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Update: Since we have received more than 200 questions in less than 2 hours, we will be starting the Live QnA session at 4:3oPM IST.

Q: Can Imran Khan make a come back in the league of Ranbir, Shahid, Varun etc? Ayan Ahmed

A. The difference between Imran Khan and the names that you mention there, like Ranbir and Shahid Kapoor, is acting talent and charisma. Imran hasn’t really impressed with his acting in any of his films so far. Shahid hasn’t yet reached his true potential at the box office, but filmmakers are still willing to sign him because he can do everything – dance, comedy, romance and as we have seen in films like Haider, he’s a tremendously talented actor too. Ditto for Ranbir Kapoor, terrific actor, excellent screen presence.. which is why big directors like Karan Johar and Rajkumar Hirani are willing to sign him for their films. Varun and Ranveer hold appeal towards both the masses and the classes.

Q: Why Akshay Kumar movies are not crossing 100 crore, because he is doing 3 to 4 movies in a year, and why is still amongst top paid actors? Tabrez

A. An actor doing 3-4 movies a year can’t be an excuse for films failing to recover costs through theatrical business. If his films are under-performing due to back-to-back releases, then he has to either cut down on the number of films that he releases per year, or get the economics of his films right. The landing cost of Akshay Kumar films is 70 crore (on an average) and most films finish with lifetime business of 80 crore. Not good enough. Even Gabbar Is Back, his only profit-making film of 2015, recovered costs only because of satellite rights. Better planning, better promotional strategy, better content and a gap of atleast 5-6 months between two films, will help the investors of his films big time.

Q: Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo has only 2 weeks as after than Tamasha is releasing? Do you think, it can cross 300 crores? – Ankur

A. 2 weeks is about the same time that Bajrangi Bhaijaan got, before the release of Drishyam. As long as the word-of-mouth is good, there is more than enough time for Prem Ratan Dhan Payo to do 300 crore or more. There is a lot of talk about ‘open weeks’ these days, but a film can only take advantage of open weeks if the content finds appreciation. Brothers had two open weeks, but business came crashing down in Week 2. On the other hand, Baahubali competed against the biggest film so far this year ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ but was unaffected in its second week.

Q: Can Hero beat the lifetime collections of Heropanti – T.N

A. Sooraj Pancholi’s Hero is a bigger film than Tiger Shroff’s Heropanti, which collected Rs 51 crore at the box office. There are expectations of a 7-8 crore opening because of Salman Khan’s backing and the music has done well too. If the opening is in that range, the film has the potential to be a much bigger grosser than Heropanti.

Q: When will Mohenjo Daro’s first poster / look will come? And what’s your prediction on first day opening ? – Rumii

A. The shoot is still in progress and no date for the first look poster has been finalised. Don’t expect anything this year. As far as box office predictions are concerned, it’s too early to talk about Mohenjo Daro. It’ll be Hrithik’s first movie in nearly 2 years, so the opening will be huge. 20 crore plus is pretty much guaranteed. If the scale of the film is as huge as Baahubali, then anything is possible. The film will also benefit from an extended 4-day weekend, as Independance Day falls on Monday. Once the teaser / trailer is released, our IndicineFBO predictions will be out on, so stay tuned for that.

Q: By how many crores did Baabubali affect the business of Bajrangi Bhaijaan? Don’t you think it would have crossed 350 crores if it had not faced competition from very first day itself? – SK

A. Rains and Baahubali affected the business of Bajrangi Bhaijaan to a certain extent. But since the word-of-mouth of the film was extraordinary, a lot of people would have watched both films. The impact was more in South Indian circuits. Let’s just say, Bajrangi Bhaijaan had a much better chance of beating PK without competition from Baahubali.

Q: Deepika Padukone or Kangana Ranaut - The better actress?

A. Our pick, Kangana Ranaut. She’s a terrific actress. Deepika is more commercial, who can romance a superstar on-screen and then go completely de-glam in a film like Piku. Both are talented actresses, which is why they are also the highest paid female stars in the industry.

