Kisse Pyar Karoon – I Love U contest

This was indeed a unique way of film promotion. To celebrate the release of Sidhesh Films and K Sera Sera’s “Kisse Pyaar Karoon”, the producer of the film Mr. Bala Giri launched a matchless contest called “Kisse Pyar Karoon – I Love U contest” which enabled guys and girls across Mumbai to express their feelings and confess their love to their crush. The contest asked the senders to SMS their crush’s name and mobile number so that the organizers could give their crush a call on their behalf and convince them to accept their admirer’s proposal. The response was overwhelming. The organizers received more than 10000 sms’s.

The finale of the contest was held at MIG Cricket Club, Bandra amidst the presence of Aashish Chowdhry, Singer Shaan, Yash Tonk, Actress Ssimran Sachdev, Shakti Kapoor, Director Ajay Chandok and the lucky 100 couples who were selected from the overflowing sms’s.

The crowd included people ranging from 18 to 55 years, from those besotted to those who walked with their heads high and hands firmly in hands with their partners to those despondent after being rejected by their crush. There were some who thanked the organizers for bringing them together whereas some expressed their anger and contempt at being put in presence of people who they considered their stalkers. There was also funny case of a married couple who were not on talking terms due to the boozing problem of the husband. But the husband very cleverly used the contest to placate his wife. There was the enthusiastic lot who knelt down with roses in their hands and proposed to their crush on stage and there was the shy lot who was happy dancing away to the romantically captive tunes of Kisse Pyar Karoon with their partners.

All in all, it was a fun night with games, dance and dinner and couples genuinely thankful for being provided with a platform to come together with their soul mates and forever resolve the question ‘Kisse Pyar Karoon?’ Daboo Malik, the music director of the film along with Rupali Ganguly of Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai fame hosted the event.


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