SRK beats Narendra Modi, becomes the first Indian to cross 100k retweets

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has created Twitter India history, as he surpassed Prime Minister Narendra Modi to post the most retweeted tweet by an Indian.

SRK posted a picture with former ‘One Direction’ member Zayn Malik, when the two met at ‘The Asian Awards’ in London last week.

The photo tweet has been retweeted more than 105,000 times and favourited more than 146,000 times on Twitter.

Khan won an award for his ‘Outstanding Contribution to Cinema’, while Zayn Malik was honoured for his ‘Outstanding Contribution to Music’.

The second most retweeted tweet was Narendra Modi’s victory announcement on Twitter saying “India has won”. That was retweeted 73,000 times with 48,000 favourites. Shahrukh has not only beaten Modi’s famous tweet, but has also become the first Indian to receive more than 100,000 retweets.

It has to be noted that Zayn Malik, whose tweets sometimes receive more than 650,000 retweets, had retweeted Shahrukh Khan on Twitter.



  • SRK is most followed Indian celeb on twitter but indian celebs only get a few thousand retweets normally while popular singers get tens of thousands n more sometimes.

  • stop blindly praising srk. Was not expecting this from indicine. Why don’t you mention about Salman followers on fb.Also before this the most retweeted tweet of an actor was tweeted by Salman. Why don’t u mention about that. really disappointed

  • HaHa his Solo Tweets with all those copy paste quotes dnt even Cross 2K Rts … His solo Crappy Selfies dnt even Cross 1.5K Rts :D ..
    In those 1000K Rts,99K are Zyan Malik Fans who have No idea who this Ugly Man on Zyan’s side is..

    Common SRK ,In Bollywood u need Deepika ,Rohit,YRF and Karan and on Twitter also u need Someone else’s support .. And more stupid are his Idiot Fans who are even Stupid enough to Claim that “Srk made Zyan Famous” :D :D
    height of Stupidity ..

  • Zayns a drug junkie and queen is a chain smoker so can imagine the two addicts had a doolally time in London Town getting upto no good.

  • @Sheheer Common man don’t show your illiteracy to everyone..Who said srk account in fb is fake..The blue tick shows that it is his verified account..So stop showing ur stupidity..And srk tweets didnot even cross 2k tweets..this is all bcoz of Zayn.Salman’s tweet on kick trailer alone garnered more than 5k tweets..This is called stardom.But stupid media alwsys blindly support srk

  • Wow! King beats pm of india….now he has every chance to become next pm of india…..#king roxx.

  • @rangil – But the bottom line is – SRK still in Bollywood for 29 years with almost zero disasters losing to combined disaters of Deepika Yrf and Kjo and Rohit…while he alone get called at Asian awards winning an award and taking the centre stage :-D…lol

  • Zayn malik gets more than 6 lakh retweets and king have got 1 lakh retweets with the help of Zayn. Still king fans think ‘king made zayn famous’…..RIP logic.

  • This pic with zayn vl make… Sharu khan more popular… And hope here after no problems at airports

  • #rangil shing

    what kind of dumb person u are?

    Are your bhai/tingu gets any award like ‘ outstanding contribution in indian cinema’

    now dont say srk buys award … Or u will be fooling yourself

    and onething keep counting 100-200 cr. Because after 5-10 years nobody will give shit to these

  • This is social media so obviously Zayn has much more followers on twitter than SRK coz his max. followers are from UK,USA,Australia,NZ n some middle east countries where the access to the internet is much more than it is in india.
    Only 20% people in india have access to the net,whereas in the USA,UK it is as high as 85%+!!
    Most of the indian,pakistanis,bangladeshis know SRK,so outside the twitter world,i think SRK is ahead of Zayn in terms of following!!

  • hahaha….this is only coz of zayn……..lets c how many srk tweets will get retweets n fav in future in comparison to this tweet then u get to know ur srk power….his(zayn) emoji gets thousand of tweets n this is his pic, zayn fans got to know abt this pic n they started retweeting n fav it……srk normally gets 2-3k rts…….most of d tym he gets 3-4 rts on abram pics………go n check zayn latest tweets u will get to know zayn power…..

  • Nobody knew Zayn before meeting with king. king made him famous…….like thoko king fans…..LOL.

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