Amitabh Bachchan slams Mumbai Mirror

If there is one film personality on Twitter, whose tweets we absolutely love reading, it has to be Amitabh Bachchan. It’s quite unbelievable that at his age, the man does so much – apart from film shoots and other commitments, he takes time out to connect with his fans through his blog and more recently via Twitter too.

Today he slammed Mumbai Mirror (Times Group) and also rubbished some old reports by the media

  • On Barabanki Land matter … huge uproar … went to Supreme Court and WON ! Silence after that !
  • On getting Aishwarya married to tree ! I walked into TOI office and faced 30 editors, and asked them to show me the ‘tree’. SILENCE !
  • Mumbai Mirror huge story on Aishwariya not able to conceive. We called editor, refuted, but they said they believe their source. NOW ?
  • When one of his 1.65 million followers asked him about the mangalik pooja, Bachchan said “what mangalik pooja ?? rubbish ! going to temple does not mean mangalik pooja .. false stories and nothing else”

He also spoke about the price that celebrities have to pay for their stardom “When you don’t say, they say why don’t you..when you do they say, why did you ..simple theory..don’t the don’t and do the do … !! There shall always be a price that you shall have to pay if you are classified as a celebrity.. so work hard, earn enough and pay it !”


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