Akshay Kumar vs Salman Khan: EID 2013?

Last week, Balaji announced the release of their keenly awaited film ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2’.

Since Salman Khan is yet to make any announcement for EID 2013, Balaji were quick to officially block the festive weekend for their most ambitious feature film.

Now, a source close to Salman informs us, that the actor will definitely have a release for EID next year. It’s unclear whether the film will be Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick, Sohail Khan’s Sher Khan or Anees Bazmee No Entry Mein Entry.

Considering the fact that Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2 is the sequel to a commercially successful film, the expectations are high and the film is likely to shatter box-office records when it releases.

On the other hand, a clash against a Salman Khan film is unimaginable.

Still a long way to go, but as things stand today – Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2 will release for EID, Salman will either have to back out or go ahead and announce his film soon. In which case, it’ll be interesting to see if Balaji decide to postpone their film to a later date.

Would you want to see Akshay Kumar vs Salman Khan for EID 2013? Tell us in the comments section below.



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  • i really loved once upon time in mumbai..ajay is expectional and emran is gud too,hope akki and imran khan can do justice to their roles

  • Dear guys can u compare amitabh’s saudagar or parwane box office fate with any of Rajesh khanna’s movie during time interval of 1969-1973, no u can’t n also u cannot compare amitabh’s movies boxoffice fate during late 70’s till late 80’s with anybody. So is salman khan’s position now Plz don’t compare him during mamk days. Ouatim2 cannot compete wid salman if that happens that will flop.

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  • Well its conformed that OUATIM 2 will release on eid, it depends on salman weather he will release his movie on eid which results in clash….

  • No1 vs no5 ? !!
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  • salman has not confirmed so outim2 scheuduling eid but if salman decides next eid then bhai hi winner hoga.& if instead of bhai’s film outim2 surely compete with perfactionist’s atbb dhoom3 but that perhaps come christmas.i think outim2 will be scheduling raudy rathor’s schedule-1st week of june or may.

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  • As predicted and expected the Yash Raj Film’s last release, which was directed by Kabir Khan, EK Tha Tiger has finally touched the 200 crore mark. Netting nearly 2 crore in its latest outing, the Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer crossed the 200 crore mark in five weeks, just from India. EK THA TIGER is also Salman Khan’s biggest overseas grosser with £1,414,600 from UK, Aus$622,200 from Australia and $2,650,000 from the US. EK Tha Tiger is only the second film to cross the 200 crore mark after the Amir Khan’s 3 Idiots.

  • I’m srk fan sab mallu aur akshay gadhe k fans bhoke rahe hai. Main dono ko tab manuga jab koi bhi apni movie 2013 me Chennai Express k saath release kar k bataega. Because CE will be full masala action flick.

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