Akshay and Ajay indirectly take a dig at Shahrukh Khan’s 8 pack abs!

In an indirect attack against Shahrukh Khan’s much-hyped 8-pack abs in Happy New Year, Akshay Kumar has slammed actors in general for consuming enhancers, steroids, powders or shakes.

Without naming anyone, Akshay in an interview said “Despite practising all my life for 32 years, I still don’t have more than 6 pack abs. You need to be patient, you need to experience your muscle growth. Now they just want to pump up their muscles in three months. That cannot be done without resorting to many artificial and harmful things.”

The superstar also went on to say that people who smoke cannot have ripped physiques “If you smoke, your lungs go for a toss. What do you require in a workout? You require stamina. And if you smoke, you will not have stamina as well as you destroy your lungs forever. I get shocked when I see bodybuilders who are smokers. It tells me what a shortcut body they have made and how they have made it. I have never smoked in my life.” (article continued after the image)

Shahrukh Khan Body 8 or 10 pack?

Shahrukh Khan Body 8 or 10 pack?

When asked about the best techniques to acquire a 8-pack physique, Akshay said “If I need to build 8 packs, I will need to leave my job and concentrate on only building my body and work out for four hours everyday for three years and controlling my diet, otherwise it is not possible. If you have 8 packs any other way, it means that you have taken shit in your body, be it through supplements, muscle enhancers, recovery shakes or growth hormone shots. It means that you have become bigger, stronger, faster in the most harmful way imaginable. I repeat, it is going to harm a lot of people. I hope people read this, trust it and go the natural way. I have never had more than 6 packs. I don’t get them. I know training is hard, muscles hurt and goals take longer to reach, but when you are training naturally that is the best way. You have to understand that.”

Ajay Devgn too has rubbished the idea of 8-pack abs saying “I believe six-pack and eight-pack abs make you weak. They look nice, but they can make you physically weak. I believe you should be muscular and fit. I don’t want to promote eight-pack abs”



  • every body knows akki is a flop actor and every flop actor is angry upon superstar(srk sallu hritik)
    mark my words after this incident baby is not crossed 100cr
    akki is always 60cr actor….
    single chechis akki

  • The guy whose movies have all the wrong message songs like hukka mar….alcoholic…nw talks about moral values and health.

  • I want to believe that Akki should have known just like being a sport person I think Srk too is a sport man! all his life his been into sports..I knew way back he played football and now he has a cricket team.
    personally I have nothing against Srk!! HE has made up wit AJAY!! visited Ajay @sets of AJ… both had mutual consent on attaching their trailers to each movies so MEDIA can’t affect my ideology like how sorry to say many RIFTS r just going on and on UNNECESSARILY!!!
    U know SRK didn’t use stimulants!! y? way back 2013 SRK TWEETED SOME PICS OF HIS TECHNOSHAPE WIT HIS GYM TRAINER!!.. a year before HNY release. being a shy guy he didn’t want PUBLICITY if not so d PICS wldv gone VIRAL. yes he really cut down on his diets and was doing exercise!! I still don’t believe it gave him 8paccks but for sure he worked his knees off for keeping shape!
    about smoking….it depends with body metabolism!! nobody will doubt Srk has lots of energy in him that’s for sure….come on for those condemning his smoking!! Ajay smokes too!!…so it just have to do with your diets exercise and gym activities after work!! about his 8packs honestly I don’t think its a 1year job BUT about SRK general fitness level and good physique Of recent? I don’t think it has to do with anything STIMULANT!!

  • Worst films –
    1) barfi(plagiarised movie n music)
    2)rockstar(confusing script with amature acting n weak direction)

    worst upcoming films:-
    1) bombay helmet
    2) nanga jasoos.

  • srk fans dont be so critical of ajay and akshay….

    ultimately it is an unhealthy way ……even aamir acknowledged the same during ghajini……

    life is different for actors….its their profession…..but youth may get influenced and adopt unhealthy techniques for so called abs……maybe thats what akshay and ajay are trying to point out…..

    yes there’s a direct dig at srk as his abs are the most recent ones……but just feel being critical of the comments isnt correct looking at the larger picture….

  • Ha ha ha…. what does the fox says grapes are sour apply hare.
    They don’t have the body like Srk even Salman or Sanjay dutt are bodybuilding since long time but the truth is Srk worked very hard for those abs but as others says about the awards like its fake.
    Ask Akshay and Ajay how many awards they won how many blockbuster’s they have and how many fans they have and please@Indicine don’t call Akshay and Ajay a superstars they are just stars and the truth is Srk is the King of Bollywood worldwide and they are losers flop hero depends on south remakes to deliver a hit pathetic people.

  • akshay is giving back to back flops.now a days even young actors movie is collecting more than his movies,so he is using srk’s name 4 publicity just like what aamir did around 8-10yrs back.’

  • What he said is 100% correct how come anyone make 8-pack ABS in 3-months? during the promotion SONU shows his physique in any many occassion does srk did in any single time or any shows in front of audience?????

  • Haven’t seen more foolish person than ARJUN KAPOOR. He takes the cake, baker and bakery in the Idiotic department.

    The biggest irony is, Arjun Kapoor, the actor is quite smart. I saw his interview recently and he gave impressive insights on commercial vs art house cinema. Akshay and Ajay, both have better knowledge on bodybuilding, since Akki is a black belt while Ajay’s father was a fight master.

    And this was not a personal attack on SRK. What is wrong, remains wrong. Aamir did it with Ghajini, Srk with OSO, John with Force. Ajay himself had a chiseled body in Singham Returns. But it isn’t good for youngsters to imitate the same. And that was Akki’s message.

