Baby Box Office Collections in 5 days and Analysis

Baby has collected Rs 5.1 crore on its 5th day at the domestic box office, taking its total to Rs 56.07 crore. The film had to sustain at around the 6-6.5 crore mark to cross 100 crore, but even though the trend is good, the first day business was too low for the film to have much of a chance in the long run.

Also, since Baby has mainly collecting from multiplexes in big cities, the reduced ticket prices on Tuesday had a major impact on collections. The occupancy was just about 10% lower than Friday, but with ticket rates dropping by around 20% on Tuesday as compared to the first extended weekend, the first weekday collections are around the 5 crore mark.

At the risk of sounding negative a little too early, Baby is likely to be a losing venture for T-Series as the film hasn’t performed well in the overseas market and the ban in Pakistan has also resulted in loss of business. The Akshay Kumar starrer, which was produced and marketed at a cost of Rs 73 crore, is likely to finish with distributors share of around 40-45 crore and the overseas share will be around 6 crore in the best case scenario. The total theatrical share (overseas and India) will struggle to cross the 50 crore mark, which will mean that Baby will have to recover around 23-25 crore from Satellite rights etc. Even if it does that, it will barely manage to recover costs i.e break even.

The last hope for the film will be the second weekend business. Baby will have to show phenomenal growth this weekend to have any chance of going on to be a decent success. The fact that there are no major releases this week will help.

Baby Box Office Collections

  • Friday (Day 1) – 9.3 cr
  • Saturday (Day 2) – 11.17 cr
  • Sunday (Day 3) – 15.6 cr
  • Monday (Day 4) – 14.9 cr (holiday for Republic Day)
  • Tuesday (Day 5) – 5.1 cr
  • Total collections – 56.07 cr


  • My names Aamsal Khan and I’m the eldest son of @Navin. my name is a mixture of the first names of Aamir khan and Salman Khan. don’t ask why??

    I’m 19 years old same age as @sambudha and @nipun. I live in Uttar Pradesh but my dad lives in London, UK.

    guys dont worry, me and my dad, we dont have good relationship because he abandoned me. he is my dad but that doesn’t mean i support him. I’m totally against him. I’m big fan of Hrithik.

    I would love to be a regular commenter. please like my comment because I wanna make my debut the best ever in indicine and make proud of my dad ( Navin).

  • I will be so so happy if baby become a flop.
    Akshay and neraj shame on you. Only a Wednesday is mind blowing film from neraj. Just hate baby.

  • @element:: 7.1cr was the early est. & 5.1cr. is final figure given by T-Series..
    Not only acc. to BOI but acc. to trade Baby earned 4.74 cr. on tuesday…

    Be ready to see high difference in ROY’s collection also since that is also a T-Series production film…

  • I really feel sorry for Akki. It was quite good movie. Just one question, If Brothers does well than it, will People say it is bcoz of Sid??? Sid’s last release was super duper hit. I really wanna know what will happen in the fate of Brothers.

  • @element:: I also used to check both figures of Pk everyday, not on BOI but on, I never found producer’s figure less than trade figure…..Producer of pk who is also the producer of 3idiots, is not known for fudging collections…
    That is why there is very very less diff. between both figures (Lifetime)…
    And also both figures of these movies were also same (2014)-
    Singham Ret, 2 states, Holiday, Queen, Humpty Sharma….

  • @Neeraj

    Come on man, this statement “An actor’s fee should be half what his films collect in opening weekend” is really flawed. I agree, Akshay charges way too much and your statement looks quite okay when associated with Akshay but in general it is heavily flawed.

    I mean take Ajay as an example. Singham Returns opening day: 32 crores. AJ opening day: 9.5
    crores. Similarly Aamir with Talaash was I think 14-16 crores opening day and Dhoom 3 was a record breaker 36 crore opener. And I am just talking about opening days not weekend.

    Now Aamir takes only profit sharing is a totally different case, but what I am trying to say is, no actor will then try to do offbeat or out of box film. Why should an actor like Hrithik spend 2 years on a film Mohen jo Daro? Compare that with Bang Bang.

    Bang Bang was a complete HR package which collected more than 80 crores in weekend. Mohen jo Daro has a little chance to beat that, because the list hit of Ashotosh (Joddha Akhbar) was no where near HR’s Krrish or Dhoom 2

    When you decide remuneration based on openings you kill different kind of cinema. No superstar would do such films then.

  • @gj007.. Aamir, Salman and SRK take profit share.. You we can’t include them in that category.

    As for the rest of the actors.. What I meant by salary based on weekend collections is.. they could take an average of last 5 films like Indicine does for ranking stars. I wasn’t saying exactly, but the trade and producers would know how much an actor is worth.