Q: In Dhoom 4 who is lead Actor? – Faruk Abdullah

A. Hasn’t been announced yet, nothing from YRF insiders either. Since the star cast gets bigger with each new film, it could be either Shahrukh or Salman. We’d love to see Akshay Kumar in a Dhoom film too, he’s outstanding at action.

Q: Hey Indicine, love your show. You have told us that Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol have appeared only in about 50% of Dilwale’s shooting. So its safe to say the film will have Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon in an important role. Do you think this can hurt the films collections and disappoint fans? – Malhar Dave

A. Before jumping into conclusions, let’s wait for the trailer and the film to release. Dilwale is a Shah Rukh Khan film. He’ll have enough screen time in the film.

Q: Sultan and Dangal have same wrestling story? Sultan will out first so it will affect dangle or not? – Sahil

A. Just because the protagonist is a wrestler, it doesn’t mean the story will be the same. Both films will be VERY different. Sultan will be more commercial.

Q: When looking at the past of Abishek Bachchan’s solo movies, we all clearly know that he isn’t a crowd puller and his solo movies have been disasters yet producers invest on him, Why is that? – Shamry

A. ‘Gadar’ director Anil Sharma once said, if a film works, it’s because of the entire team, but if it fails, the blame should almost entirely be on the director. So as long as the economics of a film are right, a film, more often than not, fails because of content. Even though Abhishek Bachchan isn’t a crowd puller and he lacks the presence of a star, All Is Well would have recovered costs if it was a well made film. It wasn’t a very expensive film either. But the promos weren’t appealing, the movie was bad, irrespective of the star-cast it would have failed.

Q: When will the trailer of Dilwale release? And what is the genre of this movie – romance, comedy, action or family drama? – Aashish

A. Dilwale is combination of everything. There has to be romance if a film stars SRK and Kajol. Every Rohit Shetty film has to have comedy and action. And families love his films. There will be a bit of everything, the last out-and-out Shahrukh Khan entertainer for 2015-16, before we move on to films like Fan and Raees. Trailer in October.

Q: According to you, what is the maximum business a movie can do today? Considering the amount of screens today and the ticket prices (you can only increase it to a certain extent). A movie starring a Khan, holiday release, positive reviews, positive word-of-mouth, few open weeks? Can a movie do say 500-600 in India or PK’s business is as good as it gets – Aamirsfan

A. Difficult question to answer. If a film like Baahubali can gross as much as some of the biggest grossers in the Hindi film industry, then there is potential for a Hindi film to collect 500-600 crore in India. Bajrangi Bhaijaan, in fact, performed better than PK at single-screens. So if there is a film that has huge appeal towards every section of the audience and has tremendous repeat-value, 400 crore plus is a definite possibility. Also grandeur and scale is important, as it reduces the impact of piracy. When the audience feel a film deserve a big screen experience, like ‘Baahubali’ for example, they would prefer to watch it in a theatre instead of watching a poor camera rip from the internet.

Q: When u say “Trade”, whom do u include in it? Exhibitors/Distributors/Producers? Never got this term. Can u explain please?? – NB

A. It includes everyone who invests in a film. Exhibitors, distributors, producers and even analysts.

Q: Do u think it’s wise from Aamir Khan to do 1 movie a year? He is now 50 and his next release is in Dec 2016? Don’t you think he should do more films as he is at peak? – Revanth

A. It’s about quality vs quantity. It’s difficult to make 2-3 films a year and maintain the high standard of quality. More so for someone like Aamir who is involved in every stage of filmmaking. For a film like Dangal, he had to put on 30 kilos of weight and then get back to his previous shape, that itself has taken about 6-8 months. Not only does the audience expect a classic from Aamir each time he releases a film, they also expect something very different from what he has done before. It’s a huge responsibility.

