Akshay Kumar vs Salman Khan: EID 2013?

Last week, Balaji announced the release of their keenly awaited film ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2’.

Since Salman Khan is yet to make any announcement for EID 2013, Balaji were quick to officially block the festive weekend for their most ambitious feature film.

Now, a source close to Salman informs us, that the actor will definitely have a release for EID next year. It’s unclear whether the film will be Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick, Sohail Khan’s Sher Khan or Anees Bazmee No Entry Mein Entry.

Considering the fact that Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2 is the sequel to a commercially successful film, the expectations are high and the film is likely to shatter box-office records when it releases.

On the other hand, a clash against a Salman Khan film is unimaginable.

Still a long way to go, but as things stand today – Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2 will release for EID, Salman will either have to back out or go ahead and announce his film soon. In which case, it’ll be interesting to see if Balaji decide to postpone their film to a later date.

Would you want to see Akshay Kumar vs Salman Khan for EID 2013? Tell us in the comments section below.



  • i am srk fan.clash is not good as both have given blockbuster back to back , sallu should get eid it’s his for many years.

  • Clash with Salman Khan on Eid is not good for any star of Bollywood….boxoffice of India will definitely be in favour of Salman khan…akshay will suffer….

  • I want srk to release his big movies on eid, why he is choosing diwali? Eid will be more luckier to srk than any other actor.

  • There we go, another stupid comment from rowdy who is using my name “shahid”..
    Let me ask u something, was it necessary to being srk on this article?!? And why r u soo jelouse if srk and his fans???
    Seriously why haters can’t stop talking about srk??

  • if salman releases action pack film on eid as kick,then clash will be very very strong.i think both the movies have great chances.i think both will be blockbusters.

  • Clash will not happen bcoz both r frendz, they will adjust.
    I am sure that ouatim2 will release on eid and break all boxoffice records and going to be aal time mega b’buster.
    If clash happens, ouatim2 definately gonna beat salman bcoz it is critically aclaimed and hav a good story.
    Best of luck to both bcoz i’m fan of both!

  • @shahid(parody). Stupid looser y are you taking my name here. Srk should release his movie on eid so as to see who the real king is?

  • i can see that salman and akki’s fans are also good friends.because no one is saying anything bad about each others.great.

  • as a akki fan,i think akki should not release his film on eid.because salman has strong connection with his fans on eid.i am not saying that akki will fail,but eid is salman’s.akki should release it on 1st june.it will be blockbuster on june.

  • well srk fans no option left thy will support akki which obvious, let srk face akki with film lik qutaim2 with chennai exprees..all the ppl who sayin srk kicked akki’s jane man wil hav answer..

  • I am from pak and i am definately going to watch ouatim2 bcoz it is not crap movie like bodygaurd or ready. At least it will have a good story

  • Akki & balaji telefilms only after making sure that salman has no eid release, announced that ouatim 2 will be released on auspicious eid day. Otherwise eid always belongs to one and only salman bhai. And even if akki decides to release it on eid, salman has the enough big heart to postpone his movie. That is bhaijaan for you.

  • @all salman fans,guys all the srk fans supporting akki,because they want fan war between sallu and akki.srk fans are so loosers that they are doing this cheap things.shame on you srkins.

  • Joker has 18 crore collection bcoz akki was not promoting it even sonakshi was not promoting it.
    Bcoz akki was disappointed from shirish.

  • I am not srk fan, i’m akki, sallu and aamir khan fan, and i am saying it truely.
    I will go and watc ouatim2 bcoz it has good story and i am awaiting it for 1 year.

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