    Akki has this habit of going on signing spree as soon as one of his movies does well. Holiday did well, immediately he signed 3-4 films and charged more.

    But if you take his last 5 films, average collection is less than 70 crore.. which is India share of less than 35 crore. Overseas another 10 max and satellite 20. So on an average Akki films recover about 65 crore and investment itself on each of his movies is about 65-70. Producers and distributors both lose out…

    About Ajay’s 32 crore weekend.. I wouldn’t give him 10% credit for it, except for performing Bajirao Singham well. It was a Rohit Shetty film, solo release on holiday and Singham brand that brought in audience.

    Best that Ajay can do on his own is 10-12 crore opening, which is same as Akshay. They should be paid a penny more than 15 cr. But I’ve been reading that Ajay doesn’t overcharge.. Akshay does!

  • @babaji the opening weekend collection of Talaash was 42.5 cr, third highest ever for a non holiday release after Rowdy Rathore 48cr,Don 2 46cr.Its opening day was 12.60cr again a third highest best of non holiday till 2012.Fact was that Talaash released on 30th Nov same duration when bullet raja,happy ending, ungli etc not collected 40cr in lifetime.
    Agree that suspence thriller are not much popular but this should always in mind for making them.Baby budget was 73cr so when your film genre not strong than why these kind of high budget invested,similarly 140-150 cr budget for bang bang,hny,kick.Seriously. When big films are failed to cross 200cr (trade figure) producers are wasting 100cr+.D3 budget was 150cr but that was a franchise with huge superstar with favourable release date but investing 100cr + on avg product is silly.Prime example was Gujaarish was made with 60-65cr to that time Hr highest grosser was dhoom 2 80cr,so how can they even think that movie like gujaarish can collect 100cr+ which shout be must for break even.Ended with 30cr.
    My opinion is actors should charge and control budget as per movie scope not as per their stardom.A film like baby if made of 40cr bughet will be a hit with 90cr collection but now it can’t be more than avg as per producer figure as well as trade.
    @neeraj so HR was not responsible for dhoom 2 records.Thanks for clarification.

  • @neeraj: First of all the avg. of jis last 5 films is more than 70crs..
    And u are no one to decide his acting fees.If producers don’t have any problem,why are u so much concerned?
    Even john abraham takes 20crs for a film,u should know.
    Baby was’nt supposed to be a record breaking film..akki did his job,what else can he do? Promotions would have made a diff. of 1-2crs not more than that.
    Lets talk about HR’s ZNMD(Though he’s my fav. too).. It got 7crs opening only,less than sunny’s jism 2!
    Will u doubt him?

  • I don’t think any Khan or hrithik,devgan,kapoor would have provided more than 15cr opening for BABY under similar circumstances,with this much promotion..

  • @element there are films like SR,Holiday,2states,Dabamgg,ready,Agneepath etc where collection were matched with BOI same as with pk,there estimate for pk collection were neck to neck sometime higher with 40-50lac difference but those were estimate,second think collections were track by rentrak an US based website same like boi so there collections could be similar.
    Komal Nahta in an episode of etc bbiz said producer are fudging collection some time they add overseas collection with net collection,some time they show gross collection as net
    A movie like bang bang which was rejected from day 1 by critics and audience has collected 180cr,is this possible with competition of haider,a movie like hny enjoying 100cr weekend were ended 180cr with trade figure while its wom and reviews were better than bang bang.I never believe that a film like baby struggled and bang bang remain unaffected and can collect 180cr.

  • @neeraj

    I understand what you’re trying to say. Overpaying an actor hurts producers/distributors badly but the irony is there are people willing to pay an actor.

    I feel Akshay has the fan-following and the ability to give blockbusters but the fatigue kills it most of the time. Other problem is, films like Baby or special 26 can’t be huge commercial successes. Instead of boss or entertainment we need more of ‘Oh my God’ kinda films. And about Ajay yeah, it’s a harsh truth. He hasn’t been able to deliver a commercial success without shetty after Rajneeti and OUTIM.

    I must clarify again that i am not from any anti-Saif brigade but the most over-payed actor I feel is Saif. I heard he charges 11 to 14 crores for 1 film. The lifetime of Happy ending was 22 crores. I mean what the hell? why do they pay him so much? If you ask me he is the most over paid actor. Holiday was at least a clean hit and brothers is again expected to be a super hit but what about Saif? His list of failures is higher than the total number of films done by Aamir lol.

