Messenger Of God 2 Teaser

The teaser of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan’s MSG 2 – The Messenger is out. The director, who happens to be the Saint himself, takes on S.S. Rajamouli’s Baahubali this time around.

Elephants, army, armoured combat mine protected vehicles.. absolutely nothing can stop Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan from single handedly destroying everything that comes his way.

The best scene in the teaser is at 29 seconds, when the saint walks and destroys the army!

Watch the Messenger of God 2 teaser. It’s fun unlimited, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh style.



  • a saint who destroy army? i feel saint live for peace, he is different saint i feel. i hope saint asaram will also make a movie on psycho love story.

  • MSG is one of the best film eagerly waiting for part 2.
    I heard that this is the first movie to get release on Mars and also makers are planning to release it on Venus.
    This is gonna to create a new verdict called “UNIVERSEBUSTER”

  • It will rock the box office and suck all the money that is floating is the world economy. Get ready for the barter age

  • But one question, if the producer figure of Krrish 3, Dhoom 3, Kick etc are taken into count then why not of MSG too ???

  • What the hell!!
    I thought it would be a movie like OMG reading the title of the movie recently here.
    But this is so funny and stupid… He has overtaken Rohit Shetty in the department of making laughable actions scenes!!
    Saala Peekay Hai Kya? Total nonsense!! ROFL!!

  • OMG have no words to describe the uniqueness and awesomeness of this trailer.One thing is for sure the movie isn’t going to be a movie but an experience of a lifetime

  • I think this is the only movie where Salman ,aamir ,srk,akki ,hritik,Ajay all fans are on same platform and all will say this is a disaster….two minutes silent for Bollywood plzzz…

  • People may make fun of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh but they have to accept that he is a much better actor than tapori Bhaijaan.

  • @nipun. why man, r u leaving the site forever??? did u get hired as a permanent film critic for this saint’s sequel movies MSG 2/ MSG 3/4/5………MSG 78783376734……. and so on???? or did u get the bumper offer of starring as the saint himself in the sequel MSG 244 ?????? lol :D If u really leaving the site forever and wouldn’t come back again even with any other fake id then that would be a great relief for so many of us, have nothing personal against u but never really liked ur ratings or ur opinions and honestly most of ur views were crappy and biased, the confrontation between u & navin would be dearly missed by us in ur absence :) all the best and take care buddy.

  • Hahahahaha wow! wow!! wow!!!!!!! what a teaser….what a teaser man!!!!! can’t believe what i just saw ! Mind blowing , It’s beyond the laws of physics indeed it’s even beyond the laws of our very universe itself, its beyond everything & anything that we humans have experienced since our creation, its simply mind blowing, awesome, hats off to whoever even thought of making this movie and specially to the producer, director and the saint himself , this movie is ahead of its time by at least a millennium, it’s because of this baba’s krupa that we are getting to watch a movie as grand in the year 2015 itself warna aur 1000 years wait karna padtha, hum kithne dhanya honge ki hum sabko iss ‘baba ji ka ye thullu’ oh sorry i mean baba ji ka movie dekne ka soubhagya milla hei , jai baba gurmeet ki , i want MSG 2 to break Avatar’s records as it looks more than just a movie, it is just something else & beyond everything else, it is on the way of becoming the greatest ‘serious comedy’ movie ever made in the human history , baba gurmeet ji rocks.

  • I have heard of the chameleon Baba n Manipulating Baba but first time I saw a Flying Baba n a Fighting Baba…!

    kSHITij must be well jealous of his rival…

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