  • Protein shakes and supplements aren’t bad, if you physically can’t have 6 meals your resort to supplement, plus it takes hard work and dedication to get a body like srk hrithik, now steroids are bad and akshay’s hero sly Stallone got caught with growth hormone

  • the biggest problem with these small actors is dat they want their film 2 b hit just by using srk ‘s name

  • Chain Smokers fans Along with worst face actor @ArjunKapoor are giving fitness tips to khiladi kumar lol One Kick of Akki & Srk Will Lie Down on Bed

  • Steroids and growth hormones may have negative effect but I don’t think supplements like protein shakes have any side effects..supplements are an advantage and if u want to succeed u need the advantage..hence protein shakes are Not harmful

  • this is not the 1st time,akki and Ajay already did chamchagiri of sallu many times,everyone knows this.from past 22years HE never got dowbelow3rd position and remained NO.1 in WW for these years.that’s why HE IS THE KING.I think akki and Ajay now needs a well reply from KING KHAN just like HE gave for aami.kya flop actors KE pass much air kam nahi HAI,LOL?

    @v.shantaram,lallu fans are born to be no.1 ISO CERTIFIED C.H.U.T.I.Y.A.sallu fans KI JAL rahi HAI as HNY beated kick WW,too much fun,LOL.

    @babaji,accept the truth and KING KHAN is at to and everyone is trying to pull down his legs,too much fun.BTW HNY already closed it’s run and verdicted SUPER HIT ,but why akki didin’t commented on salman’s vfx created body in ett,jai ho?can anyone kindly explain?

  • @Chulli – By early days, I meant since their early career. Salman from 2 decades ago and Hrithik since his debut.

    I didn’t even comment on SRK. I have only seen him showing abs in OSO and HNY and those two since their early career (correct me if I’m wrong), that’s what I wrote earlier without implying any accusation on SRK.

  • truely said akki hats off to you srk never has right fitter body his abs in hny were fake and all world knows this

  • Working for 32years akshay wasn’t able to get 6packs then what was he really doing for 32 years babaji ka THULU,if u have gut’s srk haters and mr akshay kumar then show yourselves by working just stop barking
    SRK was,is and will always be the KING OF BOLLYWOOD

  • well said akshay me too I have been training for half of my life but I only have six pack abs and I know I am fitted than srk so what akki said is right so beat it srk

  • @gj007 wat an idiot u r.so u mean to say thst building abs is wrong.u just wat aamir did in ghajini,hro in bb,ajay in sungham srj hs done it in hny!!!
    v r here discussing about vfx created abs,unhealthy ways of creating abs and here u r saying creating abs altogether is wrong.it is sending out wrong message to others!!!

    superb comment.I think u r an alien.v r discussing some other thing and u r tokiing about something else

  • look this moron @Arjunkapoor, he totally lost his mind today. hahahah
    why are you barking like a mad dog??? we all know that SRK’s abs were fake and everybody knows what kind of body he has.
    truth always hurts.

  • Its time for me my true identity….Am HRITHIK….Yes HRITHIK….I enjoyed very much commenting asqsome other person but after reading this article I realised its not good to be fake.

  • Ajay and Akshay said exactly what youth of India especially our king’s fans need to hear.
    its really great awareness. well said guys.
    cheers Akki and Ajay.

  • To all those akshay haters who r saying akshay is using srk name for publicity,they should remember akshay nevet did any publicity stunts to promote his movies like srk did.srk needs publicity to give hits not akshay,srk used even surrogate child for his promotion.

  • Even Aamir took 1 year to work on his body for Dhoom 3….Man,8 or 10 packs is not a joke,that you will get it within a month or two…
    And seriously it is’nt a shame not to have abs,i hope actors acknowledge this..now even Jakky Bhagnani has 6 pack abs.
    What akki said is damn right,no doubt.

  • @rohit- ok i thought u r accusing srk… i respect salman also especially hrithik (till their mindless fans dont bash srk) overall all d stars nd superstars r equal for me only srk a bit higher than others

    otherwise all r gud actors at deir place

  • This is old news, this was 5 days old statement.Its not fault of Akki and Ajay,when media person ask them these bullshit question about abs they will tell the truth.its not like they are coming and saying these.And why the hell srk made abs.Neither oso nor hny have any requirement to go these kind of fitness session, and as far as we know srk he never waste his precious time for this kind of hard work in gym in his tight schedule and he definitely took shortcuts for these abs.
    Regarding Aamir he took 1 year gym session and he worked out for 5-6 hr daily during Ghajini time,even for dhoom 3 he simply said the director for good shape he will require 1 year,so Aamir physique is definitely much authentic.
    Still Aamir himself tortured his body with more dangerous way by making abs for ghajini,then complete transform that physique for 3i.He himself had been taken shortcuts during that time.
    Bravo to Akshay Kumar, I don’t think even srk fans can even imagine what kind of fitness freek is Akshay,and if he want than no one can make those things better than him,even in Jaane-e-mann he showed his physique in one scene that was pitch perfect.thanks Akki for the truth.
    Regarding Ajay he haven’t said anything in details for 8 packs,I personality loved the way Ajay made his physique,He is looking very broad and powerful and believable when he hits someone on screen.looks his shape in Golmaal3,sos,singham etc
    @sht I think hny underperformance specially torturous film give you out of your senses.I just wish get well soon mamu.
    @arjun kappor Akki has every reason to have a tiff for srk,how can he forget SRK backstabbing during ouatimd time for screen allocation.Srk cheated him and that a truth whatever explanation you give.

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