Amitabh Bachchan on ‘Don’ completing 37 years!

Amitabh Bachchan, whose memorable film ‘Don’ completed 37 years of its release on Tuesday, is glad that the “incredible” journey of the film “still continues”

The movie is an action-thriller, which revolves around a powerful gangster named Don played by Amitabh, who was seen in a double role in the film.

“37 years of ‘DON’ today (Tuesday). A film made by that gentle giant Nariman Irani, the DOP of extreme excellence,” Big B wrote on his blog.

The 72-year-old is ecstatic about the film’s journey and he even took to his micro-blogging website Twitter to express his happiness with his fans and well-wishers.

“37 years of DON .. today!! Incredible! A journey that still continues,” he tweeted.

The actor also shared anecdotes from the set of the film — especially one when producer Nariman A. Irani saved a child at the Rajkamal Studios, while he was shooting for a film there.

“Ran (Irani) to save the child. He did. But injured himself in the effort. Broke his femur, was hospitalised, went into surgery and came out well. Few days later complications set in and he passed away,” Big B wrote.

Also reminiscing the iconic song “Khaike paan Benares waala”, he said it was shot in second shifts at Mehboob Studios from 2 to 10 p.m.

“During the action scene, I had hurt my feet and had huge burn boils on the palm of my feet. Could not wear shoes, or walk. The song was bare foot…so…took pain killer injections on my feet before each shot and completed the song and the scene,” Big B wrote on his blog.

The actor was congratulated for the song by then writer duo Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar. The duo saw the rushes of the film and sent a telegram to Srinagar where the megastar was shooting.

“Salim-Javed saw the rushes of the film… more importantly, the rushes of the paan eating duplicate DON, and sent me a telegram, in Srinagar where I was shooting for another film congratulating me,” Amitabh wrote.

“It was a most encouraging moment for me I remember. I still remember the room in the Palace Hotel, when I received the message, and my inner feeling of great joy on its contents,” he added.

A remake and sequel of the film were released in October 2006 and December 2011, respectively which starred Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

Directed by Chandra Barot, “Don” is considered to be one of the most iconic movies of Bollywood.

The megastar was last seen in “Shamitabh” and will soon be seen in Shoojit Sircar’s “Piku” and Bejoy Nambiar’s “Wazir”.




  • Best Don ever- Big B
    The remakes starring Srk failed to do the original justice. Srk lacks acting ability to do such roles without overacting. Also Don 2 did almost half of Ek Tha Tiger.

  • Srk+ Don brand+ christmas= 102 crore in India , $11 million overseas

    Aamir+ Dhoom brand+ christmas= 285 crore in India, $31 million overseas
    #Ace of Bollywood

  • Don said it’s impossible to catch him and portrayed himself as invincible but then dies early on in the film which was a bit lame. Farhan’s Don series corrected that.

  • Undoubtedly the former one with BIGB was awesome.but it has been taken to a new level when KING SRK starred in it.just see the dialogue delivery,the boasting laugh ,it is just out if world for me former one is a masterpiece and the later one is more than just a masterpiece.

    Only LEGEND will follow scraps are folliwingnsouth stars and remaking their films.that’s the difference between LEGEND KHAN—-KING SRK and south copy remake scraps-salman+amir.

  • The Amitabh’s Don was legend. It was a great film ever made.
    The SRK’s new Don is very boring and badly made film.

  • Don is one of the all time classics of bollywood. Later an non actors tried to spoil it with his overacting but failed.

  • The real DON of bollywood unlike liker of jungli billis who even struggles with a solo Christmas release !!!!!!!!

  • Some morons find the new don is better and stylish than older one. In andho ke akhein nikalke gotya khelna chahiye……

  • both dons are good but shahrukh stands out in terms of style charisma popularity as don

  • srk made don character a poor joke by his copycate acting. what Amitabh did in don is impossible for current gen.

  • Don remake was nonsense, but Don 2 was fun. Love the way Farhan handles both detailing and thrills. It was a little slow paced but it was definitely a fun watch.

  • SRK as DON is just awesome nobody can do as better than him……his style, the way he talk was cool, he is dangerous he is sooooo Hot i wanna my sexy DON …….SRK ???????

  • Hahaha …. !!!! I never watch amitabh’s movies but have wached some of his previous movies … good but not great!
    For me it is srk who is bigger than ur flop ammitabh bechan, who has 14 million follwers on twitter still his movies are struggling to get 5 crore in opening day.
    One question if he is the biggest star , why his movies do not enter in 200 crore club?
    That’s is simple, becoz he is flopbachan!
    I don’t hate him nor intend to insult him ;
    But when u compare this old floppy actor with the legend of bollywood srk who is self made star, and is the most famous star by now i cannot bear nonsense!
    I have not watched aamitab’s don.
    srk’s don movie was good in 2016 but i really loved don 2 with a killer style! !!!
    Haters do not give excuse becoz i do not believe in ur nonsense.
    Aamitab’s highest grossing is sholay, besides that he has none.
    If a movie does not earn huge, then that means that movie is not well made lols!
    Thanks for reading my kamment!

  • @javed, in which world are you living where don released in 2016??? Is it paglapur or **krapur??? Andhe kuch bhi bakta hai anaf-shanaf!!

  • @javed, you are comparing the collection of 80’s movies with current movies!!! Acc to you king fans’ logic even tushar kapur is bigger star than amitji becoz Kya super cool hai hum collected more than Sholay/deewar!
    #shame on you king fans.

  • One moronic king fan said amitji is nothing besides sholay!!! King fans don’t forget he was the main lead in movies like mohabbtein, KKKG, KANK etc where king played just side characters.

  • King fans(like @javed) say amitabh is smaller star than king because no movie of amitji collected 100cr or 200cr. So acc to them aftab shivdasni, vivek oberoy, ritesh deshmukh, tushar kapur, shreas talpade etc(having 100cr grossers like grand masti & g3) are bigger/greater than Dilip kumar, raj kapur, dev anand, rajesh khanna and amitabh bachchan. Because those actors have no 100cr grosser movie….

    Bharat Ratna jitne wala logic hai yeh..!!

  • Aadmi kitna geera hua hona chahiye ye sab lines bolne ke liye(that too without any reason)……..
    1. Flop amitabh
    2. Flopybachchan
    3. Oldie floppy actor
    4. Amitabh is nothing besides sholay.

    #get well soon morons(king fans).

  • All respect to the original Don but SRK was the first and only one who could match an iconic performance even Farhan himself (when an Aamir Khan fan asked him in a direct chat on bollywoodhungama why not casting Aamir Khan in that role) Farhan replyed that SRK was the only one in bollywood who can do that role!

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