Q: Can you please explain the whole procedure about how the production house makes money, Theatres wallas and all those related to it. If we watch a movie. Please explain by giving an example - Rajnish

A. If you pay Rs 200 for a ticket, about 30% goes to the government as entertainment tax (varies from state to state). The remaining amount is shared between exhibitors (theatres) and distributors / producers. There are also fixed rental theatres, where the distributors pays a fee to the theatre owner to screen his film and whatever business the movie does at the theatre, goes entirely to distributors after deducting entertainment tax. That’s why the ‘distributor’s share’ at single-screen theatres is usually higher for movies that do well, as compared to multiplexes. Read more about this in our article Indian Box Office Model

Q: Among the Khans, who do you think has better upcoming films in hand? – Prashant Yadav

A. Aamir has just one film (Dangal). Salman has signed two – Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Sultan. Dabangg 3 and Kick 2 could happen too. Shahrukh has 4 films – Dilwale, Fan, Raees, Untitled Gauri Shinde film – all belonging to different genres. Our pick is Shahrukh’s lineup, although Ranbir Kapoor has a pretty impressive line up too. You should check out this page for the entire list of upcoming movies.

Q: Which is bigger grosser worldwide HAHK or DDLJ? – Tiger

A. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is the bigger grosser.

Q: Can Singh Is Bling open above 20 crore as its releasing on national holiday? If Singham Returns can do 33 crore on 1st day national holiday, Singh Is Bling can too?

A. Whether Singh Is Bling can do 20 crore or not, would depend on it’s performance at multiplexes. Singham Returns was running houseful at multiplexes on Day 1. Singh Is Kinng released 7 years ago, when Akshay was at the peak of his stardom and back then, his films used to perform well at multiplexes. Also, Singh Is Bling releasing less than 50 days after Brothers.

Q: Katrina has Phantom releasing, but the hype is not there. And Jagga Jasoos is not looking promising. Is it the end of her career? It seems like she has already started to be replaced by newcomers – Rania

A. Katrina is still arguably the most popular actress in the industry today along with Deepika Padukone. Her presence will help the opening of Phantom. She is 32 now. It’s at about this age that the decline begins for most actresses. Except appreciation for her acting, Katrina has achieved almost everything a top Hindi film heroine can achieve in this industry.

End of QnA!  We have received more than 400 comments in this session today, by far the highest for a Live QnA session. Do join us next week. Thank you.



  • indicine ß frank
    Just because last time some idiots criticize u for saying singhm returns took bumper opening due to sequel of a popular film singham . u was ryte so u should hve answered this question in similar way ..!
    Anywayx SIB will open 20 plus .
    Likh k lelooooo ..!

  • @DST many girls nd boyz were dissapointed because of short role of Katrina nd its true that many people went 2 watch D3 because of kamli, Malang Malang, Dhoom title track song of Katrina kaif. .! U can watch public review on YouTube of D3.
    Amir was soul of the movie ? Srk nd hrithik played far better roles of abnormal Ppl compare 2 amir in MNIK & Krish ..! Truth


  • Hello Indicine

    Please answer my question

    Now SRK using Akki’s formula of one year 4 movies what do you guys think about that ? Is it alarming for SRK’s career ? Can SRK give for 100 crore movie an year ? Or will SRK struggle like Akshay Sir to cross 100 crore at least ?
    Please answer my Question ?
    Faizan Tariq Khan

  • Indicine my only question who has more and less desastrous among three khans.
    DDLJ is bigger grosser. Come out from your past. You have to include Maratha mandir collection. Because it is running in first phase. U can’t call it as a re-run. Trade and other people are ashamed to declare it DDLJ is top grosser.
    Anyway my comment won’t display still I tried last time.

  • Nowadays Shahrukh Khan stardom getting fade because of his movies selection. His name and fame make bumper opening almost all his moviea but than content of his recent movies disappointed his fan. Content/Story of his movies didn’t impressed the audience. Why SRK is not thinking about this?

  • @sunny chechi Good joke. Even Aamir’s performance in an average film like D3 was light years ahead of Srk’s so called acting in MNIK.

    Actors in big franchises:-
    Aamir Dhoom= ATBB
    Hrithik Dhoom=BB
    Srk Don=Superhit
    John Dhoom=Hit
    Hope this clears your doubts.

