Akshay and Ajay indirectly take a dig at Shahrukh Khan’s 8 pack abs!

In an indirect attack against Shahrukh Khan’s much-hyped 8-pack abs in Happy New Year, Akshay Kumar has slammed actors in general for consuming enhancers, steroids, powders or shakes.

Without naming anyone, Akshay in an interview said “Despite practising all my life for 32 years, I still don’t have more than 6 pack abs. You need to be patient, you need to experience your muscle growth. Now they just want to pump up their muscles in three months. That cannot be done without resorting to many artificial and harmful things.”

The superstar¬†also went on to say that people who smoke cannot have ripped physiques “If you smoke, your lungs go for a toss. What do you require in a workout? You require stamina. And if you smoke, you will not have stamina as well as you destroy your lungs forever. I get shocked when I see bodybuilders who are smokers. It tells me what a shortcut body they have made and how they have made it. I have never smoked in my life.” (article continued after the image)

Shahrukh Khan Body 8 or 10 pack?

Shahrukh Khan Body 8 or 10 pack?

When asked about the best techniques to acquire a 8-pack physique, Akshay said “If I need to build 8 packs, I will need to leave my job and concentrate on only building my body and work out for four hours everyday for three years and controlling my diet, otherwise it is not possible. If you have 8 packs any other way, it means that you have taken shit in your body, be it through supplements, muscle enhancers, recovery shakes or growth hormone shots. It means that you have become bigger, stronger, faster in the most harmful way imaginable. I repeat, it is going to harm a lot of people. I hope people read this, trust it and go the natural way. I have never had more than 6 packs. I don’t get them. I know training is hard, muscles hurt and goals take longer to reach, but when you are training naturally that is the best way. You have to understand that.”

Ajay Devgn too has rubbished the idea of 8-pack abs saying “I believe six-pack and eight-pack abs make you weak. They look nice, but they can make you physically weak. I believe you should be muscular and fit. I don’t want to promote eight-pack abs”



  • Whatever SRK does.. it becomes news and everyone gets jealous. Salman has been building his body for years.. no one said anything. Hrithik has been doing it, no one said anything. SRK does, everyone gets stands up to give interviews to slam him. LOL.

  • this is exactly the reason y I don’t like ajay while I m shocked with akki saying such things.srk always respects everyone and wishes gd fr everyone but this ajay,sahid,emmy r absolutely pathetic.salman despite his rivalry wid srk nvr spoke a bd word against him and always praised him everywhere.srk also does the same fr everyone.but ajay,sahid,emmy r just disgusting.but I m shocked wid akki’s cmnt.I didn’t expect it from him

  • Akshay is right. Not just SRK, in fact most youngsters are crazy about abs. For Chak De, Srk didn’t have 8 pack abs, but the film succeeded because of a good script and great direction.

    This craze about abs can make people consume steroids and Akki has every right to guide people given the fact that he himself is a black belt!

  • @Suniel, just to make it clear, Salman or Hrithik never had 8 or 10 pack abs. Moreover, they have been fitness conscious since their early days.

  • No comments on Ajay but Akki please change yourself.
    Your insecurity is reaching a next level with every other day.
    You know you were and you are a superstar and once you were about to outpace SRK to snatch number one spot from him but it’s all your hunger for money which left you nowhere.
    I remember just one month back you gave another statement that I don’t go behind numbers but others go (indicine also published that statement) . All these comments clearly shows your frustration nothing else. You are in hurry of signing movies and you can work with rats/cats/dogs etc. Your only requirement is you should be paid what you are asking for. The most recent example are TMK, Joker, Entertainment and it has a never ending list. Yes that’s right you never run behind number game because you don’t need that. You procure a big signing amount as soon as you start a movie and after that it’s the producer who becomes bankrupt.
    A sincere request, instead of giving such jealous and insecure statements, please start making some quality movies like OMG,S26,Holiday because you are no where less talented than others but unfortunately you are not utilizing your talent in the expected way and also your quality movies are so less that we can count them on fingertips.

  • To quote Hrithik Roshan, “it doesn’t matter how many abs do you have as long as you are healthy. Abs just makes you look better, it has nothing to do with your fitness.”

  • Also a good and blockbuster movie can’t be made in 3 months. It requires around one year to make a movie blockbuster like khans. What you make in 3 months is crap, flop and harmful for Bollywood.

  • that’s because Mr.Sahrook has done all this using steroid. I, as a medical student can definitely say that this is bad for Srk’s health.

  • Nothing Lyk This @Indicine Don’t spread Negative Things Akki Never Pointed Anyone It’s u who brought Srk in Middle There Were Many Srk Fans Who helped Akkians in trending Waiting For BABY Trailer on twitter Don’t create Fan Wars But posting Such articles

  • Akki sir is right it is impossible for people to get abs in 3 months without taking shit
    Akki sir is the fittest actor in bollywood he doesn’t smokes eats and sleep well
    If he doesn’t have packs how can those 3 losers (khans) have it. IT is clear that losers have taken powders and shakes
    Waiting for baby trailer

  • heights of jelous…one of my friend have eight packs…he dont feel anything bad…he is fully fit… still i coudn’t understand what is the real problem of these so called paid superstars…mr.Ajay and akshay still u r not real superstar…ok…our mammootty and mohanlal r 20000 times better than both u shittss

  • Haha…
    Akki sir has spoken truth .. Srk fake abs of vfx have been xposed!!
    Waiting for baby trailer!!
    This arjun kapoor is really pathetic actor! Eagerly hoping tevar to flop n make way for baby!

  • @rohit- wht did u said “early days”???

    did u see salman in his 1988-94 movies?? he wz slim just like srk nd aamir.. he made muscles in karan arjun nd showed off fully in pyar kiya to darna kya

    same goes for hritik also-he wz vry vry slim whn he wz ad in karan arjun bt whn he made debut then he wz one of d muacular person

    srk is nt a abs seeking actor he just made it 2-3 times only nt in evry film

  • Akki is right. Nowadays youth are getting crazy for 6 pack abs but srk made 8pack abs by taking different type of shit just to show off and make other actors feel jealous.
    being physically fit naturally is best way

  • @khajur kapoor
    why r u dragging imran hasmi sir on this page?? Which saying of imran sir did u find pathetic? Actually, u r a dhabba on bengali peoples. I m await tevar page to bash u now! Arjun kapur is pathetic,disgusting n talentless actor !

  • Dear ajay and akki…u should underatand one thing…u r not a super mega star just like Srk aamir salman…both of u just local over actora..ok

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