sustain at around the 6-6.5 crore mark to cross 100 crore, but even though the trend is good, the first day business was too low for the film to have much of a chance in the long run.

Also, since Baby has mainly collecting from multiplexes in big cities, the reduced ticket prices on Tuesday had a major impact on collections. The occupancy was just about 10% lower than Friday, but with ticket rates dropping by around 20% on Tuesday as compared to the first extended weekend, the first weekday collections are around the 5 crore mark.

At the risk of sounding negative a little too early, Baby is likely to be a losing venture for T-Series as the film hasn’t performed well in the overseas market and the ban in Pakistan has also resulted in loss of business. The Akshay Kumar starrer, which was produced and marketed at a cost of Rs 73 crore, is likely to finish with distributors share of around 40-45 crore and the overseas share will be around 6 crore in the best case scenario. The total theatrical share (overseas and India) will struggle to cross the 50 crore mark, which will mean that Baby will have to recover around 23-25 crore from Satellite rights etc. Even if it does that, it will barely manage to recover costs i.e break even.

The last hope for the film will be the second weekend business. Baby will have to show phenomenal growth this weekend to have any chance of going on to be a decent success. The fact that there are no major releases this week will help.

Baby Box Office Collections

  • Friday (Day 1) – 9.3 cr
  • Saturday (Day 2) – 11.17 cr
  • Sunday (Day 3) – 15.6 cr
  • Monday (Day 4) – 14.9 cr (holiday for Republic Day)
  • Tuesday (Day 5) – 5.1 cr
  • Total collections – 56.07 cr


  • Film genre and akki past record affected the collections…If he continue the trend of good movies he can regain audience faith (but gabbar and singh is bling are coming and they will remove all good affect of akki created by BABY)
    Khans and HR openings are always huge irrespective of genre….Don and Talash were dark movies but they managed a good opening back in 2011 and 2012….
    What is the overseas collections of Akki…And is overseas collection highest for Akki??

  • @neeraj.. Take it or leave it…they r huge stars..u don’t decide wat they get! Really SR only 10% to Ajay? Then who is bajirao that u give it too? A ghost?? Okay tell me…remove 10% of d collection…let there b no actor or u put one of d new boys u talking about..I bet u u will reverse your statement and re-think…y make foolish statements that gives room for people to b bashing ur view!! No matter how u hate Ajay…u just can’t take anything away from him okay!! Brand name…?? Okay who 1st starred in d 1st brand of singham??
    Rohit Shetty…who brought him to limelight? Who did he say “manages his producer roles? If Ajay hadn’t been his producer he wldv gone bankrupted!!! From ROHITS MOUTH!! so wat u saying??
    Holiday period….wat happened to DON2…BRAND NAME…GOOD DIRECTOR even though it wasn’t SRK that made him?? Huge star cast..festive period..collection way below SR… so pls talk like a matured neutral dude not like a typical village Indian okay!!
    Finally…its not 32crores weekend okay!! Its 32crores 1st day get that!!….

  • @neeraj… Check d opening weekend of SoS and Golmaal3 and Sr… HUGE FOR ONLY HUGE STARS!! SO foolishly reserve your hatred…only sensible thing I said was that Ajay price lower…means u quite read articles of an actor u hate?? Interesting!!!

  • The main problem with the Baby is the mass audiences rejecting it. Moreover, the extended weekend collections were not up to mark. Forget about HIT, it is now difficult to recover its costs, If the second weekends comes great, then it is possible to only recover its costs. Overseas collections were already disaster…..

  • @Aman: You idiot,do you even know the opening day collection of TMK?? It was the second highest of that year only behind collected 12.78crs.
    Now the rest depends on the film and the film was an epeic crap,yet it managed to become Semi-Hit.

    @Bhojpuri Tiger: Tell your lallu to do one offbeat film please we will know his stardom.Jai Ho collected 17crs on 3800 screens with decent promotions…and now if lallu would have starred in BABY,with no songs,no promotions..I can guarantee you it would’nt have collected 15crs even..