  • @lejhand….D3 acting is copied from SIR of actor Mr. SRK…Rizwan khan from MNIK..
    shut your stinking mouth….

  • @ Legend :
    No, it has not cleared my doubts at least . (Don’t know about @chechi)
    First of all , let me know that what are you talking about . Are you talking about collections , or you are talking about performances ?

  • @james aamir is sachin tendulkar of Bollywood and Salman is rohit Sharma of Bollywood. We all know where Salman was before 2010. So shut your bloody mouth. Salman can not beat aamir in India and overseas and worldwide. No matter how much he tries he fails to give ATHG after madhuri’s ATHG HAHK Salman hasn’t given any ATHG. Shame shame. Salman luckily got 1 fluke hit in overseas for the first time. While king aamir is ruling overseas BO. So shut your tiny mouth you local slum of bhojpuri village.

  • @sunny chachi you fool, dhoom 3 was all about aamir. Everyone went to watch dhoom 3 only for Aamir. No one cared about Katrina. It was all craze only for Aamir. And he was the only reason for the ATBB success of dhoom 3. Now get lost you freak.

  • @james stop creating any fan war between aamir khan and Salman khan fans. I am too Salman fan but I have never seen a disgusting person like you. Respect aamir khan. He is friend of Salman khan. Shame on you.

  • @james I am trying to remain as much seven as I can. Watch your words before you blabber anymore shit. Just because Salman is aamir’s friend I am trying to be as much respectful i as I can, but let me remind you where Salman was before 2009. I can bash Salman much worse by remind you his controversies, his last decade’s flops, disasters but I wont go down to your level anymore. Keep your mouth shut and enjoy the success of your star and stop taking aamir’s name again and again.

  • Aamir is just aamir becoz of hirani and dhoom brand without them, his stardom<<<<<<<salman
    @DST @the emperor @eric you are so silly aamir fans from DHOBIGHAT You all know that BB had crushed your aamir so called stardom if no Bahubali and drishyam factor and holidays
    By the way i should call him ajinkhya rahane instead of rohit sharma its too hard to digest for slums like you

  • @James Salman is Salman only due to remakes, masala genre. So salman<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<_<<<<<<<<<<<<<Aamir. Salman I'd nothing in front of aamir khan. Dont forget marigold, god tussi great ho, yuvraj, main aur mrs khanna all those are disasters at the box office. So shut your bloody mouth. Aamir is light years ahead of Salman. Salman's career was saved thanks to prabhu deva's south remake wanted. Aamir has always been consistent. So shut your bloody mouth you illiterate gawaar slum. And yeah dhobighaat was offbeat movie and it can not be counted as aamir's movie. Aamir had cameo kind of role. That WA Billu also was disaster for srk. I should better compare Salman to ajinkya rather than rohit Sharma. Salman is nothing in front of aamir in global popularity and versatility. Think 10000 times before you start any more nonsense you illiterate gawaar bhojpuri slum.

  • salman is only due to remakes Then what about dabangg ETT and BB?? I think you idiot should think 10000000times more than me Bastard
    @eric dhobi from dhobighat go wash aamir’s dirty socks

  • Aamir’s Dangal collection=1/4 of BB collection becoz aamir is a only hit due to hirani and dhoom
    There is not a single quality in aamir to become a megastar like salman and srk

  • after the unbeatable success of dangal what would happen to donkeys like James?
    @james marigold bhool gays idiot? Salman is nothing in front of megastar aamir. And yeah you he ghajini and Dhoom 3 were not directed by raju hirani. Still with average stories they were ATBB and ATHG. Salman can’t give ATHG. Ha ha ha ha ha. Bb even with great story failed to be ATHG. Shame on Salman. Slaman is nothing in front of aamir. Wait for PRDP. It will struggle to cross 200 Cr. And don’t worry about dangal it will be first 400 Cr grosser and much bigger than razia sultan. Salman is tiny local bhojpuri star in front of global megastar aamir khan. Go and wash the socks of Bhojpuri Salman.

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