Akshay and Ajay indirectly take a dig at Shahrukh Khan’s 8 pack abs!

In an indirect attack against Shahrukh Khan’s much-hyped 8-pack abs in Happy New Year, Akshay Kumar has slammed actors in general for consuming enhancers, steroids, powders or shakes.

Without naming anyone, Akshay in an interview said “Despite practising all my life for 32 years, I still don’t have more than 6 pack abs. You need to be patient, you need to experience your muscle growth. Now they just want to pump up their muscles in three months. That cannot be done without resorting to many artificial and harmful things.”

The superstar also went on to say that people who smoke cannot have ripped physiques “If you smoke, your lungs go for a toss. What do you require in a workout? You require stamina. And if you smoke, you will not have stamina as well as you destroy your lungs forever. I get shocked when I see bodybuilders who are smokers. It tells me what a shortcut body they have made and how they have made it. I have never smoked in my life.” (article continued after the image)

Shahrukh Khan Body 8 or 10 pack?

Shahrukh Khan Body 8 or 10 pack?

When asked about the best techniques to acquire a 8-pack physique, Akshay said “If I need to build 8 packs, I will need to leave my job and concentrate on only building my body and work out for four hours everyday for three years and controlling my diet, otherwise it is not possible. If you have 8 packs any other way, it means that you have taken shit in your body, be it through supplements, muscle enhancers, recovery shakes or growth hormone shots. It means that you have become bigger, stronger, faster in the most harmful way imaginable. I repeat, it is going to harm a lot of people. I hope people read this, trust it and go the natural way. I have never had more than 6 packs. I don’t get them. I know training is hard, muscles hurt and goals take longer to reach, but when you are training naturally that is the best way. You have to understand that.”

Ajay Devgn too has rubbished the idea of 8-pack abs saying “I believe six-pack and eight-pack abs make you weak. They look nice, but they can make you physically weak. I believe you should be muscular and fit. I don’t want to promote eight-pack abs”



  • Akki’s statement about smoking and bodybuilders is perfect. SRK is a chain smoker and it clearly proves that SRK’s body is faked or he just took too many artificial growth drugs.

  • Piss off? Do u know wat 8 pack abs is??? Salman hritik in your dreams!!!!!!
    Well said Khiladi and Singham of Bollywood!!!
    Though I don’t want to believe they were digging at SRK!!! MEDIA PROPAGANDA AS USUAL!! if not y d interviewers are asking him silly questions??
    Akki was right professionally and scientifically if u guys have any doubt PROVE THEM WRONG!!!!
    All above 40 but very FIT and HEALTHY!!!!

  • Akshay is correct because shortcuts are make bad concept in youth..evry actor should make abs by doing hard work for 2,3yrs instead of taking suplyment its harms our physique..

  • truth always hurts but everyone knows srk fake that up for hny promotions. SRK is the worst role model he is misleading many youths to use harmful materials just for his film earn more crores, while akki may be flop actor but he is the best role model.

  • Akki and Ajay should work with Farah and collect half of what HNY collected in India and 1/4th of what HNY collected in Overseas.

    This is a direct dig from an SRK fan.

  • @arjun kapur akshay is saying correct thng bcs youth of india are follow our bollywood stars..if u wnt to build up our body must be in natural way..as a star nd a leading good lifestyle he is giving a good msg to movie lovers..nd indicine evrythng was told by akshay was not as u r representing

  • srk abs are 200percent fake

    but why you compare akki ajay comments with shahrukh

    reporters ask questions and they give answers only

  • Akki Ajay jealous of srk?? Which fool above said that???

  • After Super Star Ajay Devgan & Akshay Kumar’s interview. All is open. But SRK Fans are certified C.H.U.T.I.A. Kabhi Nahi Sudhrenge.

  • I know people will say akki and Ajay are insecure and jealous of our king but to be fair Akki has said it 100% right!!
    Just take a look at srk’s body,he has just worked out on his abs just for the opening sequence of HNY.He is not a fitness freak,everyone knows that..he took those steroids and other harmful shakes to build.
    Look at his biceps and triceps,they are looking so weak.

    Even SRK said it on comedy nights that the kind of body he has made it will last only few weeks..thats it..

    While for Akki,Salman,their abs don’t look that much attractive as such but are made in a right manner.
    Even take examples of hollywood actors like Dwayne Johnson,Jason Statham..even their abs don’t come out as much SRK’s..their overall build is strong.
    But in bollywood it is getting ABS ABS and ABS..!!!

