The Dirty Picture HIT or FLOP: Box office opening

There are three reasons why ‘The Dirty Picture’ was expected to open well

  • It’s a known fact that sex sells and the makers have quite cleverly used it marketed the film brilliantly.
  • The movie seemed promising from the promos and the music was a big hit too.
  • Emraan Hashmi. He is under-rated, but has a huge fan-following with single screen audiences. Most of his films, especially his last (Murder 2), have all opened to a good response. 

The film released today and the opening was good all over the country (except in places like Bangalore and Mangalore, were the occupancy for morning shows was around 20% – we expect the film to pick up for the noon shows).

In Mumbai, even the early morning shows witnessed crowds that only ‘big star’ films manage to attract. Up north, the opening was strong too.

More than the opening, what decides a films fate, is the response that it gets from the people who matter – the audience. And ‘The Dirty Picture’ has received a thumbs-up from both the audience and the critics.

Collections for the opening day is likely to be on-par with Murder 2 and the film should prove to be the biggest hit of Vidya Balan’s career.

The Dirty Picture HIT or FLOP Prediction: HIT for sure!



  • Great! I want this movie to be superhit though I haven’t yet seen it. I think not only Emraan, but also Vidya is also an underated actress.

  • vidya is super,film sure shot superhit or blokblustar and agair emran get a huge success without any cradit.

  • vidya balan prooved that she is one of the best actress in hindi film industry .vidya you are very classic keep it up.the dirty picture is a superhit film. GET DIRTY.

  • Good movie. The songs are nice. The story of this movie is much batter than ‘Desy Boyz’ and ‘Ready’. Vidya is super and the film will surely a hit.

  • @aashkaran first learn how to spell credit. emraan hashmi deserves full credit for his movies success. its his star power in single is helping the collections not vidya balan’s but she also did super job. emraan is also one the versatile actors of today and and not like srk who cries for hit verdict with flop collections of raone

  • Superb acting vidya and emraan but the one line of song ishq sufiyana is wrong.that y the film goes down frm dis sorry.

  • WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT VIDYAS ACTING??? anybody could have done it.. the dialogues were typically kept with soouth indian flavour …and she was already buxom and she needlessly shed her clothes ..a body she had preserved for my eyes only now the public has seen.. it will flop cos below 16 crowd will not go

  • nobody deserves any credit.. this film is only being talked about in the social circles not seen by people the family crowd is keeping away and thts a loss for the makers sex doesnt sell and repititive acting by vidya and over promotion and over exposure by her has led to its downfall,,!!!a two thumbs down for this sicko

  • Wow What a superb movie it is , super dialog s , fantastically made , once u will watch u will be enlightened , many few of such movies r produced in bollywood superb movie ,Its really must must watch movie

  • I agree with Megha.. I’ve lost my respect for Naseeruddin shah who accepted to be a part of this (dirty) film.. sex sells megha but for men.. for it’s audience.. people who wants masala film.. entertaining stuff.. cheap comedy and cheap sexy films.. that’s for them.. and this Vidya Balan is an overrated actress.. from the starting of her career.. even the awards she got never deserved it ( tell me all.. what did she do in Ishqiya exactly? nothing.. she said also on an award show: if doing all that would make me win the best actress award.. I’d hv done it long time ago! so.. she did another film which is worse than Ishqiya! this woman obviously sells her body cheap for directors/producers to give her a hit film!!

  • If we were to assign the BEST ACTRESS AWARD 2011 INTERNATIONALLY, it would go to Vidya Balan.

    Vidya Balan performs her career best, to date. (.)

    The Film is bound to be a HIT, and it deserves.

    We had seen DIRTY PICTURE in a packed cinema, and even senior people in the hall applauded Vidya Balan for finest screen performance to date.

    Hashmi though a decent performer, fails to impress,and induced as a filler only, however, Nasserudden delivers a fine performance but it was Vidya, who mesmerized the audience.

    One dance trek/song, with a large backdrop stage set up is a sure fire impressive and very well choreographed.

    Wish the film makers and team of DIRTY PICTURE all the success.

  • Hey girls fathiya n megha t
    ell me one actress
    name who never exposeh her body before with atractive
    body u should have atractive acting its means
    jo dikhta hai wo bikta h.

  • hey this is the slap for the ppl who were teling that the film will not cross 16 cr now u can see the collection and this is not the sex movie this what a lady gone through anywazz becoz of ur dirty eyes n mind u were not able to see anything else except sex.. but undoubtly vidya was grt in this film love u vidiya

  • Friends and Buddies and critics,

    Good day…

    A film on rather sensitive subject has be up-to mark to be declared as a commercial success.

    Prior to release of TDP it was generally a mixed feeling regarding the actual turnover of audience at the cinemas.

    But, the film TDP totally surprised all the major segment of people, even the seasoned cine-goers who go for quality movies were stunned to see the superb production of TDF.

    The film TDP turned out be a real crowd puller, and huge number of people thronged the theaters much to surprise of the distributors and exhibitors.

    BUT, the success of TDP mainly relies on superb performance of Vidya Balan who remained Dominant till the last frame.

    During 03 weeks of highly successful exhibition on the theaters, we haven’t heard any adverse view about the movie and the audience were more than happy with the purchase of their coupons.

    Another plus point that sparked during the shows of TDP was the professional treatment of the subject thus bringing life to the characters and particularly Silk played brilliantly by Vidya Balan.

    The makers and team of TDP truly deserve all the success.

    A BOX OFFICE HIT, No one can deny on this occasion ….

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