  • @neeraj

    I just checked indicine’s actor box office collections list, and Saif has 19 disasters and 9 flops to his honor + 6 below average films. Which is equal to 35 and Aamir has done 39 films in his career, so if actually Saif is quite close to actually pull off that feat! LOL

  • I messed up with my second comment. Saif has 9 disasters, 19 flops and 7 below average films. The total is still 35 and just 3 films away from total films of Aamir.

  • @babaji ka lots
    Well the eternal hypocrite blabbers nonsense again
    Your darling akki had a luxury release in the form of the cult classic tmk a few years ago and we all know Ki akki ne kaunse jhande gaade the uss waqt

    Arey mere pagluddin if the makers hike the ticket prices of akki films then kutta bhi theatre nahi jaayega movie dekhne

    Ab genre ka rona mat ro….. Even talaash was a supernatural thriller which was the highest grosser in its genre…….. And it didn’t have the luxury of a national holiday…… Still it had a better weekend than b baby with a lesser ticket price

    To ab Shana ban aur akki Ki asli aukaad accept kar

  • Some srk fans are talking about trade figure and baby’s manipulation. It seems Asaram bapu is giving lecture on Gandhiji……lol.
    All king fans, king’s hny collected 180cr acc to trade fig but he manipulated it to 204cr. Before barking on others manipulation u should remember that too.

  • @babaji 1:31am
    khan would not have provided 15cr opening with baby!!!! Beta tu kuch jyada nahi bak raha hai???

    SOS was also a commercial success.

  • @navin’s son,

    Btw, which chameleon are you……old bhojpuri baba? Or anupam chopra wannabie critique? Or awesome budda one???


    Tune Kaha Ki Khans Hve bigger stardom then Akki. r u mad ??? u r really a Akki fan ?? They Don’t hve Bigger stardom then akki. They only hve bigger advantages Then Akki .mind It.

  • AMAN

    Beta Luxury release TMK ka collection pta h ???? U know the opening weekend figures of TMK ??? it was 2nd highest of oll tyme after Dabang. Nd Aur sun TMK ne Usi saal aayi SRK ki hit Film MNIK se 1 cr jyda he kmyee !! MNIK 67 Nd TMK 68 cr. Ab Naak ragaad jameen pe.

  • everybody here now is astonished at my prediction MEGHA the wonder woman is the undisputed queen of movie critic…now when i report a bad film it remains bad and flops…ha ha ha

    despite indicine striving to pull this film it has flopped resoundingly to give akki his second flop after sure he is going the rajesh khanna way after aquiring aashirwaaad!!!
    in future people must see the content and the way the movie is structured to give their views..

    and please do not acclaim every movie to give it a hit status..expect quality and get quality first tand then give your ranking and not as indicine does ..give 4 plus rating first and later wallow in hell..

    now all of those who were harping on 100 crore and critical acclaim have no place to hide their face!!!

  • @Murari Swami 11:10 PM

    I think you don’t realize the simple fact and a logical thing or maybe your brain restricts to accepts that akshay got the biggest so called lucky period of aamir in 2010 with his epic masterpiece movie called TMK. where he played his best role to torture as many audience as he can and show his torturous stardom, but poor fellow failed. still you wanna give excuses about khans specially aamir and salman for their success on holiday periods??? the so called luxurious period didn’t rork for akshay not just for christmas but deewali as well as we also remember another disaster called action replay which released on deewali. and don’t make excuses that it clashed, because akshay was bigger star than ajay at that time, not just bigger but much bigger star than him, so of course expectations were much more for action replay than golmaal 3. so don’t blame khans by your little brain.

  • dont believe in any of these. if the producers declared a success bash party, are they fools??
    if it was a khan movie..all of these movie sites would’ve fabricated it by now as a 200 cr movie. what a biased media we have. pathetic. baby is still running housefull, as i witnessed. and it’ll score another 80 crores in next week. take my word.

  • @Babaji don’t blae khans and don’t give excuses if your idol doesn’t follow the same path and doesn’t leave his greedy nature by doing multiple films. akshay is very greedy and only keeps looking for earning more and more money and that’s why he has failed and he is responsible for his own fall. audience are so much fed up of him that even if he trie to do experimental movies like special 26, holiday and baby, they get poor opening because of his reputation of doimg more and more mindless crap movies. once he does a brilliant movie like special 26, holiday and baby then after he does out n out crap movie like OUTIMD, Boss, entertainment, and after baby main gabbar. what a rubbish stratagy is it? no need to blame khans. look at your own idol’s fault. he doens’t do one film at a time or at most 2 films a year. so don’t blame khans if your own idol doesn’t follow the simple formula and go according to the tide.

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