  • Akki you can’t do that,coz u couldn’t deliver a 200 cr film in India in your whole career,that doesn’t mean you dont want to deliver.learn to give some respects to other,

  • These words are purely from their jealousy towards SRK. SRK’s six pack body is not made on shorten period. Since OSO he had his six pack abs. Now he just developed little bit more.

    Don’t blame SRK as he is fully dedicated to his profession . At least he made it on his 49.

    So don’t blame him even you don’t respect him

  • This is nothing but publicity stunt their upcoming movies. If Amir salman uses srks name before their release then there is no surprise from ajay akshay. AJ and baby is hit now. Enjoy

  • @arjun kapoor, kyon paka raha hain be, am shocked, and blah blah….

    akshay and ajay have been in to fitness and martial arts since long.

    hence they know a thing or two more than others.

    what is the problem when they give their opinion?

    they did not mention srk anywhere in the comments, but Indicine and some of you deliberately wanted to give it a twist.

    no one is talking about srk, but most of his fans and indicine deliberately want to connect srk to every story.

  • @thullu srk’s character demanded abs in hny so his abs lasted only till d shooting schedule.abd srk has told that he took help of a gadget that helps in only creating absby reducing fat in lower part of body.wats wrong in taking help of a gadget unless its harming ur health

  • @armaan I m nt against akki but against this cmnt of him that is indirectly insulting srk.tujhe mere cmnt se mirchi kyu lagi

  • @babaji… who ever thinks like that….they r insecure must b d dumbest creature! wat did Akki or Ajay say wrong? were they referring to SRK?? nop!! listen every one knew those abs were fake!!! these SUPERSTARS r kind of directing it to d NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!! AKKI knows very well that SRK ain’t giving up cigarette at this stage(woh bacha toh nahi) but they r other new stars who look at these actors as their idols or source of inspiration plus they have better tendency to take and listen to advice compared to an already grown up almost 50years old actor!

  • Nobody said anything when aamir khan developed 8 pack abs for ghajini in four months. But when srk makes 8 pack abs, everyone’s mouth starts to bark. If you people spend half the time you invest in giving out comments like this, you will at least be half as successful as srk.

  • @Real 4 or wateva ! pls correct where u said tall muscular successful stars by removing SALMAN NAME! he is not tall!! pls!! agreed Akshay Ajay and Hritik among their compatriots of their league!! Salman is ABOVE AVERAGE!! Yes Srk is Short;few inches than Salman but yes Salman and d other above stars far more healthy and hehehe every girl would love to hang out wit them!! and yes also Ranveer!!!

  • whatever akshay said is 100% right.but he said it in general way ,it wasnt refered to anyone.
    why these srk fans r reacting,they r indirectly accepting srk’s abs were fake by reacting .

  • Ajay last three movies collects less worldwide collections in comparison of srk last movie and leave akshay his most movies total collections are less than one day business of hny hahah ab yeh tu karna banta hi hai

  • sm ppl like v ghantaram, virat kohli, js etc r saying dt srk hd fake abs bt dey r not talking abt lallu’s fake abs dramas… nd dey will wont bcoz dey r certified CHUCHIYAs who will say false if its actually true

    btw m nt akki hater bt sm of d idiots force me to bash him for d first tym… just like aamir used srk’s name to promote his ghajini like same is happening here… akki is also using srk’s name to get sm publicity for his baby as he knows vry well dt his name movies barely cross 80 cr unless it is directed by any successful director

    he is also jealous wid farah khan as whn he wrkd wid him in tmk, d film got flopped badly bt whn srk wrkd wid her in d almost same script d movie collected 204 cr in india nd wrldwide 383 cr gross

    why he did nt took aamir’s name or sallu’s name??? bcoz he knew vry well dt dey r nt much useful for his promotion
    all i cn say dt akki strtd d promotion for baby in 2 months advance…

    nd other thing is dt if srk wz so obsessive wid abs den in evry 2nd film we wud see him in 6,8 or 10 pack abs wid biceps more than salman bt he dont like to do dis all…

    only farah hd used his body twice otherwise in all his movies it wz srk’s charm dt wrkd always


  • infact in d climax of boss camera was focusing more on ronits muscles than akkis body.infact which was d last film where forget abs akii even showed his muscles?from holiday to rowdy,boss to k786 he is only seen in full sleeve shirts covering his muscles,lower part of body etc.I agree akki is an extremely fit actor and he hasn’t taken a direct dig at srk but he is definitely jealous of srk so he indirectly always attacks srk on abs,awards,box office etc

  • no doubt akki n ajay sir is right….everyone know srk abs is fake…if u ask this question to sallu n hrithik they will definitely tells u truth….
    10 packs abs really??
    they king of body sallu n hrithik not achieve 10 abs and our srk did it…
    really dal me kuch kala hai…

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