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Who would have thought, a film like ‘The Dirty Picture’ would be one of the most awaited releases of the year? With a bunch of extremely talented actors, the film directed by Milan Luthria of ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’ fame, is a bold attempt based on the life and times of south Indian actress Silk Smitha.

Arguably, the most popular star in the male-dominated film industry, Silk’s career witnessed never-seen-before heights and tragic lows. At the absolute peak of her career, films that were in cans for years were sold just by including Silk Smitha songs. She worked with almost every superstar of her era and was the sex-symbol across several film industries in India.

Story: From a poor family, Reshma (Vidya Balan) dreams of making it big in the film industry. But discovers that achieving her dreams, in an industry dominated by stars and their egos, isn’t easy unless she willing to do some sexual favors. She does and this gets her a chance to appear in a song with superstar Surya (Naseeruddin Shah). Soon, Silk is a sex-sensation the conservative industry never had.

Surya never lets her forget that she is a star because of him. This results in a never-ending sexual-liaison. Surya’s brother Ramakanth (Tusshar Kapoor) loves her and even approaches her, but she misunderstands his love for lust.

On the other hand, there is director Abraham (Emraan Hashmi) who hates Silk and the fact that filmmaker’s use sex to sell their films. The rest of film is about Silk’s journey through the absolute highs, to the terrible lows and the eventual self-destruction path that she takes.

The Dirty Picture Review

The much-talked about shock-value was limited to the costumes worn by Vidya Balan, but ‘The Dirty Picture’ is a well-directed film with a touching story and some great dialogues. The film can be divided into 3 parts – first, the initial struggle of Reshma which has plenty of praise-worthy moments. Two, the rise of Silk and finally, the fall which results in her untimely death due to debt and depression.

Silk’s relationship with Naseeruddin Shah was well-handled and gives the viewer an insight into what many aspiring actors go through, to get that much needed break. The romantic track with Tusshar Kapoor’s character was fun to watch. But it’s the eventual love story with Emraan Hashmi that stood out as the most gripping of the three. The moments that they share and how Emraan, who loves to hate her, but eventually falls for her, was brilliantly handled.

The music is good, especially the song Oh La La. Plenty of hard work and money has gone into making this film, look a part of the 80s era. The attention to every single detail deserves high praise.

As for the negatives, well, the dialogues at times tend to get a bit vulgar and as evident from the promos, Vidya’s costumes are very revealing. Also, the first half is a little slow.

Coming to the performances, Vidya Balan was outstanding. It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of Silk, which is likely to win her all awards this year. With a less-capable actor, the scenes would have looked vulgar and out-of-place. Kudos to her for believing in the director’s vision and accepting to play a character that would have sent shivers down the spines of most leading ladies.

Of the male actors, it is Emraan Hashmi who stands out and delivers a great performance. Naseeruddin Shah is good. Tusshar Kapoor is restrained but effective.

Overall, The Dirty Picture makes for interesting viewing. Milan Luthria and Vidya Balan deserve all the credit. The film won’t be liked by everyone, but has enough appeal to emerge trumps at the box-office.

Rating: ★★★½☆ Must watch, atleast once.

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  • Unfortunately, since this movie is not being released in Sri Lanka I will have to wait till the DVD release.Had it released in Sri Lanka I would have definitely watched the first day first show.But I’m 90% sure that I will like this movie, because of talented bunch of stars & director and appealing trailor.

    I think vidya is one of the actresses who is rich in both talent & beauty.Most of the actresses nowadays has only one of the 2 qualities-either beauty or talent.But unfortunately media talk more about “sexiest actress” & “most powerful actress in box office” & so on & on.But nobody has ever bothered to find out who is the most talented actress.I think Vidya is among the few talented actresses in bollywood.She is not talked enough for her talent in media & websites.

