Amitabh Bachchan on ‘Don’ completing 37 years!

Amitabh Bachchan, whose memorable film ‘Don’ completed 37 years of its release on Tuesday, is glad that the “incredible” journey of the film “still continues”

The movie is an action-thriller, which revolves around a powerful gangster named Don played by Amitabh, who was seen in a double role in the film.

“37 years of ‘DON’ today (Tuesday). A film made by that gentle giant Nariman Irani, the DOP of extreme excellence,” Big B wrote on his blog.

The 72-year-old is ecstatic about the film’s journey and he even took to his micro-blogging website Twitter to express his happiness with his fans and well-wishers.

“37 years of DON .. today!! Incredible! A journey that still continues,” he tweeted.

The actor also shared anecdotes from the set of the film — especially one when producer Nariman A. Irani saved a child at the Rajkamal Studios, while he was shooting for a film there.

“Ran (Irani) to save the child. He did. But injured himself in the effort. Broke his femur, was hospitalised, went into surgery and came out well. Few days later complications set in and he passed away,” Big B wrote.

Also reminiscing the iconic song “Khaike paan Benares waala”, he said it was shot in second shifts at Mehboob Studios from 2 to 10 p.m.

“During the action scene, I had hurt my feet and had huge burn boils on the palm of my feet. Could not wear shoes, or walk. The song was bare foot…so…took pain killer injections on my feet before each shot and completed the song and the scene,” Big B wrote on his blog.

The actor was congratulated for the song by then writer duo Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar. The duo saw the rushes of the film and sent a telegram to Srinagar where the megastar was shooting.

“Salim-Javed saw the rushes of the film… more importantly, the rushes of the paan eating duplicate DON, and sent me a telegram, in Srinagar where I was shooting for another film congratulating me,” Amitabh wrote.

“It was a most encouraging moment for me I remember. I still remember the room in the Palace Hotel, when I received the message, and my inner feeling of great joy on its contents,” he added.

A remake and sequel of the film were released in October 2006 and December 2011, respectively which starred Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

Directed by Chandra Barot, “Don” is considered to be one of the most iconic movies of Bollywood.

The megastar was last seen in “Shamitabh” and will soon be seen in Shoojit Sircar’s “Piku” and Bejoy Nambiar’s “Wazir”.




  • @gj007,I think craps like pk,rdb suits more good for you,so stay with in it’s you who’ll advise whether DON remake was good or bad,lol.

    @sallu/tingu fans,I think you forgot the 1st installment slap as clash on your faces.BIGB is great,KING KHAN is nothing,I think at least someone change the copies done same one after another,indicine is not asking you who is bad or good,even though knowing no one can can be worst in acting than our whole India ka bhai.

    BIGB’S Don couldn’t be as much as powerful performancr as KING KHAN’S KING KHAN is the REAL DON-EVEN RITESH SIDHWANI also said THIS.


  • @javed you certifiable loon- Big B has been around for 45 yrs and still winning awards and getting love from fans today whereas in the space of 4 weeks your illiterate comments at first were annoying but now your insane ludicrous comments are getting disliked from both friends n foe… get lost back to pakistan cinema if you hate a bollywood pre 1992 without your queens overacting shenanigans

  • FACT- Big Bs DON 1978 is way better than both the cartoonish Don of 2006 plus 2011….

    Our Queen tried twice to match Big Bs Don Stature but both times he came up short!

  • he can now only live in the past ..all his new ventures have failed and are failing.. he is going the rajesh khanna way sans the alcohol!!!

  • @javed Big B is a legendary megastar. His Sholay was a bigger hit than Srks full career. But you srkians live in a different world. In this real world, your Srk fails not only at box office but also 5 flop TV shows.

  • @javed Sawan ke andhe ko had jagah hara hi najar aata h.
    You are comparing Big B crowdpull when he is 72 yr old with 50 year old srk.
    Big b had a unique record of delivering hit every year for consecutive 14 years from 1973-1986.
    Big B crowd pull was so huge as there was not a single star in his era who can beat Big b crowd pull.While srk in 90s Sunny Deol used to get big opening than srk, kkhh clashed with Bade miyan chote miyan the opening of BMCM was double than srk-kajol film.In 2000 Hrithik film opened better than srk, since Aamir came in 2005 he used to give bumper opening with Mangal Pandey,Rdb,Fanaa,ghajini,3i and d3.
    Salman is bigger crowdpuller than srk in India. Srk is consistent but therer were other actors who had huge crowd pull than srk.
    Big b used to do more than 4-5 film each year where most of the film was success, I have not remember any single year of srk when more than 2 film of him hit in single year, while Big b used to give 4 hit in a year.
    Srk tried become Don by doing remake, original Don itself was a hit but both Don and Don 2 struggled to attain hit status in India.
    Big b banned Media in his prime time there were 15 year ban when media not taking interviews of big b,no media coverage to his films still he dominated the industry.
    In 1980 when jeetendra used to most popular hero after big b said that in star ranking Big B is stand from 1 to 10, I come in 11th no.
    Moreover Big B was popular among every kind of audience whether its kid, masses and classes, ladies,boys,men,old generation.Srk never achieved that in India, Salman has popularity in every section of audience.
    The success rate of big b was 89% when he delivered 37 success among his 42 film from 1973-1986 while srk success rate was 100% in last 10 years when he had one or two films befire that srk success rate was 40-45% only when among 42 films he had 18 success but big b used to do 3-4 films a year.
    Do you imagine srk without media coverage, big b dominated without support of media.
    Baat karta h Big B dominance was untouchable neither it happened earlier not will be.
    And congrays you are our new complan boy along with great @sss.

  • @ javed, Amitji is almost 72 years old and still gives 5 crore opening, at 72 years SRK will be bedridden forget acting in films, also Amitji is self made star so do some research before putting your lame comments, if you adjust the ticket rates and the inflation the collections of Don that was released 37 years back would be 10 times more than haklu khans all films combined

  • @javed,

    I am a big fan of Salman, Aamir, Akshay and Ajay, but would never ever talk down or insult someone as great and respectable as Amitji.

    No one in the industry can be compared to him. You have never experienced the aura of Amitji, an age where there was no media, and was banned by media for 15 years in his prime, he was called the One Man Industry.

    At times he gave superhits back to back, not every year, but every month. Take out his filmography and read more to understand.

    Just his name lends superhit status to any film. You are talking of a guy who is voted as star of the millenium by BBC itself. We are talking of the most respected news media of the world and not some paid news channel here.

    When he was injured the whole of the country prayed for him, such was his reach and respect.

    In upholding your favourite star, you are infact creating more hatred for him. I bet srk would never want such people as you, as his fans, ever.

  • @javed how can u insult Big B. Even Srk is a big fan of him and Dilip kumar. Not expected atleast from an fellow srkian.

    Now cmng to @lallu fans there was no need of including Srk’s name in this article but as u r bhaitards not a single day of yours is complete without uttering SRK’s name. So continue jalne wale jalte raho . Akhir me bhai ki jai ho or hopefully on May 6 bhai ko jail bi ho.

  • For all “bachchan fans”, that tall thin bamboo stick type hero is nothing without real iconic legends
    “SALIM JAVED”.He was a son of a poet & he would have also become a poet if god had not sent two angels in his life to write legendary stories & dialogues for him to make him a superstar.And that stupid idiot “EHSAAN-FARAHMOSH”(BLOODY BACKSTABBER) did not even call him to his sons wedding.Really shame on him.

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