  • Also Khans get too much support from this media..every channel keep on showing their nonsense news…Also since there are 3 khans almost equal in stature,they get lot of media advantage due to their rivalry..
    If there would have been 3 Kumars or 3 Roshans instead,story would have been different.

  • Srk fans do u know swades was also flop of that time despite good script , good performance of srk .
    Now akki has done fantastic job in baby film . I know baby film collect collect 100 crore .

  • Akki has given good film every year in 2012 OMG , in 2013 Special chabbis , in 2014 holiday , in 2015 baby , In 2016 he has Airlift film . What about srk last best was Chak De India .

  • @the thullu carrier

    Getting abit too emotional old timer- whatever happened to ‘quality over quantity’….. I mean werent you one of those wrong number giving saruman swami types who felt despite collecting only a 6th of PKs total OMG was the better film…, Baby will collect what the audience wants to give it n certainly not what media, critics or village idiot babujis like you deem its entitled to….!

    Yes media create hype, awareness but noone points a gun to a moviegoers head and says you must watch a khan film or an akki or jaadoo boy film n vice versa… You not so wise babuji- accept the truth- baby is a good film but not much of the wider movie loving public agrees with you…!

  • @kshitij not so wise babuji sriVastevar

    Yes Jai Ho collected 18cr on first day but everyone and their dog Entertainment knows that Jai Ho suffered an own goal bcoz of bhais controversial support for Modi ji which alienated some of his hardcore fanbase…. Despite being a good film it collected 10cr less than what it otherwise would have collected. You say Jai Ho is crap but its message was the best for any recent bhai film n Akkis baby will struggle to get within 20% of its total…!

    Message of helping 3 ppl is so true n even today I intend to help 3 ppl here on indicine by bashing the chameleonism disease out of their system (you one of then plus nipun n some buddha)

  • wed 4.25 cr today 3.50 first week 63.82 cr next week 22 cr rest 5 cr rest week total 90 -semi hit predictions

  • Chameleon mataji:
    awesome buddha’s stars like arjun kapur, ranveer singh etc give way better opening than ur 60cr club actor. Better u compare him with these yuonsgtars and forget khans.

    P.S- This is my 1st haterd cmmnt against akki and baby after 2-3month only bcoz of the bhojpuri mataji.

  • @Navin, you always rockz, keep entertain us. Thanks European Navin. But please don’t bash Akki. You nicely handle chameleons.

  • @myanmar,
    i also like akki….but luk at bhojpuri mataji’s nonsense about bhai. He is forcing us to bash akki.

  • The truth is simple. Most of the BO sites are paid by producers to reveal fake BO figures, just like critics ratings and reviews. The truth is something else and most of Akki’s movies are hits. C’mon guys, you can understand the fact well enough when you see how many producers are eager to sign him up even when he is not a newbie. He is getting more film offers than he can manage, his plate is full. But what about the newcomers? When Ranbir gives one flop, he disappears.

    So don’t go by these BO collections. Imagine, if the movies of the Khans could collect 600 or 700 crores worldwide indeed, Govt would have left everything and invested in film-making with Aamir, Salman or SRK in the lead or even Ranbir. How come a guy who gives a supposed 190 crore hit in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani lose his credibility with one flop in Besharam. Clearly, the truth is something else. So dont lose heart that Akkis movies are doing bad. The fact is – his are the movies that work without promotions and anything and do great business. Producers actually show the collections on the lower side deliberately. When normal people downplay their income, how can you expect producers to reveal their actual income? Just enjoy good acting, good subject etc. Don’t go by BO collections. They have always been fake, and would always be so.

  • It’s really superb movie to watch. It’s 1 of the best movie in last few years. Akshay is rocking. As collection wil grow week by week. d it wil get hit status. I think film makers has nt promote d the film d they r responsible for this situation. . So we r seeing this bad collection d coz of this we can’t blame star cast. Every 1 r best. In film.

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