    They always talk about versatile ACTORS, but not about versatile ACTRESSES.If we are to talk about versatile actreesses IT IS ONLY VIDYA.Because she has done a variety of characters and has done maximum justice to majority of the them. (eg: starting from Parineeta,Hey baby,Ishquiya,Guru,noone killed Jessica,Paa,Lage Raho Munna Bhai & Bhool Bhulaiya).Most of them succeded at box office too.I hope she will win the best actress in both popular & critics categories.She will surely give sleepless nights to other leading ladies of the industry after this movie.

    Actually unlike stupid movies like Bodyguard,ready or ra one these are that type of movies that should break box office records.

    I luv Vidya.The industry needs more of her kind of actresses.

  • Vidya Balan looked stunningly hot in the film….A must watch film for all the vidya’s fans…. I really WONDER how ekta managed to present Vidya like these to us…..Kudos to both of them….

  • Dialogues are awesumm (esp. the ‘Entertainment’ one)…. none of the dialogue bringzz boredom and every stuff of it forces u 2 jest with-all-32-teeths!!
    Vidya balan perfectly performed the role of ‘Silk Smitha’ with her seducing figure making you transfixed. The charm on her expressions are Strikingly beautifulll.
    In short she’zz ‘Diva-Hottie-Sexy-Ravishing-Alurring’

    Bt d storryy ater the intermission iss quite boring. The solvency of emotions makes the track of the movie ‘monotonous. Moreover the end izz sudden and unexpected and doesnt carries any particle of #climax or #Suspense!!

    ALL-OVER movie iss truely #Enjoyable and the costumez of vidya are tempting elucidating her ravishing figure!! So… Guyz n galzz GET DIRTY!!!

  • vidya balan is a hugely overrated actress.. her nasal twang in each and every role she plays is getting too bothersome .. she always has a subdued acting style and when she did different with shahid kapur it fell flat.. i dont think she deserves any priase for this film ..this was a routine thing and nothing big shakes .. so please stop gushing over her and do not pass on enough power to her!!!it is an average attempt at recreating silk smitha .. they should have taken some radha or sangeetha from the south who are naturally rotund .vidya ruined the entire film

  • Vidya has done a phenomenal job. During the first half, I thought that she was too revealing and cheap, that is not Vidya I like. I was going to stop watching the film. Then I decided to finish and it was the right choice. I enjoyed her acting very much. She is a dedicated and hard working actress and has worked very very hard for the film. Later I found out that she put on 22 pounds just for the movie! I adore her dedication.

    Thanks Vidya,

    raj shah

  • We had seen this film, and must say it is good. Vidya Balan has perfomed very well, leaving Hashmi trailing behind. It is a period movie, yes its 80s era depicted with realism.

    We must say the film “Dirty picture” was a blend of an art film and a commercial film.

    Despite its rather odd title the film holds a story which is part of real life of an actress.

    Overall it is Vidya Balan who dominates this film, even an old hat like Naseer cannot match her performance.

    It is surely not for kids and minors due to adult themes.

    Dirty Picture is a one good film, which has come up after many years. 8.2/10 – ****1/2

  • Vidya mam acting and dance is commendable. Her gorgeous expresssion is superb.
    would appreicate her dancing steps.I would fall flat at her lotus feet for the rhythm in her dance
    Keep it up Vidya Balan ji.

  • Salute Vidya balan lotus feet. I am a great fan of Vidya and have all photos of her collection.
    I have seen this movie 5 times and she has been marvelous in all form of acting an dance.

  • i always liked vidya balan acting n her screen performence…no doubt she is very talented actress but her performance in dirty picture isa slap on heritself face if she do realise….. she cannot copy real silk smitha the leagendry actress nor her life , her experinceses n pain too……by doing this vidya had herself degraded her value in viwevirs eyes…….silk smith was only one n will be always be unique in film industry……vidya performing someones else charecter in such rough way reflects ur own charecter of being dirty………………….if u r not then prove in future……..

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