Zee bans Sonu Nigam, say they won’t buy his songs

Acclaimed singer Sonu Nigam has said that Zee has announced a ban on him. According to reports, Sonu was banned because he raised his voice in support of Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas.

The singer tweeted “So now Zee announces a ban on me. :) What do I say.. God bless everyone. Wonder should it not be illegal to ban someone on the pretext of nothing in a democracy? Influencing others to not work with an individual. Well legal or illegal, one thing’s for sure. Banning someone, is definitely unGodly.”


A few days ago, Zee had broadcasted a video of Kumar Vishwas quoting in saying ‘Latak Gaya’, a comment he made in relation to farmer Gajendra Singh’s suicide incident.

Sonu had retweeted that tweet with the words ”I am far from politics but I feel hat truth should come out for the sake of my poet friend Kumar Vishwas’

Zee Music has also announced that they will not buy any songs sung by Sonu Nigam.

The incident has created a furore on Twitter with fans of the legendary singer tweeting #IStandWithSonuNigam.



  • Zee cann’t reduce the huge fan following of Sonu Nigam by banning. .
    Sonu Nigam has already established himself as one of the legandary singers in the History of B’town. Even Uditji and Kumar Sanu never had such a huge fan following like Sonuji.

    Biggest Male singer of All time:
    1. Mohd. Rafi
    2. Kishor Kumar
    3. Sonu Nigam
    4. Kumar Sanu/ Udit Narayan
    5. Mukesh

  • zee network….who asked for bribe from mr jindal n said give us 100 cr or we will start campain against ur coal involvement… jindal recorded it n put them behind bars sinse then battle is still on….
    zee network who has illegal collages…fake advrtises of law collages..many students went to high coart against them that they ruined their life….
    zee people seems anti AAP…then become pro congress or pro bjp who ever gives more money…
    they sell awards evry year …. sonu is ultimate musical icon n it was sonus hosting in saregamapa who made that show at start n made zee big in india….. #STAND WITH SONU….who cares about cheap zee

  • sonu makes concerts his prices r high…. he dont compromise on royalty he fight for songers…hence these days dnt get much song…but whenevr he sings he did wonders like … abhi muz me kahi… he is in leage on only rafi kishor n lata then sonu…zee network is in form cause they get money from this modi gov. for promotions so they think they can do anything…but janta is watching…

  • Everybody knows that zee news is most biased..
    It slams IPL because Zee’s ICL was killed by its competition..
    It slams AAP..
    It’s owner is a BJP leader..
    It’s editor in Chief sudhir chaudry was jailed for paid news..
    The great captain ms dhoni sir has filled 100cr defamatory case against this channel and court once had asked this channel to stop reporting about dhoni..
    I am not a supporter of AAP but zee always slams that party..

    A black dirty stain on democracy..
    Srk should stop selling them satellite rights

  • Everyone knows Truth about Zee..
    paid ,Biased and Utter Rubbish.
    Sonu Nigam is a Legend in singing world.One of the top 5..Baap of Arijiy and Ankit Tiwari.
    As in if Zee will Ban him other music label wont release his song ?,Bwaha..
    There is Sony ,There is T-Series..it wont effect Sonu Nigam at all but Zee again lost whatever little respect they had..

  • Zee has made a rai ka pahaad . There are better ways to solve disputes rather than banning . Sonu Nigam is a legendary singer he is an icon . By doing this Sonu Nigam will not be affected on the other hand Zee will be affected . They are already a crap music studio and now this can be the last nail in the coffin . Sonu Nigam may not be getting many songs but still sings in few movies . He has created his own legacy in Bollywood and nobody can change that .

  • Zee didn’t make Sonu, they used his voice and popularity to sell their records, and now they are banning him. lol.

  • Zee is banning Sonu nigam at the time when he sing very less song in the film, Sonu nigam is recently did an appearance in Little Champs finale for zee, the guy who got stardom along with zee since beginning of his career it’s sound poor the way Zee reacted.
    Sonu Nigam is a legend,the guy got huge fan following at the peak time of Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan, the guy is full of talent and versatile, his range if songs is unmatchable.One should listen Abhi mujh me kahin and Bhagwan hai kaha re tu, he still is best singer in B town at present.The guys has huge demand outside if India, his concert is equally popular worldwide.
    Zee you can’t brought down the legend.
    #i support Sonu nigam.

  • What the hell happened to zee??? Paani mein rehke magar-machs se panga!!! Mehenga padega zee ko.

  • Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin is the best song of this decade…… Kal ho Naa ho was best in last decade…..

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