Akshay Kumar vs Salman Khan: EID 2013?

Last week, Balaji announced the release of their keenly awaited film ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2’.

Since Salman Khan is yet to make any announcement for EID 2013, Balaji were quick to officially block the festive weekend for their most ambitious feature film.

Now, a source close to Salman informs us, that the actor will definitely have a release for EID next year. It’s unclear whether the film will be Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick, Sohail Khan’s Sher Khan or Anees Bazmee No Entry Mein Entry.

Considering the fact that Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2 is the sequel to a commercially successful film, the expectations are high and the film is likely to shatter box-office records when it releases.

On the other hand, a clash against a Salman Khan film is unimaginable.

Still a long way to go, but as things stand today – Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2 will release for EID, Salman will either have to back out or go ahead and announce his film soon. In which case, it’ll be interesting to see if Balaji decide to postpone their film to a later date.

Would you want to see Akshay Kumar vs Salman Khan for EID 2013? Tell us in the comments section below.



  • @tiger yes ur rite, they want to create war but all sallu and akki fans are frendz bcoz they r frendz, akki has no fight with any other superstar of bollywood

  • Lol, if srk fans are supporting akshay in the clash then Salman’s fans think they are creating a war, then what about Salman fans supporting Ajay???
    Support is support it has nothing to do with war or fight..
    It’s just that srk fans hate Salman and his fans and Salman hate srk and his fans…

  • First of all EID releases were started by SALMAN BHAI from WANTED..after that rest is history…DABANGG , BODYGUARD , EK THA TIGER..all were ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTERS…..so people r emotionly connected with SALMAN BHAI films during EID….the balaji productions r taking advantage by announcing their film date on EID ..bcoz SALMAN BHAI has not yet decided which film to start after DABANGG 2 finishes…whenever SALMAN BHAI announces next EID release..i am sure that they will move from EID date .

  • @shahid akshay dont srk fans support lik ajay need sallu fans support,okie? and mind you srk diwali release collected 116 cores and akki non holiday release R.R collected 131 crores…akki is bigger star thn ajay…Equal or better thn khans..

  • @rowdy 786 yes, u r definately right, if rowdy rathore has non holiday release and back to back compitition with movies like shinghai, ferrari ki swari, gangs of wasseypur, teri meri kahani, despite thse it have 132 crore, if ouatim2 will have eid release, it will be earth shattering.

  • No need to such huge discussion.
    Salman & Akshay are good friends so clash between their films is 200%impossible.

    Only one film will release on Eid they can make some adjustment.
    Like we seen lots of adjustments between Aamir,Akshay & Salman’s films this year.

  • Ouatm2 will not all time blockbuster because first part was not universally hit and one thing that Ouatm2 will not release on eid because akshay,s has no guts to release his film with bollywood bhai salman khan.

  • @jay first part was classic and every one liked it.and talking about guts,akki has already announced the date of ouatim2.and he already released blue with main aur mrs khanna.and though both were flops,blue collected 5x more than khanna(blue 40 crores,khanna 8 crores).but still i am saying that clash won’t happen coz both are good friends.and i also like salman but i said this coz you are saying that aki has no guts to release with sallu.which is not true.

  • last time akki and sallu clashed was in 2009 where it was blue vs mamk. now everyone knows who won it if we take only the opening.

  • @all haters Why all are against My g#y srk? I love him so much, he is my bed partner, dont pull his name here. Srk rocks…

  • @rowdy, why is that u point everything against srk fans??
    Just answer my question, why do u use marz’s name to fool people around??
    Well I remember u both had fights, but what had marz done to u that u are feeling jelous of marz??
    Now don’t say that I am not using marz’s I’d..
    I know the above comment (marz) is done by u..
    If u r a die hard fan of akshay then tell the truth to everyone around here..

  • @shahid r u mad? why i need to be jealous of srk fan or srk? i use only my id..becoz ur using everyone id to spread negativity dont tell me evryone around you are also like you,Get well soon

  • OUATIM 2 will definitely be a big hit.. salman is salman.. clash or no clash his movie will be a blockbuster.. he is in a league of his own

  • @rowdy 786. Its u who is mad. U really are a big looser like your akki’s joker. If you have any problem with marz then deal with him directly, he will take care of u. U r a big stupid coward flop khiladi fan using different ids to fool everyone but all know that ur a stupid joker. Go to hell.

  • @rowdy, so why r u saying that srk fans are creating war here??
    Some people here are akshay fans and they are showing superiority towards akshay rather than salman through their comments, so why do u feel these are all done by srk fans??
    If salman and akshay are friends it dosent mean that all their fans are friends…
    every one has different tastes and opinion just like U!! Well even srk and akshay are friends but u being a akshay fan hate srk and his fans, so it just differ in taste and opinion…
    So my question is why r u pointing that srk fans are doing this war stuffs and etc??

  • @shahid every1 knows ur cheap tactics. U r a such a cheap looser fan of srk always ready to create wars b/w fans. Akki fans are always salman supporters bcoz of cheap srkians like u. Get a life u looser and hav guts to come out with ur real id instead of using fakes. Get well soon.

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