‘I am both Hindu and Muslim, caste Indian’ says Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan recently made a statement that caught many by surprise.

While being tried under the Arms Act in relation with poaching of the endangered Black Buck species, the magistrate asked Salman to fill the caste column to which the actor said “I am an Indian”

The judge then said “There is a column which needs to be filled so you will have to tell.” To which Salman said “I am both Hindu and Muslim. My father is a Muslim and mother is Hindu.”

Salman Khan out side Jodhpur court

Salman Khan outside Jodhpur court

The incident happened during the shoot of the film ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’, when Salman and a few other stars from the movie had allegedly gone hunting on the 1st of October, 1998. Salman is also accused of carrying illegal arms with him.

The actor was told to appear in court on 23rd April by the magistrate, but could not do so because he was getting treated for an ear infection.



  • It’s the BABY effect!!!
    Religion wala jo column hota hai usmein hum BOLD aur CAPITAL letters mein INDIAN likhte hain..

    I respect salman when it comes to religion and all..
    I hope the extremists won’t create any stupidity at the time of Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s release specially against the man whose both sisters are married to hindu guys..

  • Salman is both cunning and cruel! It is really a shame that he has a Muslim name but never practice Islam.

  • ROFL, Indian and Bhai? that’s why he didn’t try to vote for India on voting day as he was busy promoting his south craps. while actors actually real Indians and prides of the country like SRK left shooting and came to India just to give vote..

    also now he is trying to say that he is ‘Hindu’ just bec he is afraid the BJP will kick him to the jail.. he is calling his self hindu as he wants government supports otherwise we know he is a friend of the ‘most wanted man’ who has done damage to India many times and lives in Pak Karachi..

  • @syed, The best thing is he is a human first and he practices humanity. That’s the thing, ur allah should be proud of and if he(ur allah) is not proud of it, you should be ashamed of him!

  • Oh such a Indian that he didn’t give vote for India. stop making people fool through your shits statements and interviews everyone knows what you are and who are your friends and with whom you have links.. all with those people who are either enemies of India or they are against India.. even you does those movies which are against India like ETT.

  • that,s why i like Bhaijaan he never do any politics on his religion he is a truly patriotic indian who always make movies for indian audience without any vulgar dialogues or scenes proud of u bhaijaan.. u are true megastar.

  • sometimes bhai blames his driver..sometimes puts the blame on witnesses.. this clearly shows the reason behind him starting being human. he does that to cover up his evil deeds

  • Among Khans only two khan didn’t try to give vote. First one was Aamir Khan and second one was Salman Khan.. and if someone left everything and came to give vote it was Shah Rukh Khan..

    Aamir didn’t give as he was in Cannes with some work while salman didn’t give as he was Busy promoting his craps along with his bodyguard while SRK was busy the most still left everything and came to vote for India with his family as always..

    it shows who is Indian who does care about the country and who is real and who is fake..

  • shame on him , it doesn’t matter if one say i respect all religion but one shouldn’t say he is both hind u and muslim when he is just a muslim or hindu.
    i personally respect all religion but i would never say i am both that and that.

  • Friend of Dawood Ibrahim is calling his self a Indian and Hindu. now i have see everything and can die peacefully.

  • sometimes bhai blames his
    driver..sometimes puts the blame on
    witnesses.. this clearly shows the
    reason behind him starting being
    human. he does that to cover up his
    evil deeds

  • copied from a statement given by SRK…..bhai idhar bhi copy karna nahi chod raha hai. name hi copy raklo.

  • he hits women,kills animals,kills people,misbehaves with fans and media.. then he does charity for publicity and fakes as if he’s a good man…he deserves to be behind the bars..he’s a criminal

  • On October 1998 , while SRK was busy in hunting records with K2H2 , our Bhai was busy in hunting blackbuck !
    #PowerOfBhai …

  • Salman Bhai is trying hard to give statements, interviews and tweets like SRK but SRK says things from heart while salman copy it or trying to make people fool as usual. no one believes what salman says as he says in such a fake way that no one can believe on him & also people knows the reality about him.

  • I respect Salman for his stand on religion . He always celebrate Ganesh Jayanti every year . But according to me his open ness on religion cannot save him from punishment . If he is guilty he will be punished either in this case or in in the Hit and Run case . If he is innocent as he is saying then he will be free .

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  • @babaji
    Bold&Capital comment.
    Salman called he is an indian .:;, and srk always called my name is khan..

  • So many haters’ comments. But that doesn’t matter. There are millions and millions who love him.I respect for his stand on religion. #SalmanFanForever

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