Baby Box Office Collections in 5 days and Analysis

Baby has collected Rs 5.1 crore on its 5th day at the domestic box office, taking its total to Rs 56.07 crore. The film had to sustain at around the 6-6.5 crore mark to cross 100 crore, but even though the trend is good, the first day business was too low for the film to have much of a chance in the long run.

Also, since Baby has mainly collecting from multiplexes in big cities, the reduced ticket prices on Tuesday had a major impact on collections. The occupancy was just about 10% lower than Friday, but with ticket rates dropping by around 20% on Tuesday as compared to the first extended weekend, the first weekday collections are around the 5 crore mark.

At the risk of sounding negative a little too early, Baby is likely to be a losing venture for T-Series as the film hasn’t performed well in the overseas market and the ban in Pakistan has also resulted in loss of business. The Akshay Kumar starrer, which was produced and marketed at a cost of Rs 73 crore, is likely to finish with distributors share of around 40-45 crore and the overseas share will be around 6 crore in the best case scenario. The total theatrical share (overseas and India) will struggle to cross the 50 crore mark, which will mean that Baby will have to recover around 23-25 crore from Satellite rights etc. Even if it does that, it will barely manage to recover costs i.e break even.

The last hope for the film will be the second weekend business. Baby will have to show phenomenal growth this weekend to have any chance of going on to be a decent success. The fact that there are no major releases this week will help.

Baby Box Office Collections

  • Friday (Day 1) – 9.3 cr
  • Saturday (Day 2) – 11.17 cr
  • Sunday (Day 3) – 15.6 cr
  • Monday (Day 4) – 14.9 cr (holiday for Republic Day)
  • Tuesday (Day 5) – 5.1 cr
  • Total collections – 56.07 cr


  • Films like khamoshiyaan, hawaizaada,MSG look trash. So baby will have good 2nd weekend.Hope it goes near 100cr mark and eventually turns a hit venture.

  • wow, akki sir has surprised all of us by crossing 60 crores in just 6 days as 6th day collections are expected to cross 60 crores so we can be sure about it crossing 60 crores in 6 days. bravo.

  • Tuesday figure was 7.1 cr . But somebody changed it to 5cr . So everybody started publishing 5cr. It is ridiculous. How it happens i wonder?

  • If the film is struggling to recover costs with producer figures.. I wonder what the reality is? Trade figures are at 45 crore net. Even if the actuals are about 10% higher than that.. Baby is a big flop..

  • @xzone
    Boi is completely trash site. How come they are authentic??? PK official figures are less than BOI for many days. Completely unbelievable. Shame on BOI.

  • Akki has lost his stardom, he couldn’t assure a big opening weekend.
    Hope the film trends well in the remaining days of the week.

  • I m completey shocked.cabt understand y it dropped so much.all my frndz and packed crowd in the theatre where I watched baby just luved the rating 9.1,indicine reader rating 3.9 and critics rating 3.4
    film also picked up well in weekend

    wat else do u need to sustain well in weeksays?

  • baby has little chances of having a great second weekend,as hawaizaaada and other releases will take up many screens from it.

  • So an Akshay kumar solo starring movie without masala, remake content never cross 100 cr mark..?

    People don’t want to see him in a serious or non masala role.
    whenever he tries different people rejects and fails at box office.
    He should do more rowdy rathore , hera pheri or chandni chouk jaisa role…

    My only problem is with one of Akki fan here and calling him a Super star.;He charging like a super star and giving collections like a supporting actor..

  • Whatever Akshay is doing is failing to do well. 8-9 crore opening is something even kids like Varun Dhawan can manage these days.

    Akshay should start charging less or go for profit-share.. By charging 25 crore per film, he is putting a lot of burden on producers.. when he cannot even guarantee a 15 crore opening. I think an actor should charge half of what his films collect in first weekend i.e if his film collected 35 crore in 5 days then he should not be charging more than 15-16 crore.

    I fail to understand why people still want to work with Akki when he charges so much? Isn’t Varun Dhawan or Ranveer Singh a better choice? Films can be made under the 40 crore budget and they can collect as much as Akki films do.

  • @neeraj
    What are you speaking about fees is half true. Have you heard of the word promotional cost? Is baby even promoted ? Its promotion cost is a big zero. While the films of ranveer singh and varun dhawan are promoted across city tours and events which highly compensate for the fees they take.

  • 1.Main problem is MASS audience skip BABY. If Gabbar release Republic Day then Gabbar could be collected 75cr 5 days.
    2. Over confidence by producer. If BABY promotion 1 month only then collection will be higher.
    3. Wrong decision by Akki. Akki sir, you want to FIX release day. If BABY release normal week collection would be same because BABY is multiplex movie not mass. MASS audience out to watch movie only holiday period not normal day.
    Anyway i hope BABY atleast attain HIT status.
    Somemore one wrong release date, Brothers movie actually for holiday period not for SANDWICH date.

  • These type of movies are not family entertainers, you dont take your kids under 10 years to see the violence. These type of movies only garner good reviews by people who like to think and most of the thinking people are smart they download the !movie instead of watching it in theater. Whether it makes money or not but it is the best movie Bollywood has produced. Andaz apna apna is a cult comedy but it was a flop so there are movies which have gained cult status but bombed in boxoffice. I expect AK to get the national award for his role and an official entry into the Oscars provided the political minds don’t play the minority card.

  • Just proves that promotions are important, promotions take care of opening and a good opening is necessary for a film to sustain and grow

  • Very disappointing collections..a movie with such good ratings & WOM should collect more than 150 crores +, but looks like it will end up somewhere near 95-105 crores. It was really a great work from Neeraj Pandey & Akshay Kumar. The collections are not matching up to a Superstar’s/A grade actor’s movie collections. Is akshay kumar fan following declining? or is that the audience has lost sense in watching good different movies. I hope it is not, afterall he is a great actor.

  • I think some people here are being too critical of akki.
    There are various factors that lead to a film getting a gud start,one should’nt forget that…
    You just can’t expect it to collect 15crs without music,lame title,no popular actress on 2650 screens with clash.
    Ticket prices are not hiked like khans get..
    PK’s ticket prices were reduced on its 2nd monday in my city..
    So it is absolutely wrong to compare akki with khans as they have luxury releases with no film releasing in next 2 weeks..

  • SRK fans like @sheheer,you guys keep giving the reason to defend Don 2 saying it was a “non masala” film..OK
    So despite releasing in one of the best release periods,Xmas,Priyanka chopra(A list female lead),Popular franchise..It could collect only 110crs.

    Same with Talash,Aamir released his film on a non holiday..Did he got the 25cr+ or 30crs+ opening which he is use to get?

    I know Khans have a bigger stardom than Akki but there are a lot of advantages they get and you can’t ignore all that.

  • Action/Thriller genre films have’nt trended well as expected in india..definitely not a favourite genre here.
    Films like D Day,Madras cafe too received good reviews but failed to show trending like some other films like OMG,Barfi,Queen,bhaag milkha..
    Aamir’s Sarfarosh was’nt a HIT too,it was just average at the boxOffice.

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