Big B and SRK in Happy New Year

According to trustworthy sources, Amitabh Bachchan has been signed on by Shahrukh Khan for his upcoming film “Happy New Year” to be directed by Farah Khan (Om Shanti Om and Main Hoon Na).

The film is scheduled to go on floors late this year and will release in theatres worldwide early 2011.

Happy New Year has been under pre production stage even before Om Shanti Om released. It is believed that the reason for the delay was the fact that Shahrukh Khan wasn’t too pleased with the script of the film. Also, SRK was very keen to cast Bachchan, who at the time was hospitalized. Farah and SRK decided to shelve Happy New Year and started filming Om Shanti Om.

Post the success of OSO and the birth of her triplets, Farah reworked the script, signed on Bachchan for a key role and is all set to direct Shahrukh for the third time!

Can the SRK – Farah duo recreate the box-office magic?



  • Yeah, Definitely they both will re-create the box office magic this time as well, with another legend-Amitabh ji.

    Finally the legends met and proved that the cold war between these two kings are just media-created and not really existent one. I’m eagrely wating for this movie. Good Luck to SRK, Farah and Amitabh with this film!!

  • I think this may become the worst Flop ever farah and her idiot brother should stop directing and giving brainless crap item films

  • I hope this news isn’t false. It’ll be the amazing movie. I dream about possibility to see both greatest actors together.

  • im reli lookin forward to this film!! im sure ppl will love it and will go a hit worldwide!! farah khan is my fav. director n shes a reli good choreographer too!! srk has alwayz been my fav. n will always be!! srk jst cant wait to see ur filmz!! love u loadz srk!!

  • dis is going to be rocking!!!& sharan…fu*k the shitt off….srk & big b will definitely make history once more….cant wait 4 da movie!

  • Hi to all,

    Ya these people (SRK and Farah ) are great and we all hope that they are again going to entertain us and we hope that Happy New Year will be a great success of 2011.

    Best regards

  • indicine team: first of all thanks alot for this great news…
    well farah and srk……this is the great combination of bollywood and their work had always been great…in bollywood…

    so once again its gone be rockkkkkkkkkkkinggggggggggggggg…..smashing box office……lets cheer up for it

    sharan deshmukh:i dnt know ho hell u r…but i guess he must be brainless human…lunatic….who does know srkkkkkkkkkkk….the kinggggggggggggggggg…..

  • sharan deshmukh: i dont know who the hell r u….but i guess you must be brainless human….who doesnot know sssssss rrrrrrrrrr kkkkkkkkkk….the king of bollywood….
    sorry for some mistake in typing

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