AR Rahman wins 2 Oscars!

AR Rahman twin-Oscars!A.R. Rahman has done India proud. The legendary music composer hailing from Chennai has won the Oscar for the Best Original Score (Jai Ho) for Slumdog Millionaire at the the 81st Academy Awards.

Congrats Rahman, you’re a true Indian Legend!

Update: Rahman is performing live on stage. The audience is on its feet!

Update: AR Rahman has just won his second Oscar for Best Song again for Jai Ho

Update: Slumdog Millionaire has won 8 Oscars including Best Film and Best Director (Danny Boyle)! Anil Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, AR Rahman, Dev Patel, Freida Pinto and the rest of the Slumdog team on the Academy Awards stage. Praises for Mumbai! What a night!

Congratulate the great Rahman and the rest of the Slumdog Millionaire team, who have just created history!



  • Many many congratulations to the whole team of Slumdog Millionaire!! I’m SRI LANKAN and I too feel proud of this as I am a die hard fan of Bollywood and live in India’s neighbouring country. :-)

  • We always been proud of country n now legends like A.R.rehman r really making the country pride to keep the stars of sky in our pockets. JAI HIND.

  • Hello Rahmanji,

    My many many congradulations to your sucess in ‘slumdog’. i am feeling very proud to be your fan and also to be born in this period where a magic mastreo has born. once again my congradulations to you sir.
    “JAI HO”……… May you win many more awards sir.

  • Really the era has arrived where we Indians are makin our mark in World , we have Rehman and Resul who have made us proud today !!

    The Guru of Indian Music ….Allah Rakha Rehman !!!

    Hats off to you !!!

    and thanks a tonne for bringing Oscars to our Home :)

    dil se ..Jai Ho…..

  • congratulations to AR Rahman as well as Gulzar, who shares one Oscar with Rahman. well done. Indicine please focus on Gulzar as well. who is this man who won an Oscar with Rahman but was not there to receive it. congrats to Resul Pookutti as well

  • All I can say is WOW WOW WOW. I heard the soundtract to Slumdog Millionairs while driving to work this morning and I was totaly blown away. Well done to AR Rahman and the entire cast of the movie. Bollywood has taken Hollywood by storm. You guys Rock.

  • The fact that it is A.R. Rahman who has brought the coveted oscar home to India, after years and years and years and years of pining for this trophy, which is a sign of recognition of true talent, is indeed an ecstatic ocassion for all of us hindustanis. A.R Rahman is a humble and dedicated individual who can be grouped amongst the geniuses of our country, indeed of this world. I reiterate that the best part about him is the absence of arrogance. In fact, he has been the only winner to date who, in his acceptance speech, has praised and thanked God Almighty. He did this at the Golden Globes and also at the Oscars. Upto now, I have never heard anyone thanking God. Everyone thanks their family members, the crew, producers, directors etc. This is why I am truly truly happy that it is A.R.Rahman who will go down in history as the first Indian entertainer to have won an Oscar, not only one but two TWO Oscars, not to mention Golden Globes and Baftas.
    I truly hope that this glory does not go to his head, and that he remains humble and produces even more magnificent work.

    Whilst A.R.Rahman, Anil Kapoor, Resul, etc have brought world attention to our doorstep, it is very very important that we henceforth present ourselves with dignity, class and culture. For those of you who watched the telecast of the 81st Academy Awards, you will have to agree that this was a truly CLASSY and FINE show! The host, Hugh Jackman, was magnificent!! The stage was a classic example of understated elegance and how beautifully the awards were presented, especially the Awards for Best Supporting Actor Male/Female and Best Actor Male/Female. I was literally blown over when five of the top of the line actors and actresses, both veteran and contemporary, came up on stage and spoke very nice and lauditory words about the performance of each and every nominee in that category, directly to them. Sophia Lauren telling Meryl Streep what a wonderful performance she had given, Sir Ben Kingsley making heartfelt commendation for Brad Pitt etc. This was indeed a very touching and unique gesture and we could see many of the nominees were almost shedding tears of joy. There was only one winner in each category but such a gesture made each of the nominees feel like winners, and proud to be nominated.
    Also the musical renditions and dances were very classy and extremely well choreographed. When the time came to see who had passed on from this world, this was done beautifully with Queen Latifa speaking from her heart that none of them were actually gone, they were all friends, family and collaborators and would remain present forever through the legacy of their work. She then sang an excellent ballad in honour of the departed souls.

