Anushka Sharma rehearses for her IPL 2015 performance: Photos

The gorgeous Anushka Sharma is currently in Kolkata to perform at the opening ceremony of the Indian Premiere League 2015. The actress will be performing live at the Salt Lake Stadium.

Anushka was spotted rehearsing for her performance, which is expected to be filled with songs from some of her most popular films.

While Anushka performs, all eyes will be on her cricketer boyfriend, Virat Kohli, who is the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The two-hour long opening ceremony will also have performances from Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Shahid Kapoor. Saif Ali Khan will be hosting the event.

Check out the photos!

Anushka Sharma prepares for IPL opening ceremony

Anushka Sharma prepares for IPL opening ceremony

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma practices for IPL opening ceremony

Anushka Sharma practices for IPL opening ceremony



  • It would have been better had Srk and Saif hosted the ceremony together.They both have crackling chemistry.Every year before the IPL I feel like skipping that particular season but I can’t resist watching it.

  • INDICINE has written :
    ” Anushka’s performance will be filled with songs from some of her most popular films . ”
    actually , it will be …
    ” Anushka’s performance will be filled with most popular songs from some of her films ” .

  • Not interested in opening ceremony since Shahrukh won’t be there …
    Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo re …

  • NO SRK…. so we can watch it… but fear is rain can spoil anuskas performance like she spoiled virats perfrormance… just kidding… last time srk did dance in WC opening ceremony with sm stranger outfut n bangladeshi media termed him KING OF VULGARITY… so very happy no irritating global stat here…

  • @bulli fan – people like u will be busy in thinking of wankhede restriction for srk nd fans like us will celebrate being champions twice and will think as we have became a part of over 1 lakh people at eden garden 2 times in winning parade.
    meanwhile srk is first person to shoot film at madam tussade’s , sallu has become first one after sanjay dutt to enter courts at regular intervals.

  • @Srk : So what kaunsa teer Mara hai ??? Srk is not even invited by indian PM for oath ceremony and for social causes of country. Keep boot licking goras !!!!!!!!! Angrez chale gaaye lekin tum jaison ko chhodd gaaye !!!!!!!

  • @SRK “First one after…” means second, they may not have taught you this in school yet so I will let this one slide. But your other mistake saying that:”fans like us will celebrate being champions twice…”, Your favourite team might have won but that doesn’t mean that you have gotten a medal or award or trophy so no need to celebrate that much. You and your favourite actor are two different people, don’t take their success as your own as they do not do same for you. For Example, SRK will never come out and say that let’s all celebrate today as my fan named so-and-so just got a job or graduated.And thirdly, this guy is a troll so let him TROLL. That is their whole point to make people reply and waste time and get on their nerves(Like what he has done to you). SO relax.

    Back to the point, The haters are now saying that Anushka is here to ruin another Cricket Event.!!

  • @ hrithik :
    Have you ever heard of Padma Shri ?
    even if you have heard that , your Bhai has never heard of that …
    One more thing . Padma awards are given by Indian Government , not UK Government …

  • @Phenom : Still Srk is awarded with Padma Shri n Aamir with Padma Bhushan which is higher than what srk got. Salman didnt get due to his legal cases which is going on forever !!!!!!!

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