Akshay Kumar on donating 1st Day Collections of ‘Gabbar Is Back’

There have been reports that Akshay Kumar would be donating the first day collections of his upcoming film ‘Gabbar Is Back’ to the Nepal Earth Quake victims, but the superstar has rubbished the rumour saying it’s not his call.

Akshay also added that he wouldn’t need to wait for the film to release to make his contribution.


“Heard a rumour that I am donating #GabbarIsBack’s 1st day collections to the #NepalEarthquake victims. Firstly I am not the producer so that’s not my call to make and more importantly I don’t need to wait for the film’s release to do my bit,” Akshay wrote.

The actor also shared a link for the people looking for ways to contribute to Nepal, which was jolted by a 7.9-magnitude earthquake on April 25.

“If you too want to lend your support here’s the link ? https://www.facebook.com/nepalearthquakesupport” Akshay tweeted.

Directed by Krish, ‘Gabbar Is Back’ releases in theatres on May 1.



  • Thats why I like him so much though I am a SRKian :)
    Khiladi Kumar has a golden heart just like SRK :)

  • No probelm what happend that it is not in the production of Akki Sir, Akki Sir personally donate more than first day collection of Gabbar Is Back.
    Bcoz Akki Sir Jo nahi Bolte hain woh toh Akki Sir definitely Karte Hain…
    and it was not Akshay Sir’s announcement.

  • No probelm what happend if it is not in the production of Akki Sir, Akki Sir personally donate more than first day collection of Gabbar Is Back.
    Bcoz Akki Sir Jo nahi Bolte hain woh toh Akki Sir definitely Karte Hain…
    and it was not Akshay Sir’s announcement.

  • Blockbuster on cards …..!! …
    And see those pathetic BV makers…. Doing 3rd class b-grade strategies n tricks to get coverage for their Pathetic Ghatiya film called Bombay helmet ……!! …

    Waitin 1 may gabbar ….!! …

  • Lol it is a rumour only..Check Akki’s Recent tweet he cleared he isn’t donating as he isn’t producer

  • Here are some definition of Akshay kumar:
    Srk: he is the greatest athlete in the bollywood!
    Sallu: if u want to follow someone then follow Akshay Kumar he never drinks, never smokes. He get early in the morning(4 am) and go for exercise!
    Arshad Warsi( one of the great comedian): he is the greatest comedian!
    Vidyut Jamwal: He is the action king .I have to learn from him!

    Akki never says he is no. 1 . It is a quality of his great human nature

    In an other award function Akki said to Hrithik,” I watched your ‘Guzarish’.I am your senior in this industry but you are my senior in acting!

    he is almost 47 years now but still he manage to give 3,4,5 films in a year……
    If we compare him with a new young star Ranbir Kapoor,he also give one or two in a year.
    Akki is still fit n Hit!

    Chaand par pahoch gaye Akshay Sir lekin ab bhi haters ko unke haath me been hi nazar aati h

    You can’t hate him. He is the ultimate ‘human’!

  • gabbar@, it will be the heighest buuz collection movie in 2015 @ it will break the record of rowdy rathor

  • This movie will be a big hit because the story line is superb as I watched the Telugu version way back in 2003!!.. There are some scenes where you will see how the hospitals are earning money from the patients…also a scene where a women bring her dead husband body to hospital but the doctors act like they are treating him and ask to buy thousands worth of medicines and at the end they say they could not able to save his life!!!.. This movie gonna rock India!!

  • Akki’s super-hit film is on the way and will break the records of his highest grossing film rowdy rathore

  • They are using Nepal tragedy to promote their own film. What a disgusting thing. If you want to donate why are you making a huge publicity out of it?

  • Akshay will donate and do his own bit for the Nepal victims . Akshay is a great hunan being and let’s hope GIB is a huge success not only for Akshay and his fans but also for the industry who badly needs a successful film . The success of GIB would be Oxygen for the industry . Akshay has achieved tremendous success in the last 24 years . @ Abhay Don’t worry all these things happen nobody can ignore the achievements of Akshay . There are some stupid people on Indicine who are nonsense and have nothing to do just posting garbage comnents . These people are haters of every actor – SRK, Salman, Hrithik, Aamir, Akshay, Ajay and Ranbir .

  • Slb on Akki(recently):1.i will direct him one day for sure.2.no one could have played rowdy rathore except akki.3.gabbar is a good movie and akki’s finest performance.

  • He could donate FDC but I dont think 4 or 5cr is suffice so perhaps he should instead donate his remuneration fee for making torturous crapgiri movies like Joker or Entertainment….!

  • Cheap publicity gimmick…. like ppl will watch such crap as a means to indirectly donate money towards relief work/ efforts….

  • nothing new.
    srk has already done it for uttrakhand floods as he donated first day numbers of ce but hats of to him that he has never uttered a single word about this in any pc or media.
    u can find it all on star show for uttrakhand floods.

    king forever..

    btw akki nice step.

  • Like the line “I don’t need to wait for the film release if I want to donate”.that’s exactly the point if someone want to donate he shouldn’t wait for that.I knew Akki had done something for Nepal victims already or with do soon.
    Best of luck

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