    Truly the whole ceremony was outstanding, no other word can describe it. I am happy to note that Anil Kapoor, AR Rahman, and all the other Indian cast members of Slumdog presented themselves flawlessly on this ocassion. They were all well dressed, and carried themselves off with dignity and class.

    Now if we compare OUR awards shows with such programmes, then the only words to say are that we should be ashamed of ourselves. The stages are gaudy to the extreme, the hosts are malicious, spiteful, down-right trashy in their jokes and comments, the dances are over-the-board and vulgar and the winners are presented very poorly. Now that we are all rejoicing in the unprecedented success of Slumdog Millionaire, it is time to beware that world attention is focused at our doorstep now. Very soon, we will have the Filmfare and Zee Cine Awards Ceremonies. I implore one and all to please learn something from this year’s Oscars, and to make our award ceremonies as they should be: a wonder to behold! Because we are far more talented than anybody else in this world, God has given us so very many geniuses. We should use our talent in gratitude to God by presenting worthy shows full of culture, class and dignity, a show wherein the hard work of all nominees is praised and commended by peers of the industry and nobody goes homes feeling the least bit slighted, insulted or rebuffed by the hosts. Also, the awards should be judged on merit. No matter how popular Brad Pitt is he did not win in his category. Neither did Meryl Streep, nor Angelina Jolie. If the Oscars were determined in the way we determine our awards, a low budget film like Slumdog Millionaire would have had no chance at all.
    So once again, on behalf of all Indians, Dr .R.C. Patel implores our film industry to put aside all pettiness, to come together in unity, and to show the world that indeed Bollywood is an industry that is to be respected.

  • I agree with Dr Patel. the last +- 15 years, the indian film industry and awards have become a joke. IIFA’S are controlled by one camp, the filmfare by another and so on. once again congratulations to the three Indians, AR Rahman, Resul Pookutty and Gulzar. you made us proud. its good to see that Gulzar who has been ignored by the indian film industry for years, won an oscar.

  • Dr Patel has “hit the nail on head” – well said. Indi Cine is there any chance of getting Dr Patels Views across to a wider spectrum, cos it’s time that the Indian film Industry start behaving with some kind of dignity. It seems to be only for the Bachans – Khans – Kapoors who the industry regard as capable actors, The real talent in Bollywood goes by unrecognised.

  • Congrats Rahmanji for ur historical achievement!!!

    Oh my god! Now at least for next 2 months Indian will suffer from ‘Rahman-Oscar craze’. One way its good that those who never heard about Oscar before have learned recently the facts.
    I believe Rahman just got the awards by opportunity & not for his talent since I find no reasons of uniqueness with the music in SM. He won simply cos of Danny Boyle who made SM(90% Indian) with Hollywood’s name, n thus Rahman got the chance compose music.

  • A question to readers – is it Slumdog Millionaire a Hollywood or Bollywood movie?

    Why? Just check the story, casting, locations, music etc. are set in India. 20% of language in Hindi other than English. Only that differs is the director – Danny Boyle.
    Now imagine if SM was made by Mani Ratnam or Prakash Jha or RK Santoshi or Shyam Benegal or JM Mathan etc. do u think it’s name might be even heard by the Oscar committee? NO & NEVER. First time any Indian casting movie got nominated for main Oscar category, that is just for director Danny Boyle is from Hollywood background.

  • Congrats Rahmanji for ur historical achievement!!!

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    Really the era has arrived where we Indians are makin our mark in World , we have Rehman and Resul who have made us proud today !!

    The Guru of Indian Music ….Allah Rakha Rehman !!!

    Hats off to you !!!

    and thanks a tonne for bringing Oscars to our Home :)

    dil se ..Jai Ho…..

    A.R.R stands for Always Rocking Rehman! Congratulations. Keep Rocking.

    b. balamanigandan
    Director and Head,
    bbm soft solutions pvt. ltd.,

    url :
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  • Jai Ho AR.Rahman ji all the best u made all Indians are really great and rocking congratulations

  • Congrats ar sir i am one of your greatest fan your music just kindles our hearts. thank for making the whole india proud you got this because of your humbleness and good nature i say once again congrates.

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