Arjun Kapoor on Filmfare Magazine Cover

Arjun Kapoor is featured on the cover of Filmfare for the month of December. The actor, who has had a good year with films like Gunday and 2 States, awaits the release of his upcoming film Tevar.

The magazine also quotes Saif Ali Khan as saying “no one likes anyone in the industry”

Check out the cover.

Arjun Kapoor on Filmfare Magazine Cover

Arjun Kapoor on Filmfare Magazine Cover



  • such handsome guy!!!
    usp of arjun is his eyes.many call his acting unidimensional bcz of his expressionless eyes but I think thats his biggest usp.

    can’t wait fr TEVAR

  • my rating fr arjun kapoor mvz(6.5+ means thumbs up)
    2 states-9/10
    finding fanny-8/10

    I became arjun fan only after watching his 2 states and his interviews fr gunday

  • tevar will be hit for sure
    in young actor 1st I like varun dhawan then arjun kapoor
    but I hate sidharth malothra…

  • Only one copy will be sold this month n that will be in bengal to ‘some buddha’ fan of arjun for his own wivked pleasure…. Filmfare will hit rockbottom this month…

  • Lol at some buddha mukherjees comment about arjuns fat scary eyes…. But a word of caution for you- if you look long enough into those scary eyes you may find one of two things some buddha- 1 – thullu aka nothing of significance or 2- fanny…. :-D

  • Saifs comment about ‘noone like anyone in the industry’ is very true bcoz for instance even fathers n sons dont get along like Boney Sir doesnt like his son Arjun coz of the lack of talent he possesses…!

  • I hope our dear @indicine will post the article on indian cinema uk awards of which our king didn’t win best actor.

  • sambudhha is the future king of bollywood.He is 19 now, he will make his debut with Gunday returns after 10 years when he will be 29.He will be paired opposite nipun who will play ranvir singh’s will be nipun’s 2nd film after heropantigiri.sakhi will play pc’s role.
    Film will be ATBB with coll. of 720crs.

  • Crap crap ever…. I don’t know how he getting films…. I think because of my salmankhan…. Waiting for pk…..

  • @sambuddha mukherjee its best for arjun kapoor if you no longer drag his name through the mud n filth which you regularly swim in so if you wouldnt mind please call yourself ‘some buddha mukherjees useless fan’ and leave poor Arjun alone… Maybe then arjun could get lucky and actually find fanny sorry a hit at the BO

  • thank u everyone for giving 0 likes and 10 dislikes to my first cmnt about arjuns reflects how jealous,insecure and grey hearted u all r

  • @navin some may find u funny but I know ur nothing but a frustated looser who gets pleasure from making fun of pthers.

  • Arjun Kapoor is a smart man. Acting wise he is strictly average, but his knowledge of commercial mainstream cinema is quite good.

    You can’t judge an actor with hardly 5-6 films. Even superstars like Srk and Aamir have Guddu, Tum Mere Ho to their name. Tevar, however looks below average. Hoping to see good movies like Finding Fanny from him.

  • @Navin,completely agree with you.I mean he neither have good looks nor knows about acting,completely a overshadowed actor by leading heroines.

    @arjun kapoor fan,can’t believe guys like you’re the fan of such so called stars,lol.whatever if you really want any review,then
    2 states-7/10

    didn’t watched fanny yet and watched gunday’s some parts will complete soon.whatever stars those movies got even 1 star also not belongs to arjun kapoor,such a worst performer should quit acting soon at least for the sake of Bollywood.

  • absolute overrated trash.

    Na toh chehra hai.

    Na toh acting hai.

    Na toh body hai.

    Na toh looks hai.

    Nothing more than a descendent of bollywood elite royal family. Born with the silver spoon.

  • @indicine

    Please can you clarify how did ‘navin fan’ steal my comment and managed to post it at 10:41pm when I had submitted that comment an hr earlier in a series of 4 posts….? Please I would like to know which chameleon is stealing my comments but more so why you published the chameleons comment and not mine….! Thanks

  • @indicine

    My sincerest apologies- just saw my comment on the PK screen count article was published at 9:54pm which was subsequently copied by ‘navin fan’ onto this article…..! Sorry for the mistake

  • @Sambhuddha

    In the 90s, the percentage of bad films to good films was much worse than it is today. To sustain in the industry Srk and Aamir had done craps those craps. But today you have movies like Ek Villain and Kai Po che which make money and give you respect.

    2 states was quite a good popcorn entertainer. But much of the acclaim went to Alia. In that sense, movies like Gunday and Aurangzeb were really poor and the equivalent of Guddu and Tum mere ho of this decade. That’s completely my opinion though

  • @gauravv I cn understand if u say fanny is equivalent to 1947 earth and aurangzeb :equivalent to guddu,awaal number but how is hits like ishaqzaade,gunday equivalent to those disasters

  • @Ishakzaade was a neat story. I liked it. But Gunday was badly made. It assaulted the basic history of Bangladesh and as usual YRF was more keen on promoting the movie than focusing on content.

    Agreed it’s a hit, but it was a bad movie. You shouldn’t mess up with a country’s history while making a movie.It wasn’t Arjun’s fault but the movie wasn’t good according to me.

    P.S. Fanny isn’t a Earth. Earth was intense. Fact is Fanny is so unique that you can’t actually compare it with any Indian film. Its novelty is it’s biggest strength!

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